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LAST UPDATED: July 24th, 2020

Renaissance Dental's PPO network includes more than 300,000 providers nationwide. This large network makes it easier to find in-network providers and take full advantage of your insurance policy.

Renaissance Dental also earned high financial strength ratings from A.M. Best. These ratings indicate the insurer’s financial stability and ability to meet its claims obligations.

Founded in 1957, Renaissance Dental is a good insurance provider to work with because of its high financial strength ratings, network, and dental insurance plan selection.

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The Good

  • Plans for Individuals and Families
  • Bundle Dental and Vision
  • Additional Insurance Offerings
  • Employer-Sponsored Plans

Plans for Individuals and Families

Renaissance offers several dental plan options. Below is an overview of the coverage each plan offers. Check the insurance policy's limitations and exclusions to have the best understanding of what a policy does and doesn't cover before making a purchase.

Plan II offers in- and out-of-network coverage and a $1,000 annual max benefit per person. Because Plan II offers in- and out-of-network coverage, you have more flexibility when choosing a dentist. There is no waiting period or deductible for preventive care. However, there are waiting periods for basic and major services.

Plan III is similar to Plan II. The biggest differences include full coverage for in-network diagnostic care and a $50 deductible for major and basic dental treatment. This plan also offers consistent cost-sharing percentages for in- and out-of-network care.

Plan II and Plan III are good options if your dental needs go beyond routing cleanings and the occasional filling.

The Essentials Plan only covers diagnostic, preventive, and minor restorative services. If you have good oral health and primarily need preventive services, this plan is a good option.

If you prefer not to buy a dental plan and still want savings on dental care, you can opt for the Healthy Savings Card. This card gives you access to discounts on most dental services. It also offers discounts on eye exams, glasses, generic drug retail pricing, and more.

Bundle Dental and Vision

Individuals and families can also bundle dental and vision coverage through Renaissance Dental's MAX plans. These plans have no waiting periods and vision coverage can be added. Vision benefits are administered through VSP.

MAX plan members also have access to an online portal with benefits information and tools for locating in-network providers.

There are three kinds of MAX plans:

  • MAX Essentials — This plan covers preventive and minor restorative services and has consistent coverage rates in- and out-of-network.
  • MAX Choice — This plan offers coverage for preventive, basic, and major services. The annual maximum benefit remains consistent every year. However, the percentages of what the plan covers increases over the first three years. This plan also includes a lifetime benefit for orthodontics.
  • MAX Choice Plus — This plan is similar to the MAX Choice plan. The annual maximum benefit also increases each year for the first three years.

For more specific information on the coverage offered by each plan, you should contact Renaissance Dental directly.

Additional Insurance Offerings

Renaissance Dental also offers several policies geared to meet seniors' needs. These include Medigap, dental, and vision plans. If you’re interested in these policies, you should reach out to Renaissance Dental directly.

Employer-Sponsored Plans

Renaissance Dental also offers plans for employers including dental coverage in their benefits package. The Reward Plan, the FLEX Plans, and the Triple Advantage Plan offer online tools for enrollees and plan administrators.

The Reward Plan is a voluntary plan with an increasing annual maximum and no waiting periods. Vision coverage can also be added with this plan.

The FLEX Plans can be voluntary or employer-paid. It has a minimum of five people on the plan. This plan offers employees two plan options at the same premium rate. The plans both offer preventive care and a lifetime orthodontic benefit. The plans also have the same per-person annual maximum benefit and the same deductible.

  • FLEX Plus — Offers higher coverage for basic and major services. It has the lowest out-of-pocket costs when seeing an in-network provider. 
  • FLEX Basic — Offers better out-of-network coverage. It also has lower coverage rates of basic and major services.

The Triple Advantage plans are only available in Nevada. These plans offer full coverage for preventive care. They also have three network options: elite, PPO, and out-of-network.

Employers can buy these plans in a high, medium, or low coverage option. There is a waiting period for major services.

Employers can also work with Renaissance Dental to customize a plan to meet their needs.
In addition to dental benefits, employers can also offer group vision, life, and disability insurance from Renaissance.


The Bad

  • Product Availability Varies by State

Product Availability Varies by State

Some of Renaissance Dental's plans are not available in every state. For example, the Healthy Savings Card is not available in Vermont or Washington, and the Triple Advantage plan is only available in Nevada.

If you're interested in Renaissance Dental's insurance products, you should work with the company directly to understand what options are available to you.


The Bottom Line

While some Renaissance Dental insurance products may not be available in all states, it's a recommended insurer. It has some good dental insurance options for individuals and employers. It even offers additional products like vision, life, disability, and Medigap to meet more of its clients needs.

Renaissance Dental also has high financial strength ratings, which indicates its viability as an insurer. While a younger insurance company, it has been in business for a while. The ability to remain open also shows the company's financial stability and ability to last in the long term.

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