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LAST UPDATED: August 2nd, 2022

Wirex was created to solve the problem of having to exchange currencies when traveling or making purchases from foreign countries. The company offers a Visa card that allows customers to make purchases in many countries all over the world. The mobile app allows specifying money in many currencies without having to go to a bank or other institution and pay a fee. Founded in 2014, the company is based in London.

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The Good

  • International Visa Card
  • International ATM Transactions
  • Multi-Currency Convenience
  • Rewards Programs

International Visa Card

The Wirex Visa card is multi-currency and can be used in many countries like a traditional Visa card. 

International ATM Transactions

The Wirex Visa card allows you to make withdrawals at ATMs all over the world. There are still fees usually for withdrawing, but that’s usually from the institution that owns the ATM. The company states there are over 54 million ATM locations available internationally.

Multi-Currency Convenience

The app allows you to look at all your currencies both fiat (like the Euro or U.S. dollar) and crypto currencies as well as exchange and trade them all in one place. 

Rewards Programs

Wirex offers two primary rewards programs:

  • the Cryptoback Program (like a cash-back incentive), which can earn customers up to 1.5 percent reward on purchases;
  • the Refer-a-Friend referral program, with between 5–10 USD per referral, depending on the customer’s region.

However, other platforms offer additional card benefits useful to international travelers, like overseas medical travel insurance, while Wirex does no.


The Bad

  • Lack of Availability Internationally 
  • High Fees 
  • Poor Customer Service

Lack of Availability Internationally

The company only is available to customers in limited countries right now. The company does not provide service to the United States, South America, or Africa. For an international currency company, this is not beneficial to be lacking access to so many primary markets.

High Fees

There is a fee for every time customers use an ATM, and the rates are higher in other countries. There is also a charge every time customers make debit card payments in a foreign currency. Although many transactions are free on the platform, these high fees on certain transactions are not competitive for customers with other alternatives.

Poor Customer Service

Wirex does not have a chat function on the company’s website and customers have reported that connecting with customer service representatives is very difficult and responses are very delayed. This is disappointing given other alternatives like Revolut, which prioritizes customer support through a live chat online as well as extensive FAQs.


The Bottom Line

For customers who want a versatile card that provides multi-currency and access to pay with cryptocurrency in a variety of options while traveling, Wirex offers a good package all-around. The primary perk is free transactions on certain exchanges and a 1.5 percent “cryptoback” rewards program. For customers in regions like the United States, South America, and Africa, or whose primary currencies and locations are not served, its worth exploring other options.

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Sallie Young New York, NY

Wirex is not reliable. It lists every state on the union except the state of new York so therefore I give it a thumbs down. Not well thought out. I wouldn't trust it.

1 year ago


Review Source

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Aujana Denver, CO

Never understood why you couldn't verify my identity

1 year ago