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LAST UPDATED: May 4th, 2021

5LINX has offered a wide range of services since 2001. They were recognized by Inc. Magazine for nine straight years as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. They are a direct sales company that offers home, wellness, and business products and solutions. For the home, 5INX provides energy, telecommunications, tech support and security. 5LINK claims to make all of these services cheaper, regardless of the size of the home. They provide energy solutions for businesses as well. They are headquartered in Rochester, New York and were founded by Jeb Tyler, Jason Guck, and Craig Jerabeck. Their sales representatives are independent contractors which means that their platform essentially follows a multi-level marketing model.

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The Good

  • Provides competitive supply offer
  • Straightforward enrollment
  • Fixed and variable pricing

Provides Competitive Supply Offer

With the 5LINX platform, prospective clients are able to view and select from a number of competitive supply offers in select deregulated markets. This portal allows consumers to choose who they purchase their energy from, rather than being stuck with the corporation that monopolizes their region. With a number of competitive supply offers, prospective clients will be able to choose from a variety of terms and pricing options.

Straightforward Enrollment

Getting started without disruptions in service is one of the advantage of using 5LINX. Once you settle on a competitive supplier, you will fill out an enrollment form. Once the form has been submitted, the utility company will be notified and will automatically take over service without any interruptions. The 5LINX representative that you work with will be able to provide you with industry specifics and how deregulation works in your favor.

Fixed and Variable Pricing

Through their competitive supply, there are providers who utilize either fixed or variable terms. This benefits you as the consumer since you will be able to decide which option best suits your financial and home situation. With fixed pricing, consumers will lock in a rate the day they sign up and will then pay that rate for the supply portion of their service as long as the contract is intact. With variable pricing, customers are typically offered a discount to the utility company's price, but then the rate fluctuates with market conditions. This means that rates will vary month-to-month. Variable pricing is the more common form of pricing amongst utility companies.

The Bad

  • Affiliated energy suppliers
  • Nutrition focus
  • Availability

Affiliated Energy Suppliers

The 5LINX platform does not actually create or transport the actual energy customers would be using. Instead, 5LINX is the middle man. They sell a utility contract to you and then turn around and give it to an affiliated energy supplier. This supplier is the one who will actually provide the energy and keep track of rates. Those who want to work directly with their supplier will find 5LINK to be more of a hassle than they are likely worth.

Nutrition Focus

Originally, 5LINX started out as a nutrition-focused company. Their sales representatives sold these products face-to-face using a multi-level marketing strategy. The healthcare and nutrition products are designed to help customers with their fitness goals and wellness needs, however, this has nothing to do with deregulated energy. It is a relatively odd combination - energy and nutrition - which could be confusing for some prospective clients. It appears that the nutrition aspect of the business remains the focal point and is what a majority of the sales representatives work to sell and subsequently distribute.


Currently, 5LINX only offers energy services in the state of Delaware. This drastically reduces the number of potential clients who could possibly benefit from the 5LINX platform. Those who do not live in the state of Delaware will not be able to use 5LINX for their energy-related needs.

The Bottom Line

5LINX essentially helps individuals and business owners research and find the best energy provider for their needs and budget. With multiple affiliates, the products and solutions are relatively flexible. Since 5LINX is affiliated with a number of providers, switching over your utilities or getting started upon enrollment is made relatively simple and seamless. Obviously, only providing energy solutions in Delaware is a major drawback. While residents of Delaware would benefit from using their platform for research and decision purposes, they are likely not the best energy option out there.
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