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LAST UPDATED: March 18th, 2023

Pinnacle Credit Management is a credit repair company headquartered in New York. 

Instead of relying on traditional dispute methods, the company uses specialized artificial intelligence (A.I.) software that has provided relatively quick negative/inaccurate item deletion results.

The credit repair company offers a free credit consultation, credit monitoring services, personal credit mentors, and a money-back guarantee policy.

Read on to learn more about Pinnacle Credit Management's credit repair services.

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The Good

  • Fast Track Credit Repair Process
  • Straightforward Refund Policy
  • Credit Monitoring Service Included
  • Multiple Lender Connections
  • Free Online Educational Resources

Fast Track Credit Repair Process

Pinnacle Credit Management provides a fairly fast credit repair process in comparison to what many other companies provide.

Potential customers can start by receiving a free credit report evaluation from Pinnacle Credit Management.

After the free credit report consultation, the company will perform a complete credit audit of the major credit bureaus like Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

Pinnacle Credit Management offers clients two program options — the Fast Track program and the Fast Track Elite program. Both programs involve faster-than-average credit repair, credit monitoring, credit mentoring, and a free credit report.

The company states online that its Fast Track Elite credit repair service provides an average 80 percent deletion ratio within the first 15 days of service, which is faster than most companies in the credit repair industry.

Straightforward Refund Policy

Pinnacle Credit Management offers a three-step refund policy.

Refunds are provided after the 90-day enrollment period. If a consumer wishes to receive a refund once their 90-day period has ended, they will need to directly contact the company and officially request a refund, which will take five to six business days to process.

Customers can cancel their Fast Track credit repair service with Pinnacle Credit Management at any time since there is no binding customer contract.

Potential clients should note that the company offers a 120-day satisfaction guarantee for Fast Track Elite members.

Credit Monitoring Service Included

Unlike many other credit repair companies, Pinnacle Credit Management includes a credit monitoring service in its credit repair programs. Because of this, clients won't have to worry about paying extra for an external credit monitoring service.

In addition to the credit monitoring service, clients will also receive a free credit report and assistance from a personal credit mentor.

Multiple Lender Connections

As part of its credit repair process, Pinnacle Credit Management connects account members to all of their lending partners.

The company states that each of its credit mentors has individual relationships with lenders which can help clients. These relationships with banks, auto lenders, lenders, and credit unions often lead to clients receiving exclusive promotions (as long as they are backed by one of the company's credit mentors).

Overall, customers connected to lenders through Pinnacle Credit Management may find it easier to obtain lender approval than they would with other companies in the credit repair industry.

Free Online Educational Resources

Unlike some companies in the industry, Pinnacle Credit Management offers various on-site article resources for customers to read.

These resources are great for those interested in learning more about credit bureaus, how to raise their credit score, maintain their good credit, and improve their overall financial situation.


The Bad

  • Limited Website Information
  • High One-Time Costs

Limited Website Information

Pinnacle Credit Management does not seem to provide potential customers with enough information on its website. Specifically, the company does not explain, in detail, its unique A.I. system and does not go into great detail online regarding its partner-related lender program. 

Those who have questions relating to these two aspects of the company’s credit repair process may have to contact the company directly to receive the information they are looking for. 

High One-Time Costs

Although Pinnacle Credit Management does not appear to charge clients monthly fees, the credit repair service does make clients pay fairly high one-time fees for its credit repair programs. Meanwhile, many other companies in the credit repair industry either do not charge a one-time fee or charge a lower upfront fee for their credit repair service.

That said, Pinnacle Credit Management claims to have significantly faster credit repair processes than most companies in the credit repair industry which may be the reasoning behind the company's higher pricing.


The Bottom Line

Pinnacle Credit Management offers quite a few impressive products and services in terms of credit repair.

The company has a simple, three-step credit repair process, offers a three-step refund policy, provides a personal credit counselor/free credit coaching, financial opportunities, and connects each customer with lenders, which can get customers approval for an auto loan, personal loans, and more.

The credit repair company also offers credit monitoring and credit mentoring services along with a few free educational online resources that each customer can use to learn more about credit score management, credit repair, and more.

Unfortunately, the company does not appear to provide some needed information on its website and charges a fairly high, one-time payment for its credit repair services.

If you are looking for a quicker-than-average credit repair program, Pinnacle Credit Management may have what you're looking for. That said, we encourage you to visit Pinnacle Credit Management's website, directly consult a company representative, and read several Pinnacle Credit Management reviews before making the decision to officially enroll.

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Robin Talbott San Jose, CA

I signed up after speaking to a “ Terry” who sounded great when I called. I paid $750 half of fast track . There was activity the first couple days. But it became apparent this was only a few guys on their phones answering only the calls they wanted to. Terrible at return calls & customer satisfaction. I never spoke with the first guy again. The one that finally did call back said he was Terry & was very difficult to understand . He offered personal excuses for not returning calls including his parents fighting. Bottom line they use a program hat sends emails to all creditors disputing claims. You will be asked to buy Tradelines. I don’t believe the other reviews that are positive. I would recommend a pass on pinnacle.

2 years ago

Pinnacle Credit Management Logo

Reply from Pinnacle Credit Management

Robin, we have sent you numerous updates and have been pretty responsive however you’ve called our office at very odd hours and borderline harassing my staff which is unacceptable. Given that we have been very polite and also provided you results in which we have published on our social media which is the world can see clearly that your complaint is somewhat bizarre because we definitely increased your credit remember your score was extremely low and you had several negative items that we removed and that’s basically why you hired us. You didn’t hire us so that we could listen to your personal life problems every five minutes by receiving a call from you and yes you were bugging us! We have many many clients and you’re the first person that has ever made a complaint against my staff member also we have a report that you were very I’m polite and you made my staff feel very uncomfortable by belittling them. As the CEO of Pinnacle credit Repair I’m leaving this reply to teach you and teach others that it’s not OK to harass people it’s not OK to abuse people and it’s not OK to take it vantage of other people especially when they provided you results which you cannot deny. Very disappointed, I hope you can reflect on this and try to be a better human being . Andre

Jan. 11th, 2021