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LAST UPDATED: November 5th, 2020

Aetna is a private health insurance company that offers group or employer insurance plans in the following areas: medical, pharmacy and dental plans; Medicare plans; Medicaid services; behavioral health programs; and medical management. The company also offers a number of group supplemental insurance plans, and one of these is the Aetna Critical Illness Plan.

Aetna is a CVS Health company, and it estimates that around 39 million people use its insurance services. The company was originally founded in 1853 and has thus been around much longer than many of its competitors.

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The Good

  • Cash Benefits
  • No Additional Cost
  • No Medical Qualifications
  • Member Portal

Cash Benefits

Aetna’s Critical Illness Plan offers you cash benefits that can be deposited directly into your checking account when you are diagnosed with a condition that is covered under the plan. This means you can use the money for whatever your needs are, including your deductible, rent payments, grocery payments, etc. 

The payment comes as a one-time, lump sum, and you cannot receive more than one payment for the same condition. 

No Additional Cost

Aetna’s website says that its supplemental plans, including its Critical Illness Plan, do not add to the bottom line of your insurance payment. This means that you should be able to add this plan to your coverage without incurring an additional cost for doing so.

You also have the option to keep your plan even if you stop working with your employer, though if your employer was paying the rate before, this responsibility would fall to you if you are terminated from your place of work.

No Medical Qualifications

You do not need to answer any questions about your health or medical condition in order to enroll in Aetna’s Critical Illness Plan. You can simply enroll in the plan through your employer if your employer is already contracted with Aetna.

Member Portal

Aetna has a user-friendly member portal where you can log in and manage your health insurance plan and coverage. This is where you can choose which supplemental insurance options you want to have on your plan. You can elect to start Critical Illness Insurance whenever you would like, and view Aetna’s other offerings while you’re at it.

Your portal is also where you can submit claims and see your disbursement payouts, if applicable.


The Bad

  • Only Available Through Employers
  • Hard to Find Information

Only Available Through Employers

From what we can tell, Aetna is a group and employer insurance provider, and thus, you can access its benefits and plans only through your employer if it is contracted with Aetna. This means that not only the Critical Illness Plan but also any of Aetna’s plans might not be an option for you.

In addition, you must be actively working with your employer in order to qualify for Aetna’s Critical Illness Plan. The criteria for what this means is determined by your employer.

Hard to Find Information

Because critical illness insurance is one of several offerings provided by Aetna, it is difficult to find the specifics of how a critical insurance plan would work in your individual case. The Aetna website doesn’t provide much information on critical illness plans, and you as the consumer are left to do most of the research and discovery yourself if you think that a critical illness plan might be for you.


The Bottom Line

From what we can tell, Aetna’s Critical Illness Plan is standard for the industry, without a lot of bells and whistles. That being said, if you are already enrolled in one of Aetna’s health coverage plans, then adding the supplemental Critical Illness Plan might be to your advantage.
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