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LAST UPDATED: April 10th, 2020

Emera Maine was founded on January 1, 2014, when Bangor Hydro Electric Company and Maine Public Service merged to become Emera Maine. They are owned by Emera Inc., a full-service energy company that is based out of Nova Scotia. Emera Maine will "install, operate and maintain transmission and distribution infrastructure such as poles and wires, substations, and meters." They even offer resources such as programs and tools to help their customers use the energy they are using more efficiently. Their distribution services are regulated by the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) and their transmission services are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Emera Maine does point out that they do not generate or sell the electricity that they deliver to retail customers. Emera Maine currently has more than 10,000 square miles of territory, 158,000 customers and 410 employees.

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The Good

  • Fixed Electricity Rate
  • Minimum Usage Fees

Fixed Electricity Rate

Emera Maine has great fixed rates for electricity at 6.3¢/kWh. It won't be very often when you will see a rate as good this one. Many other companies at least double this price, and from what we know, only a couple other companies can out beat Emera Maine's price. If you are seriously considering electricity and live in Maine, we suggest you look closer into Emera and see if this is a good fit for you because you might not run into a deal as good as this.

Minimum Usage Fees

Another great part of Emera Maine is that their minimum usage fee is outrageously high like a lot of other deregulated energy companies. The minimum usage fee is a charge that is associated with accounts that do not use enough deregulated energy. They only charge $6.53/month and other companies will easily start at at least $10/month. We see this as reasonable. The preference is for a company not to have this fee in the first place, but in the cases where companies do, this isn't a deal breaker price.

The Bad

  • Undisclosed Information
  • No ECH Payments

Undisclosed Information

One of the hardest things when choosing any company is if they do not reveal a lot of information online for potential customers to access. The biggest problem we have run into with Emera Maine is that they do not share a ton of important information. For example, the only rates we could find was fixed electricity rates. There is no pricing for variable electricity and natural gas rates or fixed natural gas rates. What's also missing is information on how long a customer is required to be in contract for. There was no minimum or maximum contract length mentioned. Deregulated energy companies also have a handful of miscellaneous fees that we have found to be common. Unfortunately, Emera Maine doesn't make mention to any of these common charges or fees. These include the initial deposit amount, monthly customer fee, cancellation charge and late payment fee. Companies with this much missing information show big red flags. Off of this alone, we would have a hard time recommending Emera Maine. The most important thing to a customer is being transparent, especially when it comes to pricing and fees. With so many unknowns, it's hard for a customer to decide when they are actually signing up with.

No ECH Payments

ECH forms or electronic checks are becoming an increasingly popular form of payment. It makes it easier for a company to withdraw automatic payments directly from a person's checking account. Most times there aren't any transaction fees associated with ECH payments. This could be a disappointment to some customers, but luckily Emera Maine also offers forms of payment through credit or debit cards, bank accounts, and handwritten checks.

The Bottom Line

Based off of the amount of undisclosed information alone, we do not feel comfortable recommending Emera Maine at this time. Especially since the undisclosed information has to do with prices and fees, a customer will not truly know how much they will truly be paying. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of other companies in the state of Maine that offer deregulated energy, but we would suggest that you look into those companies before considering Emera Maine. There are too many blind spots that you might regret if signing up with them.
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Nopowah , WI

They add absurdly expensive delivery charges for electricity and lie to customers about when power will be restored. At 10pm my family lost power and Emera Maine’s website estimated my power would be back on around 12am. I’m writing this at 2am with no power and 2 children under 3 who are freezing. Emera issued a statement saying they had extra crews and were prepared for this “winter” storm. Also it’s literally 32 degrees outside. And now Emera is saying my outage is “under investigation” when 4 hours ago I was told that the issue had been found and it would be restored by 12. Honestly I have no idea how this company is still in business.

3 years ago

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Cam Hancock, ME

they make assumptions during the summer and winter that because it is a hot or cold season you have AC or electric heat going so they add their own charges to your utilities They are ungodly expensive as it stands and have done nothing to improve infrastructure when Bangor Hydro owned the company we hardly ever lost power now if we so much as get wind gust the power goes out and it out for a very long time this company is shameful they are Crooks and do nothing to help accommodate I have had a leaning utility pole 4 six months I have asked them to fix it and they told me without even looking at it it was fine I am about to hire my own company to fix it so it doesn't fall on my vehicles unprofessional rude and not accommodating whatsoever

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Gigi1956 Hampden, ME

My rating is on their website, it sucks! There is no account history of payments received! They also charge a fee for the bill pay! They really need to improve their website and services!

5 years ago