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LAST UPDATED: April 11th, 2023

Founded in 2006, Ambit Energy is a relatively young energy company and does things slightly differently than a traditional energy company would. Ambit Energy's unique approach inludes its more than 250,000 independent consultants who act as a direct sales channel for the business. Because of this, customers are often able to receive very competitive energy rates and plans, but a fair upfront price does not always tell the whole story. Ambit Energy might be the right energy company choice, but just make sure you read the fine print.

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The Good

  • Guaranteed Savings Plan
  • Free Energy Program
  • Customer Web App

Guaranteed Savings Plan

Though the plans vary state-by-state, Ambit Energy offers several fixed and variable-rate plans, one of which is its Guaranteed Savings Plan. This plan offers a variable rate that is 3% less than your existing utility company. That savings amount is calculated annually, and the rate will fluctuate as the prior utility company's rates do. The Guaranteed Savings Plan is eligible for both Ambit Energy's free energy and travel rewards programs.

Free Energy Program

The Free Energy Program with Ambit Energy provides customers the option to cut their energy costs by referring friends and family. The program has no time limit, so a customer can start referring friends on day one or day 361; it doesn't matter. The trick is that you have to refer 15 people (or more) and maintain at least 15 referrals to receive the free utilities. The Free Energy credit is calculated by the average daily energy cost for referred customers multiplied by the number of days in the billing cycle. This credit caps at your own total energy cost, and it does not include taxes, transmission charges, or other fees.

Customer Web App

Accessible from any web-enabled device, the Customer Web App allows customers to monitor their energy usage, pay bills, and update account details. This can be extremely useful for customers who are on variable-rate plans that adjust with the amount of energy consumed. With Ambit Energy, these selective plans vary at 500 kWh, 1,000 kWh, and 2,000 kWh.


The Bad

  • Operates Similarly to an MLM
  • Undisclosed Rates

Operates Similar to an MLM

The foundational principle behind Ambit Energy is providing the best service for the best price, and to support that principle, the founders have structured the company very similarly to a multi-level marketing business; however, this structure may not bode well for new customers. Ambit Energy operates with more than 250,000 independent consultants who act as a direct sales funnel. With this, many customers receive incredible fixed rates at the beginning of their relationship with Ambit Energy, but those rates are only fixed for the initial term.

Undisclosed Rates

Ambit Energy doesn't offer full transparency on its website regarding all of the fees and costs associated with its service.


The Bottom Line

Ambit Energy can offer some of the lowest rates among deregulated energy suppliers, and the company can be a great option for supplying gas and electric energy to those who live within the 16 states and one federal district in which it operates. With that being said, customers should ensure they read the fine print and fully understand their plan and contract before signing up in order to avoid rate hikes, balloon payments, and payoff fees. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, Ambit Energy can even mean free utilities as long as you retain 15 referrals.

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pipedream Olanta, PA

I signed up over 20 accounts with Ambit and was happy with them for a number of years. All accounts were signed with the 3% savings guarantee which stated that if Ambit didn't save us 3% from our regular electric company charges, then at the end of the 12 month period, Ambit would send a check to equal the difference from what was paid and what 3% savings would be. And for several years, they did just that. These contracts had to be renewed every 12 months. After a number of years, Ambit increased the contract term so that the last renewal to the 3% savings program was for a 24 month term for each account. About six months ago, I began receiving letters from Ambit stating that the 24 month contract period would be over for some of my accounts. I attempted to renew and was told that the 3% savings program had been discontinued. In addition, the rates offered for renewal with Ambit were 70% higher than what my original electric company would charge. (at the time in 12/2022 - Ambit offered 16.9 per KWH; Penelec, First Energy was charging 9.93 per KWH) Not being willing to pay a super high premium to remain with Ambit, I requested the contract end at the termination date. I believed that I would receive the 3% savings check for each account. However, Ambit ended the contracts on the date of my request....and stated I would not receive the 3% savings because the contract was ended early. A date which they chose. Ambit stated it would take a couple of billing cycles to revert to my original energy company during which time the sky-high rates would be charged. So I was happy when Ambit was doing what they promised. I am no longer happy. Ambit has not only have discontinued the program for which I signed up but are manipulating the timing of termination of the contracts so they don't have to honor the 3% savings for 24 months of electric sales which they promised. At this point, I would not recommend anyone sign up for Ambit energy.

7 months ago


Verified Customer


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Deborah Clark Brazoria, TX

Their rates are very good, you pay for what you use, no hidden fees! Easy to deal with, good customer service!

5 years ago

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Sideria Houston, TX

There customer service is great their fast and polite all in one.

1 year ago Edited August 3, 2022

star star star star star

bobby deter Cumberland, MD

I've been using these guys for years over Potomac Edison. Great savings

1 year ago