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LAST UPDATED: September 15th, 2020

Diathrive is a supply company for people with diabetes that works separately from your health insurance to deliver the diabetic products you need directly to your front door. This sets it apart from other diabetics supplies who partner with big-name insurance companies and thus often hike up their prices.

Diathrive’s mission is to provide people with diabetes more affordable and accessible management tools. It does this by pricing its products at wholesale prices and offering a variety of supplies and customizable plans to its customers. 

The supplies you receive from Diathrive are held to the same industry standards as its competitors. Its founder, Michael Hennessy, worked in the healthcare field through insurance companies for many years before deciding there was a better way to provide healthcare supplies, like diabetic materials, to those who need them.

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The Good

  • No Insurance Necessary
  • Great Customer Service
  • Customizable Plans
  • Transparent

No Insurance Necessary

Not only does Diathrive not require you to have insurance in order to purchase its products, it actually has built its company so that it doesn’t accept insurance at all. While this may sound daunting at first, Diathrive believes that insurance drives up healthcare costs and, thus, people with diabetes are better off ordering their supplies from Diathrive unless they have really good insurance coverage.

To explain a bit further, Diathrive is able to sell its products at wholesale value. It still has to meet the same FDA standards as other diabetic supplies companies, but it doesn’t mark up the prices in order to partner exclusively with a certain brand of insurance. 

Because of this, the company is able to offer individuals with diabetes supplies at a more affordable cost, which is often lower than many copays you would pay if buying diabetic supplies through insurance. 

Plus, its supplies are just as accurate as its competitors because it goes through the exact same process as other companies to get its products approved to sell.

Great Customer Service

Diathrive has a number of policies in place to ensure that you are satisfied with its product and have options if you aren’t.

First, Diathrive is easy to cancel at any time through your online customer portal on the company’s website. Also, if you order too many supplies at one time, you can pause or reschedule your next shipment to a date that works for you.

Shipping on all orders over $25 is completely free, and Diathrive also offers a warranty and a 100 percent money-back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with the supplies you receive.

Customizable Plans

With Diathrive, you can build your own plan. For some people with diabetes, that might mean starting from scratch and ordering all the supplies you need to get started on consistently testing your glucose levels. For others, maybe you just need a replacement meter or additional testing strips. Both kinds of customers have options with Diathrive.

In addition, you get to choose the amount and frequency of orders you receive. You can pause, restart, or adjust your plan at any time on your online portal. Customers who are looking for a pain-free refill system are in luck — Diathrive has your recurring orders delivered directly to your front door.


Diathrive is open about where it sources its products, who would be a good fit for its company, and why it built the business model that it did. Customers who may still be torn about which diabetics supplier to use can rest assured that Diathrive has customers' best interest in mind and isn’t trying to trick them into buying something that won’t serve their needs.


The Bad

  • Doesn’t Accept Insurance

Doesn’t Accept Insurance

While Diathrive’s policy on insurance can be a positive about the company, some customers who do have good insurance may find it frustrating that Diathrive will not accept their coverage.

However, the company is transparent about the fact that if people with diabetes do have really good insurance that will cover the costs of their diabetic supplies, then maybe Diathrive isn’t the best option for them. 

The company simply wants to give affordable options to those who can’t get their diabetic supplies covered through insurance.


The Bottom Line

Diathrive is an established, reliable supplier of diabetic materials with great customer service and customizable plans to fit your needs. If you're someone who diabetes who suffers from lack of insurance coverage or want to avoid copays when purchasing the supplies you need, then Diathrive might be just the supplier you are looking for.
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