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LAST UPDATED: July 14th, 2020

Physicians Mutual is an insurance provider based in Nebraska. It began in 1902 and targeted its insurance policy offerings to medical professionals. In 1962, Physicians Mutual opened its doors to include every citizen of the United States.

Physicians Mutual is also a mutual company, which means that policyholders also own the company.

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The Good

  • Access to Discounts
  • Additional Offerings

Access to Discounts

Physicians Mutual dental insurance plans allow members access to discounts for dental services, like cleanings and other procedures, received from an in-network provider. Comprehensive information about these discounts and cost-sharing are difficult to find on the company’s website.

Additional Offerings

Physicians Mutual also offers funeral pre-planning services and other kinds of insurance coverage including life insurance (whole, term, high-benefit term, and juvenile life insurance) and supplemental health insurance (accident and Medicare supplemental insurance). The availability of these offerings varies by state.


The Bad

  • Limited Information about Insurance Plans Available
  • Limited Availability
  • Premiums Vary

Limited Information about Insurance Plans Available

Physicians Mutual offers three kinds of dental plans:

  • Preferred Plus
  • Standard Plus
  • Economy Plus

All of these plans have no waiting period for preventive services, a three month waiting period for basic services, and a one year waiting period for major dental work.

The Preferred Plus plan offers the most coverage. The Economy Plus plan offers the least.

To view specific information about pricing and coverage under each plan, customers must enter their age, address, and contact information on the website.

Limited Availability

The availability of dental insurance and other insurances depends on location. Some options may not be available in your area. It is easy to check this on Physicians Mutual's website by entering your state.

Premiums Vary

The amount a customer must pay for premiums varies based on dental plan chosen, number of people insured, and age.


The Bottom Line

It’s hard to say how good Physicians Mutual dental insurance is from its website. Interested customers should conduct further research by asking for a policy quote on the company’s website before deciding on Physicians Mutual as their dental insurance provider. Otherwise, other dental insurance companies may be better for consumers.

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Rochelle Shelton Nashville, TN

I am writing this review based on the fact that I had Physicians Mutual Dental for over two years. During those two years I had no problem with there Dental, but I did have problems with there vision. This dental plan is only a discounted plan that they may or may not pay anything towards your dental treatment. I use this company as a secondary and refused to up grade it over the two year period that I had it. I was comfortable with there service until I tried to cancel my policy. They will not tell you that you have to cancel the policy two days before they send out a payment or you will not get a refund for the balance that was not used. I will be very careful in dealing with this company. Take a chance if you want to or just go with a more reputable company like blue cross and blue shield. I stayed with them for over 4 years until I could not afford them anymore. They will help you out with all your dental opportunities and also give you a refund for the portion that you do not use. STAY AWAY FROM PHYSICIANS MUTUAL DENTAL IF YOU CAN.

4 years ago