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LAST UPDATED: October 31st, 2023

On October 1, 2015, Champion Energy Services became a part of Calpine (NYSE: CPN). Calpine is a generator of electricity from natural gas and geothermal resources. Champion Energy currently serves residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental customers with its deregulated electric energy. The company currently offers service in 13 different states, including Washington, D.C., with more than two million residential customers. Champion Energy is also looking to expand its services in Rhode Island and New Hampshire in the near future.

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The Good

  • Electricity Rates
  • Contract Terms
  • Payment Options
  • Minimum Usage and Monthly Charges

Electricity Rates

Champion Energy Services rises to the top in one particular, and important, area. It offers one of the best rates in the deregulated energy industry for electricity. The company only charges customers 5.7¢/kWh as a fixed rate and 6.1¢/kWh as a variable rate.

Contract Terms

Another nice perk to Champion is that it offers monthly contracts, which means customers can choose when they can come or go. Sometimes consumers like the option of long-term contracts solely because their prices are fixed and won't change. But since Champion Energy already has good electricity prices, you might feel a little safer and confident about not having to sign up for a 24-month contract. Either way, if you sign up with a monthly contract or a 24-month contract, you're getting yourself a great deal.

Payment Options

Surprisingly, not all companies offer as many options as possible when it comes to paying bills. We specifically look at debit and credit cards, electronic checks (ACH forms), physical checks, and bank account options. Champion Energy is one company that does offer all these options. This is great because customers can change their form of payment whenever they need to and they have the ability to pay with their preferred method instead of being limited to only a couple options.

Minimum Usage and Monthly Charges

Champion Energy Services also does not charge a minimum usage fee. You'll find that many companies in the deregulated energy industry tend to charge for this so that the company is getting its money's worth. It is unique to not see a company charging this fee and it makes a company stand out from another. It seems that Champion Energy does not try to add any additional charges if necessary.


The Bad

  • Natural Gas Rates and Deposit
  • Termination and Late Payment Fees

Natural Gas Rates and Deposit

Champion Energy does have some areas of weakness, including some undisclosed information. We found that the company does not publicly publish its natural gas rates online which makes it hard for those customers prefer that option. Champion may not even offer this option, but again, it has nothing published on the site to say whether or not it does. Also, we could not find a deposit amount. We find that a lot of deregulated energy companies do require a deposit and in this case Champion does not disclose that online. This could be a deciding factor for customers who like to know up front how much they will be charged.

Termination and Late Payment Fees

When it comes to miscellaneous charges, we have found that Champion Energy is fair in most cases. We did notice that Champion's termination fee falls in the average section of $150. Many companies charge this much, but if Champion wants to beat out other competition we have seen other companies charge less than this. Also, Champion does charge a fairly high cancellation fee in the event you do not like their service. Along with several other companies, Champion charges 5 percent for a 12-month contract. Even though this is a high percentage, Champion will come out a little cheaper than the other companies who also charge 5 percent, solely because Champion has such cheap electricity prices.


The Bottom Line

Champion Energy Services is definitely pulling out all of its tricks to become one of the best in the deregulated energy industry. Champion's biggest drawback is that it does not disclose any information about natural gas and it doesn't disclose a price for the deposit. Any missing information (especially prices) has a big effect on potential customers as well as with our Ranking Criteria. However, we do recommend Champion especially for electricity. You will not see rates like these anywhere else. Another great thing that many people overlook is that Champion is expanding its services, which means that it it growing and what it currently does is working enough to grow even more.

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Natasha C Dayton, OH

They use fraudulent and predatory practices to get customers to sign up. The representative literally lied to get me to sign up. They attract people in stores by giving them gift cards and not telling people they are signing a long term contract with high cancellation fees. They gave me no paperwork when I signed up it was done through a tablet. Then they sent a recording of a call that was not the complete call but clearly edited. Do not use this company!

3 months ago


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star star star star star

Haidyn Houtz South Jordan, UT

This was such a great investment! So glad that I did this.

5 years ago

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