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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Just Energy, founded in 1997, is a relatively new deregulated energy company, and with that comes a fresh brand and forward-thinking marketing strategy that can be very appealing to some customers. As a modern energy company, Just Energy's focus is not only on providing a competitively priced product to its customers, but also on utilizing the latest in energy technology to ensure that its services are reliable, convenient, and sustainable.

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The Good

  • Competitive Fixed, Variable, and Indexed Rates
  • Modern Technology
  • Accessibility

Competitive Fixed, Variable, and Indexed Rates

As with many deregulated energy companies, customers of Just Energy are able to choose from a selection of packages with varying rates and terms. These packages offer customers the option to choose a month-to-month contract up to a 60-month term agreement. This flexibility can be a great option for customers who plan on moving within a given amount of time and don't want to be locked into a long contract or for settled customers who want a longer term with fixed pricing.

Modern Technology

With a modern energy company, customers will also be able to appreciate modern technology. Just Energy customers can access their accounts, view their monthly energy usage, and pay their bills all from the Just Energy mobile app. For customers who don't want to install an app on their smartphone, a web app login portal is also available. In addition to the easy-to-use mobile app, Just Energy provides customers with the SmartStat, a high-tech learning thermostat that is compatible with Wi-Fi, the Just Energy mobile app, and the online web portal. SmartStat utilizes programmed algorithms to take into account local weather, home size, the number of occupants, and the type of A/C and furnace system a customer has to ensure that the home stays comfortable while maximizing energy savings. The SmartStat will even provide customers with a report called Home IQ that provides personalized insights into a home's heating and cooling performance, its energy efficiency, and ways to increase savings.


Just Energy is available in 14 US States and across several Canadian Provinces. With this wide service area and availability, the company is able to provide energy to more than two million customers and growing. This level of accessibility is great for customers who may be moving, yet want to retain Just Energy's services, or for customers who have lacked a level of competition in their area in past.


The Bad

  • Lack of Renewable Energy Options
  • Hidden Fees

Lack of Renewable Energy Options

An entire section of Just Energy's marketing efforts goes into its Green Energy plan; however, there is a glaring lack of renewable energy options in most of its service areas. Just Energy will purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for its customers to help off-set their carbon footprint, but these are additional items purchased by the customer and are not part of a great renewable energy solution.

Hidden Fees

When selecting a fixed or variable-rate utility package, customers should ensure they know the details of their chosen package. Each package will have a different price in cents per kWh and a different term (from month-to-month up to 60 months), but with these advertised differences also comes early termination fees, requisite deposits, and rate hikes. The plan that appears the cheapest, may not always be the cheapest.


The Bottom Line

Just Energy can be a great option for customers looking for a smart energy provider that offers modern technology as part of the energy package. With the SmartStat thermostat and Home IQ reports, customers will be able to pinpoint ways to save each month. Just Energy is not, however, a great option for customers seeking comprehensive renewable energy packages.

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ian fitzsimons

Extremely poor service in returning credit to my account.

4 years ago