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LAST UPDATED: December 14th, 2022

Aetna is an insurance company that began with life insurance in 1853. Since then, Aetna has expanded its offerings to include dental, vision, and health insurance. Aetna values simplicity, focus, connection, caring, excellence, and integrity. These values influence their company decisions.

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The Good

  • Plan Variety
  • Dental Discount Program
  • Orthodontic Coverage Available

Plan Variety

Aetna offers four kinds of dental insurance plans:

  • Network Only Plans (DMO)
  • Network Option Dental Plans (PPO)
  • Dental Indemnity Plans
  • Hybrid Dental Plans

Each plan has monthly premiums that vary depending on the specific plan and number of people being insured on that plan.

Aetna’s Network Only plans provide insurance coverage for preventive dental care (cleanings and dental exams), basic services (fillings), and major dental care. People with this plan have coverage when they visit an in-network provider.

The Network Option plans provide similar benefits to those provided by the DMO plans. The dental PPO plan offers broader coverage in and out of Aetna’s dental provider network. Customers can choose from participating dentists or an out-of-network dentist.

Aetna Dental Indemnity Plans allow reimbursements for dental treatment from the insurance company after visiting the dentist. This plan allows patients to only pay for the treatments and procedures they receive. The drawback to this plan is that patients must pay their dental treatment costs themselves and then file for reimbursement.

Aetna also offers Hybrid Dental Plans. These dental benefit plans are designed for employers. An employer choosing this plan can offer their employees more options when choosing dental insurance benefits. The base plan is an Aetna DMO. Employees can choose a PPO option or indemnity option.

Dental Discount Program

Aetna also has a dental discount program that can be used instead of insurance or along with insurance. For an annual fee, customers receive a card that gives them discounts or savings when paying for dental care at in-network clinics. This program is a nice feature for individuals who don’t want to make a monthly payment and still want some kind of financial assistance with dental treatment.

Dental discount programs are sometimes also called dental savings plans.

Orthodontic Coverage Available

Some of Aenta’s dental plans include orthodontic treatment in their covered services. This insurance coverage includes restrictions on age, so orthodontic care must be started before that age to receive coverage.


The Bad

  • Term Variability

Term Variability

The specific terms and coverage of Aetna dental plans are different depending on the insurance policy you choose. Make sure you understand the specifics of a dental plan, especially regarding orthodontics and oral surgery, before making your choice.


The Bottom Line

Aetna is a well-known insurance provider. They have several kinds of dental plans, including a Dental Discount Program, which allows consumers to find the best fit for coverage and affordability. Before signing up for a dental plan, make sure you know the specifics of the coverage terms. Aetna is an insurer worth investigating when purchasing dental insurance.

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joyce reynolds Wallingford, CT

in mid nov i had a dental procedure done for which i should have had approximately $800.00 being reimbursed--since it is now dec 30, and i haven't heard from them one way or another,i decided to call--i found that since 3 dec my claim has been set aside and deemed unprocessible--first of all if it was unprocessible i, i should have been notified so that if any corrections needed to be made, i could have made them--second i was told the problem was that the dental codes were hand written, and the adjuster has the abilty to "make the determination themself"--i have turned in claims from the same dentist before using the same procedure and have not had a problem, and if they needed verification, they should have just called the dentist--i asked for a supervisor who told me that they would look into it, but only after persisting and taking the supervisors name, was i told it would be another 5-7 days before i would here from anyone--now i can only hope someone calls me back, and it seems no one on the phones has any authority to do better(guess they dont trust their employees with any kind of power) my advise stay away from aetna

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Walter Trussville, AL

I have signed up for medical ,dental,and life insurance. But when I went to my dentist,they informed me that I am not covered. Then I reached out to the company to get everything straightened out and was informed that I have to wait until next year open enrollment. No solution for my problem at all so I have to pay out of pocket for coverage I signed up for!!!!!!

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Keith Pompton Lakes, NJ

I have a DMO dental plan. Dentist is terrible. The DMO dentists are the weakest of all in network professionals. My DMO dentist is terrible. Filed a complaint with Aetna. Did nothing. told me I would have to wait 60 days until I appeared on a different dentist's roster list. Meantime, my teeth are destabilizing. They want me to return to the dentist that i made a formal complaint against until the period of time for the new dentist has elapsed. A ridiculos company.

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Judith Coromoto Hollywood, FL

Terrible insurance company, all dental treatments are deny. Communication is very bad too. I will drop this company soon

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Anonymous Spokane, WA

I am having trouble finding a dentist who will take this insurance. NOT HAPPY!

3 years ago