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LAST UPDATED: October 10th, 2019

Veracity Credit Consultants is a credit repair company that has been in business since 2003 and is based out of Denver, Colorado. The financial services company has served over 100,000 consumers nationwide in repairing their overall credit scores.  

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The Good

  • Personalized Credit Optimization Plan 
  • Collection and Creditor Interventions 
  • Secured Credit 

Veracity Credit Repair services provide consumers, who need help improving their credit score, with a comprehensive online education system for credit repair.

Veracity’s credit repair process includes an expert analysis, a free credit report, secure account access, unlimited credit score consultations, advanced credit report access, a cancellation policy, online resource access, pay-as-you-go pricing, weekly educational emails, online tracking, personalized account management, a couple’s discount, dispute techniques, specialized creditor interventions/collection account interventions, personalized credit plan, access to credit specialists, monthly educational tutorials, and monthly progress reports.

Consumers are given two package options upon enrollment to help them improve their overall credit scores. Prices for these packages range from $49-79. The Select Plan Package includes unlimited investigations of erroneous items, premium account management, tips, and online access. The Platinum Plan package features all the benefits of the first package and also includes:

Personalized Credit Optimization Plan

Each client that enrolls in the Veracity service can expect to receive a customized plan of attack when it comes to negative items and dispute letters.

Collection and Creditor Interventions

Veracity can work on behalf of their clients and get involved in collections issues. In addition to collection issues, the company can act as a middleman and help resolved issues with creditors in some situations. 

Secured Credit

Veracity also offers secured credit card offers and a library of credit repair information. The company also provides consumers with a money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied. Consumers are able to receive a free initial consultation by either calling the credit repair company directly or filling out a short online form on its corporate website.


The Bad

  • No License with the Attorney General 
  • Mixed Online Consumer Reviews 

Consumers report issues in the cancellation of services. However, the company has been found to act in good faith to resolve these issues to a consumer's satisfaction.

It is also important to note that the services provided can be easily performed by a consumer on their own without the monthly cost, but may be best suited for those who desire to avoid the long-term hassle and time involved in the removal of unwanted credit report items. Other areas of concern include:

No License with the Attorney General

To date, Veracity is not licensed with the Attorney General as a credit repair service.

Mixed Online Consumer Reviews

Like some other credit repair companies, Veracity ’s reputation is mixed. Prospective clients should do thorough research prior to enrollment. No licensed attorneys on staff. While not required to have, an attorney on staff can help in some disputing cases.


The Bottom Line

Veracity appears to be a legitimate credit restoration company with over 13 years of experience in the financial services industry. Veracity has worked with the major credit bureaus and has served over 100,000 nationwide consumers to help them remove unwanted and erroneous items from their credit reports.

Consumers not satisfied with the company's services are able to receive a full refund. Veracity has also received a number of complaints regarding billing and delivery of services. The company needs improvement in a few key customer service areas, including:

  • Not being licensed with the Attorney General
  • No licensed attorneys available to clients needing additional support
  • Improvement in its cancellation and billing policies

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Lawanda Richmond, VA

Veracity have lived up to all there standards. They have helped me build my credit back up to having a descent credit score. They are a very reputable company. I will recommend everyone to sign up with Veracity to service them with there credit issues. The Prices are also Fantastic….Love Veracity and will continue my business with them.

10 years ago

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Steve Perry Atlanta, GA

If you want your credit score lowered and worse off, this is the company for you! All they do is pummel the credit agencies and creditors with ineffective form letters that result in more inaccurate or bad info being put on your report. Worse yet, because they relentless spam your creditors, it activates old accounts that then report as "updated" or "current" and may tank your score. My score tanked over 100 points on one credit bureau. After over a year, one credit bureau had a great score BUT the other two had a 150-point difference which only made creditors suspect and bring out the microscope to examine my credit. Despite having a 795 score on Transunion and no bad remarks, I couldn't even qualify for a car lease! Not even a bad car lease. Denied. This is a racket!!!! Shame on them!!!! Don't make the same mistake I did and trust and assume these folks will do you right. I got screwed, you may also!

5 years ago

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Wanda Waring Palatka, FL

I signed up for your service months ago and have yet to get any information from you. You still take the monthly fee and I want to stop that ASAP. I am in more debt due to a thief who stole my personal things and other major damage was done to my home. I lost my home. Please call me as I have moved. Review I am not sure if any help has been done.

9 years ago

star star star star star

Michael Hollywood, FL

I think they are really good and very trusted company I would recommend them to anyone if they need help if you wanted to get yourself straightened out go to this company

8 years ago

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nora CA

I canceled through the guy who started my account 9 months later I find that they had been taking money from my account, they said they can not give my money back that I need to cancel after 2 days if trying to get to that department, I finally spoke to a rude girl, that said she will not close out account until I pay them more money, I told her no way they are not getting another dime out of me she said ( get this) she sending to collections, they are to be helping people repair their credit , they don't care ,they are a despite company the only way to make money is to steal it fro what clients they already have I would stay away from any credit company if u want your credit cleaned up call the credit bureaus your self they are very nice, and they won't charge you anything its free.

8 years ago

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Francisco Canez Paramount, CA

Varacity is the worst credit repair company. They are rude, they lie, and make false accusation! They wont even close account till you pay them more money! Just know they get paid in arrears and Colorado and federal law prohibits credit repair companys to get paid up front till the service is complete! I can go on all day, Varacity will gaurentee a service on the phone but will not provide it then when confronted they put service cannot be guaranteed in contract but you dont see contract till it's to late! So make sure you recored call like I did! Also do your research they have been sued for their ability to lie, make false claims and work around state and federal laws!

8 years ago

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Stacy Fredericks Horn Lake, MS

Veracity has done absolutely nothing to help me they are rude and act like they have no clue what you are talking about when you tell them what you are needing from them. they steel your money and do nothing for you.. I have just gone to my bank to cancel my card so they can no longer take from my acct!!!!! I am very upset because they were suppose to help with a home while fixing your credit!!

8 years ago

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REGGIE Los Angeles, CA

Veracity is a scam, they steal your money, lie to you, give you BS tips and do absolutely nothing to fix your credit. I spent $240 and they did nothing. In one day I paid off 3 creditors, called and fixed my own credit by getting my own free credit report. Do not hire them, they just rip you off and continue to take your money even when you tell them to stop services. Karma will bit them in the ass one day soon.

8 years ago

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Donna Berg Tremaine Wilsonville, OR

While signed up with Veracity, I received exactly one communication per month with an additional "credit tip" via email. When I tried to contact them by phone, I was never able to actually speak with anyone and they would cut me off after 10 minutes on hold. I finally notified them in writing that I wished to stop the service and had them blocked from my bank account. I never received any information on my actual credit score or exactly what they had done to help it.

9 years ago

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Amber Henderson, NC

Veracity has not helped me at all. All they have done is billed me every month. Every time I call to ask questions they are rude! I wish I never signed up for this. Total waste of my money.

7 years ago

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brandon Fayetteville, NY

this is a great and very helpfully company and even tho they are a little expensive you get what you pay for

11 years ago

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Maria Kyle, TX

I what's with this company for 3 years and they never did nothing good on my credit I just spend my money do not trust them

7 years ago

star star star star star

Anik Sarker

They really did a good job.

11 years ago