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LAST UPDATED: July 23rd, 2020

Dental health can be an overlooked factor of your overall health and wellbeing. Purchasing dental insurance can help you receive the care you need and maintain your dental health.

eHealth is a plan finder tool that helps consumers compare coverage and costs of dental, health, Medicare, vision insurance, and more from a number of insurers. This allows shoppers to find the best coverage and cost to fit their needs without checking with each insurer independently.

With eHealth, employers can compare group insurance plans and consumers can compare privately offered plans.


The Good

  • Types of Plans Available
  • Group Dental Insurance Plan Comparison for Small Business Owners
  • Dental Plan Comparison for Independent Buyers
  • Work with a Licensed Insurance Agent
  • Additional Insurance Offerings

Types of Plans Available

eHealth allows customers to view dental plans from multiple dental insurance providers, which allows them to offer all types of dental plans on the market.

Consumers can view DPPO, HMO, fee-for-service (indemnity), and discount plans. Regardless of the kind of plan you're looking for, you can find it through eHealth.

Both DPPOs and HMOs have cost-sharing and annual deductible limits. These plan structures differ in their dentist networks. DPPO plans are Dental Preferred Provider Organization plans. These plans typically offer more flexibility when choosing which dental care providers. However, rates are usually cheaper if you choose an in-network provider for your dental work.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans have set provider networks of dentists. They are not as flexible as DPPOs when choosing a dentist. You can visit an out-of-network dentist, but you'll be fully responsible for the cost. The insurance company doesn't offer any coverage out of its network.

In contrast, indemnity and dental discount plans have limited cost sharing. Instead, you'll pay for the dental services you receive. Usually, you'll pay a discounted rate. Indemnity plans are also called Fee-for-Service plans.

Group Dental Insurance Plan Comparison for Small Business Owners

Small businesses looking to provide their employees with dental insurance coverage can view plans from more than 300 plans from more than 50 dental insurance providers. eHealth shows plans for locations nationwide.

While each plan is different, most group plans offered on eHealth provide free preventive care and a high maximum benefit to cover restorative and major care.

Monthly premiums per employee and employer contributions are different depending on the plan chosen and business size.

Dental Plan Comparison for Independent Buyers

Independent buyers can view more than 800 plans from 270 carriers using eHealth's plan finder tool, which makes it easy to find an affordable dental plan.

eHealth makes it convenient to view and compare options from one insurance provider with another's. This feature ensures that you don't leave a stone unturned in your search for the best dental plan.

The cost of an independent plan can be as low as $8.95 depending on the plan selected and demographic information, like age.

Work with a Licensed Insurance Agent

eHealth clients can work with an insurance agent to get personalized policy recommendations, ask questions, and better understand how dental plans work. eHealth's licensed agents are independent, which allows them to put the consumer's needs first.

Additional Insurance Offerings

eHealth also helps clients compare health insurance, short-term health insurance, vision insurance, and more from insurance companies. Medicare beneficiaries can also compare Medicare plans on eHealth's platform. 

Affordable rates for all of your health care needs makes a difference for your budget and financial stability. The ability to view health insurance quotes and compare plans helps you manage health care costs. Purchasing insurance coverage can help keep your finances stable.

Whether you're a small business owner putting together a benefits package or are looking for a health insurance plan for you and your family, eHealth is a helpful quote and comparison tool for finding a plan that fits your budget.


The Bad

  • Plan Availability and Cost Variation

Plan Availability and Cost Variation

Specific plans offered may vary based on location. Plans have different structures for networks and cost-sharing. Review the dental benefits and maximum benefit included with each plan and the costs (premiums and out-of-pocket) to understand the value offered.

The number of people on the plan and demographics, like age, affect the cost of plans. The starting costs listed on the website may not be available to everyone.


The Bottom Line

eHealth is a great resource for consumers and small business owners. Through eHealth, customers can view plans from multiple dental insurers and compare coverage and pricing.

The ability to compare plans from one insurance carrier to those offered by another helps you quickly cast a wide net and evaluate your options. As you consider each plan's pricing, keep the deductible and out-of-pocket expenses in mind. The full cost of a dental plan is not just the premium.

While plan availability and pricing varies depending on location, number of people on the plan, and some demographics, this is standard for the insurance industry. eHealth allows customers to compare plans to find the best pricing and coverage for their situation.

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