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LAST UPDATED: May 4th, 2021

Currently, Amigo Energy only services residents in Texas. "Customers can purchase renewable energy credits to offset the equivalent of 100 percent of their electricity from renewable sources such as wind or solar."

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The Good

  • Monthly Service Charge
  • Electricity Fixed Rate

Monthly Service Charge

Most companies in the deregulated energy industry charge a standard flat fee for using their service. The best case scenario is that the company does not charge at all for this, but only a rare couple do so. Amigo Energy does charge a fee but it is only $4.95/month. We find this to be much better than other companies that will easily charge at least double this price.

Electricity Fixed Rate

Amigo Energy does not disclose a majority of their prices, but they do publish that they charge 0.9¢/kWh. By no means is this a great price, but we do find it to be a little better than average for electricity fixed rates. Customer will still be able to find companies that price both higher and lower than this.

The Bad

  • Undisclosed Rates
  • Contract Lengths
  • Undisclosed Miscellaneous Charges
  • Low Variety of Payment Options

Undisclosed Rates

The biggest downfall to Amigo Energy is that they do not disclose a majority of their prices. They do not list prices for natural gas variable and fixed rates as well as fixed rates for natural gas. This is one of the most important things a customer will look for when researching companies, and not having the information available is not good. In order for customers to get this information, they will have to either call in order input customer information which both could lead to sales calls you don't want in the future.

Contract Lengths

Amigo Energy requires a minimum 12-month contract in order to enroll. Such a long minimum-length contract is not favorable. Many other companies in the industry offer monthly options which do not make Amigo Energy look good in comparison.

Undisclosed Miscellaneous Charges

Not only does Amigo Energy not disclose a lot of their rates, but they also fail to mention how much they charge for things like late payment and minimum usage fees. It is likely that they do charge for these, so it is uneasy for a potential customer not to know upfront. Companies that are not transparent do not look as favorable as those companies who are willing to post most information online.

Low Variety of Payment Options

The more payment options available, the better for customers. Once again, Amigo Energy does not provide information on if they offer electronic checks and bank accounts as forms of payment. Not being able to have different options can limit the number of potential customers a company is able to acquire. Both of these types of payments are a little more advanced, but has a better potential of not being fined extra for transaction fees.

The Bottom Line

We would not recommend Amigo Energy as a deregulated energy company, even for residents in Texas. Their website has very little information on prices, and that is one of the most important information when choosing a company to do business with. Customers are forced to either call or input customer information to get details which are both inconvenient. There are several other deregulated energy companies, especially in the Texas area, that are much more transparency in their prices, product and service.
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