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LAST UPDATED: May 4th, 2021

Central Maine Power, or CMP, is a subsidiary of AVANGRID and servers more than 600,000 utility customers in central and southern Maine. Their business mantra is to deliver safe and reliable service to their customers, with an emphasis on involvement in the communities they serve. CMP, founded in 1899, is one of the oldest deregulated energy companies, with initial coverage being provided to 100 people. To remain competitive over the years, CMP has put emphasis on three things: providing excellent customer service, promoting competition, and focusing on growth.

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The Good

  • Electricity Supplier Marketplace
  • Environmental Policy
  • Community Involvement

Electricity Supplier Marketplace

As a deregulated energy company, Central Maine Power is the entity that purchases energy for a customer and then ensures secure deliver. With that, many deregulated energy companies simply offer customers plans from which to choose a rate in the neighborhood of anticipated planned costs. And while this can still be a cost-effective method, CMP allows customers to not just choose from a handful of canned plans, but rather customers are able to fully explore the different suppliers and choose which one they want to go with. With the Electricity Supplier Marketplace, CMP still acts as the face and delivery service, but the customer can take charge. When choosing this option, customers can often receive slightly more competitive rates than if they were to go with a basic energy plan with no specific energy supplier attached to it. The marketplace also allows customers to choose from suppliers that derive their energy from alternative sources, those these options can fluctuate in price depending on the energy source.

Environmental Policy

Central Maine Power has outlined a comprehensive environmental policy as one of the key elements of its business. With a commitment to environmental stewardship, CMP seeks to minimize its impact on what it refers to as "the state's greatest asset." With a dedication to ensuring that their energy deliver has a low impact on the environment, and with their partnership with Maine Green Energy, CMP seeks to show responsibility not only for its own company processes, but it also seeks to promote a cleaner future of energy in Maine.

Community Involvement

In addition to its environmental policy, Central Maine Power also has a strong commitment to the communities in which their customers live. With an annual mitten drive, their Books for Libraries program, and an emphasis on promoting corporate sponsorships in communities, CMP strives to be a force for good in the capacity that they are able, which can resonate well with many existing and prospective energy customers, especially those directly affected by their community involvement.

The Bad

  • Outdated Branding

Outdated Branding

As a deregulated energy company that is more than 100 years old, Central Maine Power does not seem to place much emphasis on updating its branding or website. The company website is not responsive to desktop or mobile and lacks many of the features and aesthetics of a modern website. In addition to an outdated website, CMP does not yet provide smart technology for its energy customers. They do have a web app, but there is no smartphone functionality, smart thermostat products, etc. And while these things may be introduced in the future, there is no mention of a plan for that.

The Bottom Line

Central Maine Power has a strong history as a business operating in central and southern Maine, and with that they have a very loyal customer-base. As a company, they seek to be responsible and involved, which can appeal to many prospective customers and be a great choice; however, for customers who are interested in cutting-edge technology or mobile access to energy usage and account information, CMP is not yet the company for you.
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Timothy Eichfeld Topsham, ME

CMP will trespass on your property and cut down your trees, weather they are landscaped, decorative or not. They give no notification they are doing this, they will use a third party and deny they had eny involvement. We are currently planning litigation against them for property damage. If you are a property owner, they have no respect for you or your property. Go off grid or use someone else. CMP is hands down the worst company in Maine, They do not care about customer property rights. They do not care about you.

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Michele Carmel, ME

Our CMP bill keeps going up with less services. CMP employees are unpleasant and hostile. Over the last 10 years we have lost power more times than I can count. This company is totally unreliable!

6 years ago