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LAST UPDATED: August 18th, 2021

Simple Debt Solutions is a debt consolidation service that services consumers in the United States with overwhelming amounts of unsecured debt. The company specializes in negotiating an appropriate debt consolidation payment plan with creditors to get the consumer back on track to being debt-free. 

Simple Debt Solutions (SDS)  has been in business for more than 15 years and has a simple three-step process for consolidating debt. An SDS professional works with the consumer step by step to ensure a customized plan.


The Good

  • Focuses on Debt Relief Service
  • Available Nationwide
  • Has a Clear 3-Step Debt Relief Process 

Focuses on Debt Relief Service

Simple Debt Solutions focuses only on debt relief solutions and doesn’t offer any other service. This can be a good thing for the consumer because it shows the company is focused solely on what it knows best. 

With the debt resolution (relief) service, the company offers a one-on-one experience with a Certified Debt Specialist that breaks down a budget that fits into a healthy payment plan with a creditor. 

The only debt that SDS can negotiate in is unsecured debt such as credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, etc. 

The fee for the service is not expected upfront and is factored into the monthly payment towards a consumer's debt program. 

Available Nationwide

Simple Debt Solutions offers its services to all 50 states. Being available in all states is a unique feature of SDS because not all debt relief companies provide their services to every state. 

Along with being available nationwide, SDS has a customer service number available that links to a Certified Debt Specialist to ensure all questions are answered. 

Has a Clear 3-Step Debt Relief Process 

Simple Debt Solutions outlines on its website a straightforward three-step process for debt resolution. 

  • Save — After meeting with a Certified Debt Specialist and figuring out a plan and amount expected to spend, SDS arranges an FDIC-insured savings account that is used to manage payments. 
  • Negotiate — After having enough money in savings, the experts negotiate a healthy payment plan with creditors that is only agreed to after the consumer approves it. 
  • Resolve — The company takes it from here and ask that the consumer wait patiently for results. 

The cost of this plan is unknown but having it broken down in this general process helps a consumer have an idea of how things will go. The company does state on its interactive debt calculator that the minimum debt for a case is $7,500. 


The Bad

  • No Visible Refund Policy
  • Missing Key Accreditations 
  • Only Offers Consultations and Doesn’t List a Price Breakdown 

No Visible Refund Policy

The refund process for Simple Debt Solutions is not made clear on the website. For consumers, working with a company that doesn't have a transparent approach can complicate the process. Even if the company has a pricing structure that does not allow for refunds, we would like to see this pricing structure made more clear on the company's site.

Typically with debt relief companies, customers won't pay anything up front, so debt relief companies only make money if they help you settle your debts. Thus, not all debt relief companies have refund or money-back policies, which is something to consider, should you choose to use one.

Missing Key Accreditations

Simple Debt Solutions does not list any of the industry’s accreditations, nor does the company appear on these accredited databases. The company does state that it provides certified debt specialists for its consumers. 

Accreditations hold companies to a centralized standard that they must establish compliance with annually. One of the leading accreditation organizations is the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), which operates under certain principles that advocate for best practices in debt relief for consumers nationwide. 

Only Offers Consultations and Doesn’t List a Price Breakdown 

Unfortunately, if a consumer is looking to price shop, this is not easily accessible information on the company's website. All prices (fees) are given after a consultation and are built into the payments to a creditor.

Customers should be aware that debt relief isn't the easiest industry in which to price shop, since most companies operate on a quote-based system.


The Bottom Line

Simple Debt Solutions does not have an established reputation online when it comes to previous consumers and a breakdown of prices. The reviews that are available online do not highlight the company in a good light, especially regarding having patience with its customers. 

Perhaps in the future SDS, will have a complete website that explains its process more in-depth and shares its prices on a scale that a consumer can understand. 
When comparing the services of other debt relief companies, Simple Debt Solutions offers an average level of service for consumers. It would be best to compare more substantial companies that are more clear on terms and conditions before deciding on working with Simple Debt Solutions. 

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