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LAST UPDATED: June 23rd, 2021

Founded in 2014, ReScore Solutions, a Kirkpatrick & Associates, LLC company, provides credit education and repair products to individuals and businesses. Formerly, this company is based in Birmingham, Alabama, and was started by Gale Kirkpatrick, who previously worked as a legal assistant specializing in helping people that were being harassed by debt collectors. She has even appeared in court as an expert witness in debt collection and credit-related cases. 

With the motto "Credit repair done right," this company helps people take control of their credit and offers a variety of personal and business finance services, including the following: 

  • Business funding assistance
  • Credit coaching for startups and other companies
  • Credit repair
  • Debt consolidation
  • Debt settlement
  • Help to start a credit repair business
  • Home buying process assistance and preparing your credit for a mortgage
  • In-person training and engagements
  • Personal and business credit building
  • Rent-by-owner credit reporting and tenant screening
  • Help for people bogged down by collections agencies
  • Unsecured debt solutions

As for credit repair services, ReScore can help consumers with scores as low as 400. The company provides a suggested timeframe of six months but recognizes that there is no guaranteed timeline. 

Free phone consultations can be scheduled online. Alternatively, you can choose between one of ReScore Solutions' clear and transparent credit repair plans (starting at $59 per month plus credit monitoring and additional fees), with online payments accepting credit and debit cards. 

Keep reading for pros and cons of working with ReScore Solutions to tackle your credit repair needs.

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The Good

  • Small, Local Debt and Credit Repair Specialist
  • ReScore Solutions Credit Audit
  • Online Portal
  • Credit Repair Plans
  • Ongoing Assistance
  • Free Workshops
  • Debt Settlement Perks

Small, Local Debt and Credit Repair Specialist

ReScore Solutions is a small, local credit counseling specialist with fewer than ten employees. This small, dedicated team translates to more personal service. It also means that you are less likely to get lost in a sea of ongoing clients. 

Despite its small size, this company offers perks like online enrollment and a web portal to communicate, upload documents, and track your progress.

ReScore Solutions Credit Audit

If you know that you need to start improving your credit, but you aren't sure where to start, ReScore Solutions offers a helpful initial service. The company's first step is an in-depth audit of clients' credit situation which starts at $125. This analysis will help you get a better idea of your financial situation from a credit expert's view. The results of your credit audit will do the following: 

  • Determine which accounts need your attention, specifically with collections agencies and credit reporting agencies (CRAs)
  • Explain viable options to improve your credit scores
  • Provide consultation about complicated credit subjects, like repossessions, charge-offs, and other harmful items impacting your credit reports. 

If you want individual attention, you can get a personalized credit audit meeting with the company's leader, Gale Kirkpatrick, for an additional fee. 

If you aren't sure whether ReScore is right for you, a free phone consultation is available.

Online Portal

ReScore clients will have access to an online portal to track progress, e-sign, and print documents. You can sign agreements electronically if you wish to avoid printing and faxing. 

Credit Repair Plans

Another benefit of working with this Alabama credit repair company is that it offers different levels of service for clients with different budgets. No matter the plan that you choose, all credit repair clients will receive the following services: 

  • Personal client services
  • Credit score analysis
  • Credit bureau challenges
  • Personal information corrections
  • Online portal filing 
  • Access to professional letters
  • No deletion fees
  • Credit monitoring included in this plan only
  • Inquiry verification
  • Cease and desist letters
  • Lexis Nexis reviews and disputes
  • ReScore will handle all contact with creditors

A Pay Per Delete plan is also available. If you select this plan, the following charges are incurred per deletion, per credit agency: 

  • Collections over $100 — $50
  • Collections under $100 — $20
  • Foreclosures — $150
  • Inquiries — $10
  • Late payments — $25
  • Personal information — $10
  • Public record — $150
  • Repossessions — $150
  • Standard accounts — $50
  • Unpaid rents — $150

Ongoing Assistance

What happens if the same negative collection is re-added to your credit report after ReScore Solutions has finished the credit repair processes? 

For just $4.99 per month, you can sign up for ongoing monitoring. If a collections item the company helped remove from your credit report is reinserted, ReScore will dispute these for you, without any additional letter-drafting or postage fees. The agency will cover all of these, including certified mail fees, if needed, at no additional charge. 

Free Workshops

ReScore Solutions offers credit and financial workshops in the Birmingham area. It even offers free workshops for business owners who need help with credit and funding. 

Debt Settlement Perks

If you use this company for debt settlement, there is a one-time $125 enrollment fee, a $15 monthly service fee, and a $59 legal plan per month. From there, the company charges 20 percent of your recovery. 

ReScore even has a price match policy for its debt settlement services. If a "major big box" debt negotiation or settlement company charges less, it will match. 

Additionally, if you choose this provider to help with your debt settlement, it will help repair credit on the accounts that it helped to settle. You just need to pay $15 per month for the proper official documents to be drafted and sent. 


The Bad

  • Third-Party Credit Monitoring Required
  • Additional Postage Fees
  • Service Availability

Third-Party Credit Monitoring Signup

ReScore Solutions credit repair clients need to enroll in credit monitoring through a specific third party, for $15 per month. This fee is in addition to monthly fees paid to the credit repair agency. To continue repairing your credit, ReScore must be able to update your credit report every 30 days for its process to move on. 

Note: If you select the Platinum Plan, credit monitoring is included in your monthly $129 fee. 

Additional Postage Fees

When ReScore is working to repair your credit, you should be prepared for additional charges when it drafts and sends letters to your creditors and collector. These include $15 per month when the company sends any USPS mail and $20 per certified letter. Certified mail is required when mailing a collections agency. 

Service Availability

From its website, it appears that ReScore Solutions only serves its local area in Alabama. This limited service area may not be the case, but it is unclear from the information available on the website.


The Bottom Line

ReScore Solutions is a relatively new addition to the credit repair industry. It specializes in debt and credit repair for individuals and businesses in the state of Alabama. With this company, you can get a variety of financial services, all in one place, including financial advice, debt settlements, and preparing your credit for buying a home. Because it is a small agency, clients can even make an appointment with company founder Gale Kirkpatrick as their account representative. 

The ReScore credit repair cost structure includes an initial audit for $125, $15 per month for credit monitoring, $59+ per month for ReScore's services, and additional postage charges. Its prices are on-par with some competitors, but its two lower-priced monthly packages beat many competitors. 

Have you worked with ReScore Solutions to repair your credit? Let us know about your experience with a quick review below.

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Dana , NC

This is a great company to work with. I was deep in debt and avoided phone calls because of debt collectors. Was ready to file bankruptcy when I began working with Gale, ReScore Solutions..she not only fixed my bad debt but she rebuilt my credit score to excellent status. Recommend talking with her for all credit related matters. ESPECIALLY IF YOU THINK BANKRUPTCY IS YOUR ONLY WAY OUT.

3 years ago

ReScore Solutions Logo

Reply from ReScore Solutions

Hi Dana, Thank you for the kind words. I do work hard for my clients.

Aug. 31st, 2020

star star star star star

Jill McDowell Middleton, ID

Gale is highly educated in this field. She offers a much needed service for many people. Her methods for credit repair work. I highly recommend Rescore Solutions.

3 years ago

ReScore Solutions Logo

Reply from ReScore Solutions

Thank you Jill. :)

Aug. 31st, 2020

star star star star star

Ashley pence Anniston, AL

Gale is great at credit repair and educating about scores and credit. She's the best! if you need help I highly recommend that you call.

3 years ago

ReScore Solutions Logo

Reply from ReScore Solutions

Thank you Ashley!

Aug. 27th, 2020

star star star star star

Pam Pilkinton ,

Gayle helped us repair our credit before purchasing a home. She was very knowledgeable of how to do this and really cared about us

3 years ago

ReScore Solutions Logo

Reply from ReScore Solutions

Thank you Pam!

Aug. 26th, 2020