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LAST UPDATED: August 25th, 2022

Coinrule was founded in 2018 by CEO Gabriel Musella and COO Oleg Giberstein. As a graduate in business from London School of Economics and Harvard University, Musella gained wide experience in the field working for Nokia, Vodafone, and for the British government before launching Coinrule. Similarly his co-founder, Giberstein, has extensive experience in banking and risk roles and studied politics and international relations at London and Oxford University. The company has grown exponentially since launching and is one of the most well-known and popular cryptocurrency investing companies on the market.

Coinrule currently supports 12 cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Bitfinex
  • Binance
  • Binance US
  • BitMEX
  • Bitpanda Pro
  • Bitstamp
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase Pro
  • HitBTC
  • Kraken
  • Liquid
  • PolonieX

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The Good

  • Create Rules Without Coding
  • Projected Rule Performance Calculator 
  • Tiered Pricing 
  • Active Blog and Education Resources

Create Rules Without Coding

One of Coinrule’s shining characteristics is its easy platform that allows users to create trading rules with zero coding experience. For free, customers can create up to two rules, and with the most advanced plan, they can create up to 50. This is extremely beneficial for those looking to remain more in control of their investments without having to know coding. 

Customers can also test their rules beforehand using “demo rules.” These demo rules are tested on past historical data to find which one will best suit customers’ needs. For the basic plan, customers have access to seven demo rules, with the most advanced plan offering 50.

Projected Rule Performance Calculator

Coinrule’s succinct and aesthetically pleasing website offers a projected rule performance calculator based on the company’s years of historical data. A customer can enter the amount of USD they’d like to trade (from $1 to $5,000), for how long they’d like to invest the amount (from 3 to 18 months), and they can select under what circumstances they’d like to buy and sell, such as “buy the dip multi-level or “ride the trend.”

A common phrase is known in the finance world, “past performance does not indicate future results.” While the famous phrase is true even in Coinrule’s case, this calculator can be especially helpful for customers to see Coinrule’s successful track record and make smart, thoughtful choices before purchasing.

Tiered Pricing

Coinrule’s pricing is simple and straightforward. It offers four plans based on user activity, trading amount, and access to rules. The beginner kit is completely free and offers everything you’ll need to invest but with very limited access to rules (currently only seven). The most notable differences between the basic (free) version and the pro version are the number of rules, template strategies, and the amount that can be traded per person per month. The quantity of each of these additions increases significantly with each upgraded plan.

As with other cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinrule also charges a fee with each trade. What sets Coinrule apart from the rest is that these rates actually go down instead of up the more you trade, likely because customers pay more for higher plans which allow them to trade higher maximum amounts. That being said, the rates are still significantly lower for a month-to-month plan as opposed to a cut for each transaction. Additionally, with the basic, free plan, customers do not pay any percentage fees on trades — a truly unique element of Coinrule.

Whether you are an experienced trader or just beginning, Coinrule offers a plan that will best suit your needs.

Active Blog and Education Resources

Coinrule currently has a very active and up-to-date blog, pointing to its awareness of the crypto environment and credibility as a thought-leader in the field. It also provides a lengthy education resource hub to help any investor — beginner or advanced — become more savvy in the field. Having education resources in common in the finance and investing fields and is a sign of an honest, competitive company. 


The Bad

  • Does Not Offer Some Advanced Features

Does Not Offer Some Advanced Features

For investors looking for more advanced trading options, some reviews mention that Coinrule does not allow experienced traders to experiment with their own bots and/or sell their own strategies. Other platforms offer these services and may be better options for customers with more experience.


The Bottom Line

Coinrule is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. Its platform is exceptionally simple and easy to use, which appeals especially to new or beginning traders. Additionally, Coinrule offers a free plan with zero fees for trades up to $3,000. The company’s three other plans are competitively priced with extremely low trade fees. 

Coinrule stands out from competitors by allowing its customers to create their own rules for trading with zero coding experience. These rules can be tested on past historical data to give the customer an idea of how they will perform. While customers will likely have to play around with the platform (as with any new user interface), they will quickly find that Coinrule is very simple and can be understood with minimal technical experience. 

Some more advanced options like buying and selling with personal bots or creating and selling successful strategies are not available and may deter more advanced investors. Regardless, Coinrule is an exceptional cryptocurrency exchange company for beginners and advanced investors alike.

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Audrey Macfarlane Dallas, TX

I trade NFTS for a living and I use coinrule to transfer money between accounts, easy , fast, and low cost.

2 years ago


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Skylar Miller Layton, UT

If I had to pick between Coinbase or coinrule, I would absolutely go with coinrule. They just seem more caring for there customers.

1 year ago Edited August 8, 2022


Review Source

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Henry Lebensbaum Andover, MA

terrible customer service. money disappeared. they do not tell you all that you need to do

1 year ago