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LAST UPDATED: June 23rd, 2021

White Jacobs & Associates (WJA) is a Texas-based company that provides customized credit repair services. 

While credit repair results can vary, WJA states online that its clients typically see results within 30 to 45 days. The company also mentions that its credit repair process generally won’t take longer than six months to complete. 

Additionally, the company boasts an in-house law firm that includes a credit repair-specific attorney who assists with audits throughout the credit repair process.  

WJA offers a free initial consultation which includes a credit report analysis. Clients will also receive one-on-one support from a credit analyst throughout the entirety of the company’s credit repair program. 

Keep reading to learn more about WJA’s credit repair services. 

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The Good

  • One-on-One Expert Support 
  • Customized Credit Repair 
  • Credit Repair Attorney
  • Debt Settlement Services

One-on-One Expert Support 

As mentioned above, WJA provides all clients with one-on-one support from a credit expert throughout the duration of its credit repair program. 

This expert will work with the company’s investigative research team and provide clients with credit updates and credit coaching. The expert can also answer any questions clients may have throughout the process. 

While having access to a credit expert throughout the credit repair process is not uncommon, some companies fail to provide each client with constant one-on-one support from the same expert the entire time.  

Customized Credit Repair 

WJA offers a four-round, audit-based credit repair process. As part of the first round of the company’s process, WJA will target all of the relevant items on all three credit reports. The second round, although similar to the first, involves more specified disputes and audits. 

The third round involves the company’s in-house law firm. Lastly, the law firm will send letters to the credit bureaus and any remaining creditors in the fourth round. 

According to the company’s website, WJA will continue crafting and sending customized letters on the behalf of its clients, if necessary, once all four rounds are completed. The company recognizes that certain circumstances may arise which can lead to needing additional services. WJA states online that if extra service is necessary, it will be provided at no additional cost. 

It’s important to note that, since WJA provides customized credit repair services, the company does not feature multiple plan options on its website. Clients must sign up for a consultation in order to learn about costs and fees, which may vary per client. 

Credit Repair Attorney

Unlike the majority of companies within the credit repair industry, WJA has an in-house law firm that boasts a credit repair attorney. 
In addition to assisting the company with its credit repair audits, the credit repair attorney may also provide assistance with certain debt settlement situations and other, more difficult credit-related issues.

Finding a credit repair company that features both an in-house law firm as well as a credit repair-specific attorney is quite rare. Most companies obtain attorney assistance from third-party law firms that do not have specialized credit repair attorneys on staff. 

Debt Settlement Services

Along with credit repair, WJA provides debt settlement services. Although it is unclear as to whether or not the company’s debt settlement services are included in its credit repair program, it is fairly rare to find a credit repair company that offers this additional service. 

WJA mentions online that its staff will only provide debt settlement services after exploring alternative solutions.


The Bad

  • Missing Online Information
  • Limited State Availability 

Missing Online Information

WJA does not appear to provide any information relating to pricing, refunds, or staff credentials on its website. This lack of online information may deter some consumers from using the company’s services. 

Because the company provides customized services, potential clients will need to sign up for a free consultation in order to receive specific pricing information and other details regarding the company’s refund policy and staff members. 

Limited State Availability 

As previously mentioned, WJA does not provide services to the following seven states: Idaho, Utah, Kansas, Indiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Maine. 

Those who reside in one of the seven states listed above must work with an alternative credit repair service. 


The Bottom Line

WJA has an in-house law firm and a credit repair-specific attorney who helps with various aspects of the credit repair process. 

Unlike most other companies, WJA also offers professional debt settlement services. And, before conducting debt settlement, the company claims it will take time to seek out alternative solutions. 

Additionally, the fact that WJA offers consistent one-on-one support from a credit analyst throughout the process is admirable. Those who are new to the credit repair process can have their questions answered, get updates, and receive helpful coaching from this provided personal credit analyst. 

It’s also important to note that the company provides more customized credit repair services than many other companies. WJA has a four-step process that involves custom disputes and in-depth audits. The company will also continue its services at no additional cost if necessary, which shows the company’s dedication to its clients. 

That said, since WJA provides more customized services, the company does not disclose any pricing information on its website. WJA also does not appear to offer information about its refund policy or specific staff credentials. Those who want this information will have to contact the company directly/sign up for a free consultation. 

If you are looking for attorney-backed credit repair services and do not reside within the seven states listed above, WJA may be the right fit for you. We recommend that all interested consumers read several WJA customer reviews and visit the company’s website before deciding to sign up for its credit repair services.

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