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LAST UPDATED: May 21st, 2023
Green Mountain Energy Company is all about sustainability. Their focus is on providing renewable energy sources that are cost-effective and easily accessible to its customers. With Green Mountain Energy Company, customers receive the whole gamut of green energy options, and with those options customers are able to minimize their carbon footprint for a cost that is often quite comparable to competing energy suppliers relying on traditional energy sources.

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The Good

  • Focused on Renewable Energy
  • Energy-Efficient Product Availability
  • On-Site Customer Testimonials

Focus on Renewable Energy

Many deregulated energy companies feature renewable options for their customers. These either come in specific solar or wind packages, or a portion (approximately 10%) of their normal energy plan will include some aspect of renewable energy. With Green Mountain Energy, customers are able to choose from 100% guaranteed renewable energy packages. These packages vary by state, and are usually 100% wind or a combination of solar and wind.

Energy-Efficient Product Availability

Green Mountain Energy provides energy-efficient products for purchase by its customers. These products can help customers save energy and money on their monthly bills, or they can be used outside of the home to promote a cleaner living area, pollution-free water, or one of many other environmentally-responsible efforts.

On-Site Customer Testimonials

Not many deregulated energy companies have customer testimonials on their website, with Green Mountain Energy being one of the exceptions. Electricity and gas power to one's home doesn't always elicit strong emotions outside of the monthly bill, but with Green Mountain Energy, customers are eager to share their experience with others. With on-site testimonials, prospective customers are able to experience the enthusiasm from energy-conscious individuals who have already signed up with Green Mountain Energy. And through these testimonials, customers are given further insight into the company and how their own experience may be after signing up.

The Bad

  • Potentially Expensive
  • Additional Fees

Potentially Expensive

Clean, renewable energy doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, Green Mountain Energy has several energy plans that are very comparable to traditional energy source options provided by their competitors; however, depending on which package a customer chooses, additional charges are applied. For example, in Oregon, the Green Source plan is provided at the regular energy rate plus an additional $0.008 per kWh. And while 0.8 cents isn't much of an up-sell, it can add up over the course of a month, depending on energy use. Additionally, the Clean Wind plan allows a customer to purchase wind energy units in 200 kWh packets. Each packet is purchased at the regular energy rate plus an extra $2.50. these added charges for responsible energy use can add up if a customer isn't careful. Keep in mind that there are many available packages that do not have these added charges, so it is smart to do your homework.

Additional Fees

In addition to the added charges that may occur based on a selected energy type, many packages also include initial deposits and early termination fees. The deposits are generally non-refundable, which makes one question why it is called a deposit and not an activation fee. These additional fees can sometimes be avoided based on the plan a customer selects, so it is advised that one's due diligence in done in order to avoid these extra costs.

The Bottom Line

Prospective energy customers with a green thumb will definitely want to consider Green Mountain Energy. Their 100% guaranteed renewable energy plans offer a great product at a generally comparable rate to other traditional energy sources and companies. And in some cases, and locations, Green Mountain Energy's energy plans come in more cost-effective than their competitors, which makes them a great choice for anyone looking to transition from their current energy provider.
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David Adrian Morales Weslaco, TX

I used to have Green Mountain as my energy provider. I did not like them. I always had billing issues with them. Customer Service was inadequate. Salesman were really pushy.

6 months ago