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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Orange and Rockland Electric was originally founded in 1899 as Rockland Light & Power Company. In 1958 they merged Orange and Rockland Electric Company and became Orange and Rockland Utilties, Inc. Orange and Rockland Electric service people in New York and New Jersey. They have more than 300,000 electric customers and 133,00 natural gas customers with 1,129 employees. Their motto is to "keep all mutually agreed upon appointments within one hour of the scheduled time" and "prevent or correct inaccurate meter readings or billing." Orange and Rockland promises that if they fall short of these standards then they will give their customers a $25 energy bill credit and correct the issue hassle-free.

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The Good

  • Late Payment Fees
  • Payment Options

Late Payment Fees

Like most industries, you will find that deregulated energy companies charge a late fee when a customer does not pay on time. Typically, the fee is a certain percentage based off of a 12-month contract. Orange and Rockland Electric charge 1.50% of a customer's contract when they incur a late payment. In relation to other companies, this is actually a low fee. Most other deregulated energy companies charge up to 5 percent which is a big expense when applying that to a 12-month contract price. Although it is never fun to be charged a late fee, we find that Orange and Rockland Electric has a fair and low charge.

Payment Option

Customers like to have several different options when needing to make payments. Orange and Rockland Electric offer options of credit or debit cards, bank accounts or checks. The only thing they do not currently disclose if they offer or not is electronic check/ACH forms. Scoring is based off how many options are available to customers and they offer three of the four different options. We find this to be sufficient for customers.

The Bad

  • Unknown Information

Unknown Information

The biggest downside to Orange and Rockland Electric is that potential customers will have the hardest time finding information regarding their services, options, and prices. Here is a list of all the information that is not disclosed online for customers to access:
  • Electricity Fixed Rates
  • Electricity Variable Rates
  • Natural Gas Fixed Rates
  • Natural Gas Variable Rates
  • Contract Terms
  • Termination Fees
  • Minimum Usage Fees
  • Monthly service charges
  • Deposit Amount
This is very unfortunate because most companies will disclose most of the information above. If one company does disclose information and another does not, simply the one that does not will not be awarded as many points. Not only is this a problem from a reviewing and scoring perspective, but as a potential customer it would be frustrating to compare to other companies when someone cannot quickly access important information such as prices. As a result, because Orange and Rockland Electric does not receive points in several different criterions as they will not provide information on their prices and services.

The Bottom Line

We do not recommend Orange and Rockland Electric as a deregulated energy company simply based off the fact that they do not disclose information online for potential customers. This makes it hard to refer to easy questions a customer may have. There are a handful of other companies in the New York and New Jersey area that ARE willing to disclose more information than Orange and Rockland Electric is and would advise you look to them before settling on a deregulated energy company.
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