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LAST UPDATED: May 4th, 2021

Bounce Energy, a deregulated power company, was founded in 2008. As a relatively newer energy company, Bounce seeks to provide customers with energy plans that utilize modern technology and offer additional rewards and benefits, in addition to electricity. When customers choose to go with Bounce Energy for their utility needs, they receive The Bounce Energy Promise: "No deceptive or unnecessary fees. You can communicate with us however you like. We'll work hard to keep you as a customer. We'll work with you." With that promise, customers can be assured, at a minimum, that they won't have to pay an activation fee for their energy service, nor will they be charged extra based on their payment method (no $1.95 credit card charge). Additionally, the promise also acts as the backbone of their rewards program which applies different types of bill credits, airline miles, and even gift cards for customers as they continue their service with Bounce Energy.

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The Good

  • Create Your Own Plan
  • Earn Rewards
  • Smart Thermostat

Create Your Own Plan

Many deregulated energy companies allow customers to choose their own provider (energy supplier) or they offer a selection of fixed and variable-rate plans with different lengths and terms. With these plans, customers are locked into singular service offerings with limited benefits that are specific to a given plan. With Bounce Energy, customers are able to not only select a plan, but create one. Customers who create their own plan are able to choose the length, billing options, and rewards for their plan. They can even integrate in what Bounce Energy refers to as green energy options, or energy derived from renewable energy sources. During the creation of a customer's plan, the electricity rates are adjusted in real-time, so there are no surprises in regards to cost per kWh. Customers are also able to receive either a bill credit, VISA gift card, or Restaurant.com gift card when they complete their created plan and sign up.

Earn Rewards

With a collection of different rewards, customers are able to select which ones they want associated with their energy plan, with some rewards transcending plans and being available to all customers. Some rewards include the following:

6 consecutive months of on-time bill pay

  • 2 movie tickets or a $50 gift card to Restaurant.com
  • Access to the VIP Customer Service line

12 consecutive months of on-time bill pay

  • $50 in bill credits or a $50 VISA gift card

18 consecutive months of on-time bill pay

  • $15 Starbucks, Walmart, or Red Envelope Gift Card

24 consecutive months of on-time bill pay

  • Free month of electricity as a bill credit or the same amount as a gift card

30 consecutive months of on-time bill pay

  • Platinum status, meaning a 3% discount on all future bills
In addition to the above-mentioned universal rewards available to all customers, other available rewards include American Airline miles, Cash Back, Mommy Merits, and Business plans.

Smart Thermostat

Bounce Energy offers customers the option to utilize the Nest Thermostat. This piece of technology replaces an existing thermostat and integrates with a smartphone app. From the app, customers are able to view their energy usage and remotely control the thermostat. The thermostat even learns the habits of the household and can be set to adjust itself to maximize energy savings, and in turn, energy costs.

The Bad

  • Plan Term Rollover

Plan Term Rollover

As with many plans, Bounce Energy operates on a term-basis, or a given set of months with a locked in fixed or variable-rate. At the end of this term, customers will continue to receive service, but their plan will be switched onto a generic energy plan with much higher rates than one often receives as a new customer. This can blindside many customers, especially those who do not realize their term is ending. This con can be easily avoided by ensuring to renew your plan before it ends, though the same introductory rates may not be available, and it can inevitably be more expensive following a customer's initial 12 or 24 months of service.

The Bottom Line

Bounce Energy provides a unique option for customers to create their own energy plan. With the ability to select the source of energy, length of term, and rewards associated with a customer's plan, Bounce Energy can be a great option for almost anyone within proximity of their service.
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