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LAST UPDATED: January 11th, 2024

Founded in 1952, VyStar Credit Union (formerly Jax Navy Federal) is northeast Florida's largest credit union, and the 16th largest credit union in the country.

VyStar members can benefit from low deposit requirements, no monthly fees, and account options for the whole family, including kids and teens.

If you live in Florida or Georgia, VyStar Credit Union could be a good choice for your banking needs.

Continue reading for a full review of this credit union, and VyStar reviews from real customers.

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The Good

  • Checking Account Options
  • Savings Account Options
  • Accounts for Kids and Teens
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Loan Products and Services
  • Business Features
  • Investment Services
  • Credit Cards
  • Mobile Banking

Checking Account Options

VyStar offers multiple checking account options:

  • Checking Accounts — free interest-earning accounts
  • Money Market — earn dividends with competitive rates
  • Teens, Students & Young Adults — teens and students can learn to manage their money wisely
  • Senior Class — checking account for members age 50+

VyStar prides itself on offering free checking accounts. Thus, there are no fees to write checks, transfer money between accounts, or deposit money into your account. In addition, you can earn interest on your daily balance.

Savings Account Options

VyStar offers multiple savings account options:

  • Savings Accounts — free access to funds for financial goals or emergencies
  • Kids Club — free account for children 12 years old or under
  • Holidays Savings Account — special savings account for the holiday season
  • Revocable Living Trust — custodial account that allows you to transfer your assets to a trustee
  • FLUTMA Account — custodial account to manage funds for a minor
  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs) — lock in a fixed interest rate to earn money over a period of time
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) — save for your retirement
  • Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) — save for your child's future educational expenses
  • Savings Bond — savings bond redemption is available at any VyStar branch
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)H — save money for healthcare costs
  • Safe Deposit Boxes — secure option for protecting important documents and other personal assets

VyStar savings account options don't have a monthly service fee, allowing you to easily save money and grow your savings.

Accounts for Kids and Teens

VyStar offers a checking account for teens, young adults, and students, as well as a savings account option for children 12 years old or under.

These account options are a great way to teach children and teens how to save money, as well as how to successfully manage their money.

Overdraft Protection

VyStar offers an overdraft protection plan that safeguards your accounts by automatically transferring funds from linked accounts if there is less than is required for a check or automated clearing house (ACH) debit.

There are no fees associated with overdraft protection and you can use multiple accounts to protect one account if needed.

As part of VyStar's overdraft protection service, you can also use Courtesy Pay to defend against certain returned and/or denied transactions.

Loan Products and Services

In addition to its personal and business banking services, VyStar offers auto and recreational loans, personal loans, and mortgages.

VyStar advertises low, competitive rates, although rates aren't disclosed on the website.

Business Features

For their members who require accounts for business services, VyStar Credit Union offers business shared accounts, business loans, mortgage processing, VyStar is an approved mortgage seller, business credit card services, solutions that allow businesses to accept credit and debit cards and payroll.

Investment Services

One of the best things that VyStar offers to their members is their investment services and products. VyStar provides financial analysis and services at no cost or obligation.

Members can make a savings and investment plan; protect financial assets, fund education and plan for retirement.

VyStar also offers a comprehensive list of value-oriented products and services for members, such as the VyStar Money Makeover program, which is free and is designed to help members take a closer look at their money.

This program also provides unique money management tips and tools to help drive down debt, increase savings, and improve a member's financial outlook.

Credit Cards

VyStar Credit Union also offers three kinds of credit cards:

  • Visa Signature Rewards Plus
  • Visa Signature Cash Back
  • Platinum Visa

All of the VyStar Visa credit cards have no annual fee and low-interest rates.

Mobile Banking

VyStar has a mobile app through which you can view and manage your accounts, transfer money, pay bills, and locate branches or ATMs.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


The Bad

  • Hidden Fees
  • Lack of Information
  • Only Available for Florida and Georgia Residents

Hidden Fees

VyStar Credit Union has a $5 one-time membership fee when you open any account, including loads of other hidden fees when opening any account:

  • If you decide to close your account within 6 months of opening it, there is a $5 fee.
  • If you change your address and don't update it with VyStar, there is a "bad address fee" that starts at $5 for the first three months, and then tacks on $5 every month thereafter.

While these fees aren't necessarily high, they can add up and become inconvenient.

Lack of Information

Lastly, VyStar Credit Union does not give a rate/dividend schedule for their checking accounts, or list the types of checking accounts available for membership. If you want this information, you must either go into a local branch or call a VyStar representative.

Only Available for Florida and Georgia Residents

VyStar primarily serves residents in Florida and Georgia. Due to the fact that you may need branch access for some of the credit union's services, VyStar is a good option for residents of these two states


The Bottom Line

VyStar is a trusted credit union serving residents of Florida and Georgia. It offers multiple account options for both checking and savings, including account options for kids, teens, and young adults that provide an opportunity to learn how to save and successfully manage money. Beyond accounts, VyStar also offers three credit cards, as well as personal loan and mortgage options.

You can easily view and manage your accounts with the VyStar Mobile Banking app, available on both iOS and Android devices. This is a unique and helpful service, allowing you to do your banking on-the-go.

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Vystar reviews are currently limited. If you bank with this credit union, please tell us about your experience by leaving a review.

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MICHAEL Jacksonville, FL

Hello, My name is Mike, I have been doing business with Vystar since 1979. Over the years I have noticed a real decline in how you treat your customers. The big blunder with the software was a terrible mess. My family all left but I chose to stay with you until now. I had my debit card stolen and I went in to get another card as I make all my transactions via card. I was told you have chosen to no longer provide a card at the branch and that I would have to wait for it in the mail. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? You have the ability to take care of the customer right then but choose to use snail mail? Extremely inconvenient. Hope it saves you 3 dollars. You all have 6 and 7 figure incomes that you are making off you customers money. This is the last event for me I will be moving on and considering doing more cash transactions as banking has become expensive for everyone except the banker. I’m sure this was a financial business decision but it affects customer service, we are the customer. Impossible business partners! That is all! Good Riddance.

1 month ago

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Mbrakes FL

Got auto loan through Vystar credit union. Due 6th, lot rent due 5th. Had to go in to branch to change due date. Payment due was $292, set up autopay on 14th for $350. Car was repossessed for non payment. Called. Confirmed last payment was for $350, but back in April. This is now Sept. Told call my bank. Bank says problem on their end. Called Vystar back. Not only did they NOT set up autopay, but they NEVER EVEN CHANGED THE DUE DATE . The very reason they made me go in to the branch in the first place! I filed bancruptcy five years ago and the dealer had to call 12 banks to find somebody to give me a loan. Now, FORGET IT with a repo on my credit report on top of this. They CLAIM they sent me an e-mail, but I never got one! They claim they sent a letter, but the only thing I get from them shows payment due amount and outstanding balance. NOTHING about non payment. All because the woman at the branch NEVER SET UP autopay, NEVER CHANGED my due date. The VERY REASON I was told to come in to the branch. Now I had to miss work because I had to call off. LOSS of wages! Got a point at work (Disney) for calling off. Three points within six months and I am TERMINATED! NO POSSIBILITY of EVER getting a new car with a repossession on top of a bancruptcy. All because of the COMPLETE INCOMPETANCE of Vystar! I am waiting for a callback from a lawyer because I am seeking damages. SHE NEVER EVEN CHANGED THE DUE DATE!

5 months ago

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Maria A Jacksonville, FL

I am a victim of fraud and VyStar is penalizing me for it. I did not physically lose nor lost my card. I did not give out my information to anyone illegitimate. It got hacked into and money stolen from it. Vystar is charging me a liability fee when I was always told by them that the money is federally insured, and in case of illegitimate transactions, all of it will be refunded to me. I thought that a credit union like Vystar will give me piece of mind, but in reality there are just as careless, incompetent, and profit driven as Big Banks. Vystar is supposed to be non-profit. Why are they making members pay for their insecure cards? Members are NOT at fault because VyStar cybersecurity safeguards are too weak to withstand hacking. It is VyStar' responsibility to place electronic safeguards on the cards ISSUED BY THEM. It's bad enough that hard earned money was stolen from me, but now the institution that is supposed to protect my money is stealing it again.

6 years ago

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Brian G FL

Vystar is a horrible bank. They have way better banks these days. Shop around. 🖕They for sure don't know how to run a website or an app. You will always be just a number there, no personal service ever. Look at the ceo picture, he looks like a tool bag. If he wasn't lining his pockets with money, they wouldn't of had a problem updating the website and app. Their all pretty stupid not keeping the working website and app active will screwing the pooch on this deal.

1 year ago

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IDK Gainesville, FL

I have an account with VyStar and usually don't have any problems. Today I went to the drive thru to cash a few checks and deposit one. It literally took 20 minutes and made me late to work. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it made me feel that it was, because she was taking so long to do everything. I have never sat that amount of time in the drive thru.

3 years ago

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juan romero

I have been with Vystar (Jax Navy) Federal Credit Union since I graduated from High School in 1997, I've needed help from them a couple times and each time I was declined for idiotic reasons. They advertise hard that "We never forget that its your money" but as of lately its not. I'm completely disgusted with them and will be closing my bank account. The last straw was when they refused to cash a check that was given to me by my uncle to help pay my late father's funeral. What kind of heartless institution can't do that for a long time member. Good bye and Good Riddance!

6 years ago

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James Buckner Jacksonville, FL

I have been working with them for 5 months trying to get a mortgage. They do not answer their phone calls or emails in a timely manner. They are not responsive and do not care about their customers. I have been with them since 2004. This is your warning. I wish I had this advice before wasting my time.

3 years ago

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Kf Jacksonville, FL

Have been talked to rudely and hung up on. They aren't a good company to hold your money. They don't tell their customers of the fraud or scams going on with their bank. When your money gets taken they don't give it back and don't care at all.

4 years ago