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Premier Credit Consulting provides a responsible option for consumers who are serious about building a healthy credit profile. The company works with all major credit bureaus and its services are tailored to go beyond disputing, providing real solutions to outstanding derogatory information on credit.

Historically, Premier Credit Consulting services have been exclusive to those in the real estate industry, helping potential home buyers reach their credit score goals in order to qualify for their home loans. The Utah-based company is 100 percent bonded and offers consumers a free credit evaluation.

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The Good

  • Premier Credit Restoration Process
  • Credit Reports Included in Service 
  • Online Credit Resources

Premier Credit Consulting has designed programs that help individuals with multiple inaccuracies on their credit reports dispute these erroneous items and ultimately improve credit scores. After their initial account opening, clients can expect the following from Premier Credit Consulting services:

Premier Credit Restoration Process

The five-phase process utilized by the company features an in-house team of credit experts and legal counsel to deliver personalized credit score solutions. These solutions include unlimited disputes, creditor interventions, 24/7 progress updates, and educational resources. The majority of clients start seeing significant results within as little as 45 days and are able to resolve most bad credit issues in approximately 4-8 months.

Credit Reports Included in Service

Many companies require their clients to get their own credit reports from the credit bureaus. Premier Credit Counseling includes that with their services which allow them to provide their clients with regular credit report updates. This has shown to be very important for people when choosing a credit repair service.

Online Credit Resources

Premier Credit Consulting provides all website visitors with access to helpful online credit resources. These resources cover topic regarding loans, debt, credit inquiries, credit repair, identity theft, credit card transactions/cardholders, credit limit and credit report tips, and more. Customers may be able to achieve long-term benefits from reviewing these helpful online resources.


The Bad

  • Expensive Setup Fee
  • Vague Money-Back Guarantee 

While Premier Credit Consulting has designed a proven process that helps their clients improve their bad credit situations, there are some items that prospective clients should be aware of. These limitations include the following items:

Expensive Setup Fee

Premier Credit Consulting charges consumers a fairly high setup fee. This may be a bit expensive for some household budgets. However, consumers should understand that charging a pricey setup fee is common for the industry for companies that have attorneys and paralegals available on staff.

Vague Money-Back Guarantee

Although Premier Credit Consulting offers a money-back guarantee, the company is vague regarding the details it discloses for the guarantee. The company states that clients can request an audit after a certain period of time and the company will determine the refund amount the client is entitled to receive. It would be helpful if there were clearer details so that clients knew exactly what benefits they can expect regarding the overall refund policy.


The Bottom Line

Premier Credit Consulting provides an aggressive credit restoration process for consumers in need of long-term credit repair. The company provides a detailed five-phase credit restoration process, and credit reports. 

As a bonus, the company provides online credit resources that help customers learn more about long-term finance and credit management.

However, Premier Credit Consulting does charge a fairly expensive setup fee and could provide more detailed information regarding its refund policy. 

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18 Reviews

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John Newark, CA

please stay away from this business. Employees are highly unethical. First the ask you to dispute all your collections so they can prolong their services. Additionally they only send in a few at a time so they can charge you another month. They also charged me more then what they say what it would cost. Worst as an US Army they completely took advantage of my current situation which speak volume of their ethics. Anyone who makes positive comments about this business is mostly an employee or owner of the business . STAY FROM THIS BUSINESS . If the can treat a veteran badly what do you think they will do to you!!!!

5 years ago

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Mckenzie Citrus Heights, CA

This company does not do the right thing. I was working with them to fix my credit so I could buy my first home. I told them I had already disputed information on all three credit reports. They still went ahead and re-disputed again knowing nothing would be done, the credit companies came back and said nothing had changed since the last dispute. When asked why they did this for three months, their reply was must have been miscommunication, and did nothing to fix it. They even said they shouldn't have done it that way. I'm disgusted with a company with morals like this. They cost me $359.96 for four months of nothing.

6 years ago

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RJ Lehi, UT

premier credit consulting will suck every monthly payment out of you until you stop using them. they are good for nothing. there are other credit repair agencies that I should have used that are local. I wish I never signed up with them because they are not out for your best interest. I was referred to them by a local Utah homebuilder located in eagle mountain. i won't mention their name because I'm not sure if they're part of this little scam. but to me, Premier Credit Consulting should be investigated because i believe they're only out to take your money! this is my honest review for what it's worth.

6 years ago

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Very disappointed Draper, UT

The worse experience ever! DO NOT USE THIS REPAIR SERVICE unless you like paying $150 (for my wife and I) a month for them to do NOTHING! I was with Premier for 9 months and they only took 3 issues off my credit report, which as they put it during my initial consultation, shouldn't be on there in the first place because they were old and well past the statutes of limitations (in their words, “shouldn't legally be on your credit. They should come off”). They could have easily taken these off during the first few months but they literally waited until I was 7 months in to get them off. As for my other credit issues, they did NOTHING, ZERO, NADA towards negotiating it down with my creditors. This was all promised in the upfront consultation. If anything, they estimated around 8 months to get everything cleared or at least a payment option/plan with some of these creditors. But they didn't do anything. They are frustrating to work with and I DO NOT recommend them, at all. They are good at emailing you spam and unwanted material using fake email addresses as if they have a lot of employees on your case. I literally have 12-15 email contacts with them. And I'm sure that's part of their ploy to make you think they're doing something. But they're not doing anything because while they can send you a lot of unwanted emails, they are not quick to reply back when you email them. Nothing is personal, everything is sent as if they have email templates saved for every occasion. They are a scam and they will purposely drag out the process to get your monthly payment. They don't do anything and will give you false hope that things are time sensitive and to be patient. I think after 9 months, a lot more should have been done in my situation. I ended up paying almost $1500 total ($200 initial fee, $159.98 x 8 months). Oh one more thing that I noticed about them. Since my wife and I were using their service together, they put two different people on our case. And, they never send updates at the same time. They might send one thing to me, but then send something to her at a different times. They might want me to sign something today, but then ask her to sign the same document two weeks later. This I believe is to stretch the payment so when you finally stop using them, they can charge you more because we weren't using their services “at the same time.” When I told them I wanted to stop using their service, they threw out a date claiming they did such and such on my wife's account which gave me a different final fee than I expected. PLEASE DO NOT USE PREMIER CREDIT CONSULTING!!!

7 years ago

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starla Farmington, NM

THE WORST, run the other direction if you come across them, they will take your money regardless of a cancelation, because a verbal one wont work regardless of canceling before the new payment is taken they will still take one the next month, they require you to give them extra money ontop of the 90.00 they take for themselves to negotiate any accounts down, if you have an account discrepency they have you take care of it (isn't that what they're being payed for?) . worst possible experience and a huge wast of money, didn't do anything they said they could do. would never reccoment them

5 years ago

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tyson wagner Lehi, UT

I wouldn't recommend premier to my worst enemy. They are not an honest company and will take your hard earned money.

6 years ago

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