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LAST UPDATED: October 1st, 2022

Ovation Credit Services has provided credit repair services since its founding in 2004.

The company's credit repair process includes a free credit consultation and two customizable credit repair program options along with several discount opportunities.

Ovation Credit also provides clients with a personal case advisor and online client portal as well as an online credit education center.

Ovation Credit does charge first work fees for all of its offered credit repair program options; however, the company's monthly fee charges are relatively affordable compared to what other credit repair companies charge.

Keep reading to learn more about this company's credit repair process and to read Ovation Credit Services reviews. 

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The Good

  • Customizable Credit Repair Services
  • Helpful Online Credit Education
  • Straightforward Refund Policy
  • Multiple Discount Opportunities
  • Additional Services

Customizable Credit Repair Services

Similar to other credit repair services, Ovation Credit offers a free consultation that consumers can sign up for via the form on the company's website or phone call.

After consumers go through the free consultation, the credit repair service presents them with somewhat customizable services. Ovation Credit offers the following two credit service plan options for varying client credit needs: 

  • Essentials — According to the Ovation Credit website, this program includes help from a credit analyst, unlimited disputes for major credit bureaus, a personal case advisor, online dispute management, and multiple financial management tools.
  • Essentials Plus — The company's website states that its Essentials Plus program includes everything from the Essentials program along with unlimited validation and goodwill letters, a recommendation letter, and 24/7 TransUnion credit monitoring services.

Potential clients can choose to add different services like identity optimization and fast track services to either program option.

The Essentials and Essentials Plus plans are fairly customizable depending on clients' credit repair needs. Those interested in Ovation Credit's services have the opportunity to obtain a free credit consultation.

Once clients sign up for the company's credit repair services, they will be given access to a personal case advisor who will provide one-on-one customer support. Clients can view credit repair updates and results 24/7 via a personal case management website.

Helpful Online Credit Education

Ovation Credit provides a helpful credit education center page on its website that clients are free to access at any time.

This credit education center covers topics relating to credit repair, debt, budgeting, collections, credit bureaus and laws, credit reports, credit scores, home buying, fraud and identity theft protection, insurance, and more.

Clients can use what they learn on the company's credit education center page to improve their current financial situations and to avoid future credit score issues.

Straightforward Refund Policy

Ovation Credit does offer a simple refund policy in comparison to many of its competitors in the industry.

As stated on its website, the Ovation Credit team will not charge monthly fees for any month that they "fail to provide the agreed-upon services."

Clients can extend or cancel the company's credit repair services at any time throughout the service process at no additional cost. Unlike other credit repair companies, Ovation Credit does not provide a specific date range or deadline within its refund policy guidelines.

Multiple Discount Opportunities

Unlike many of its competitors, Ovation Credit provides several discount opportunities to potential clients. The discount opportunities include the following:

  • The Competitive Upgrade Discount — Includes a $50 credit to those who switch from using another company’s credit repair services (within the last six months) to using Ovation Credit’s services. Ovation Credit will put the $50 credit towards the client’s monthly credit repair payments.
  • Tell A Friend Discount — Ovation Credit will give clients $30 credit towards their monthly payment for every person they refer. Clients who refer couples will receive a $50 credit.
  • Pair-Up Discount — Clients who sign up with two or more people will each be able to obtain a 20 percent discount on the company’s credit repair services.
  • Military Discount — Retired or active duty military personnel will be able to obtain a 10 percent discount on their monthly payments after they sign up for Ovation Credit’s Services and pay the first work fee.
  • Senior Discount — Those who are 65 or older will have the opportunity to obtain a 10 percent discount on their monthly payments after they sign up and pay their first work fee. 

Clients should visit the Ovation Credit website and/or directly contact Ovation Credit to learn more about its offered discount opportunities.

Additional Services

In addition to Ovation Credit's credit repair services and discounts, clients can choose to pay extra for identity theft optimization services and fast-track, same-day service.

The company's identity optimization services cost a one-time fee of $25 and include an identity analysis for each credit report as well as unlimited disputes for identity theft issues.

Ovation Credit's fast-track services also cost an additional one-time fee of $25 and involve same-day service sign up and setup, expedited dispute letters, and expedited creditor letters for clients with the Essentials Plus plan.


The Bad

  • High Initial Fee
  • Limited Plan Options

High Initial Fee

Although the credit repair company does charge reasonably-priced monthly fees, clients are expected to pay a fairly high first work fee, especially if they sign up for the fast-track add-on.

Many other companies that provide repair services either charge lower one-time fees or don't charge any one-time fees at all.

Limited Plan Options

Ovation Credit clients are able to somewhat customize their credit repair program; however, the company only offers two standard credit service programs to choose from.

Clients who need less or more credit repair work might not be able to find the right program for them due to the limited plan options Ovation Credit offers.


The Bottom Line

Ovation Credit offers a free consultation and two customizable credit repair programs for clients to choose from. The company's offered Essentials Plus program includes credit monitoring services which is rare to see offered without additional cost in the industry. 

Additionally, the company provides add-ons that clients can choose to pay extra for including identity optimization services and fast-track same-day services.

Ovation Credit also has a straightforward refund policy and provides multiple discount opportunities.

Clients can view credit score results and progress online and they are given personal case advisors who provide one-on-one customer service and support. The credit repair company also provides a helpful online credit education center that clients can use to improve their current financial situations and to avoid future credit problems.

Unfortunately, Ovation Credit charges fairly high first work fees compared to some other repair companies in the industry.

The repair services company also only offers two credit repair program options that clients can choose from. However, these options are fairly customizable to suit clients' different credit repair situations.

Overall, Ovation Credit has a good amount to offer compared to some of its competitors.

If you are interested in this credit repair service, you should consider contacting the company for more information, signing up for a free consultation, and reading several Ovation Credit Services reviews to learn more about how the company can repair your credit.

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