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My Credit Group has been providing credit restoration services since 2000.The company offers customers a monthly service rate of $69.00, which is much lower than the industry average. While the company offers a number of baseline features, including a risk-free guarantee, it lacks key qualities such as access to attorneys in the event that customers require legal representation to creditors and debt collectors.

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The Good

  • Lower Monthly Fee
  • Qualified Personnel 
  • Risk-Free Refund Policy 

At $69.00 per month, My Credit Group charges well below the industry average rate. The company also employs several former loan officers, debt collectors, and credit experts who have extensive experience on both ends of the credit repair process. These credit coaches will investigate your case, negotiate with creditors, and pursue the best solution possible for your situation. My Credit Group offers a number of supplemental services, which include settling your debt and helping you build good credit through new accounts.

Lower Monthly Fee

My Credit Group only charges $79.00 per month (plus a $79.00 enrollment fee).

Qualified Personnel

Staff comprised of former loan officers, debt collectors, and other credit experts

Risk-Free Refund Policy

Customers are entitled to a refund in some situations.

The Bad

  • Does Not Request Credit Reports 
  • Poor Online Transparency 

While My Credit Group advertises both types of credit repair cost structure (monthly subscription, and pay-per-deletion), it is unclear how these two pricing options relate to one another. For example, while it's possible that the per-deletion model could replace the standard monthly fee, it is just as possible that customers may have to pay per deletion as well as pay a monthly fee. Customers investigating this company will need to pay close attention to how these fees fit together, as it's possible they could be paying even more than advertised. And just as the company does not elaborate on pricing, it also fails to provide pertinent information on the "risk-free" refund guarantee advertised on the site (e.g., terms, length, conditions, etc.). And in spite of its qualified personnel, the company does not have attorneys on staff.

Does Not Request Credit Reports

Customers must purchase their own credit reports.

Poor Online Transparency

The company advertises a refund guarantee but does not elaborate. Want to know which companies are top-rated? Click here.

The Bottom Line

My Credit Group provides standard credit restoration and debt settlement services. Customers are paired with a qualified credit coach with an extensive background in the industry. Unfortunately, the company lacks some important qualities found in top credit repair companies, including on-staff attorneys and credit monitoring. Potential customers of My Credit Group are strongly advised to investigate the company's pricing policies, as they could be paying much more with this company that they would with other companies. 

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