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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

LineUp Credit Repair is a new competitor in the industry working closely with FCRA attorneys to ensure that the bureaus comply with all client rights. In 2019, LineUp Credit Repair launched its credit repair services, ensuring that each client received customized options to improve their credit scores. Each client will be assigned a cast analyst and case advisor that will work in conjunction with the client, keeping deletions and communication open. 

Through the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, LineUp Credit Repair works to legally improve credit scores and provide educational resources to ensure that each client does not fall back into the same poor credit habits. The company is transparent with average time lengths and score improvements. 

LineUp Credit Repair is certified with the Credit Consultants Association, was ranked as the Best Credit Repair Company in Fort Lauderdale by in 2022, and is score certified with the Credit Consultants Association.

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The Good

  • Credit Services Offered
  • Legally Removed/Edited Items
  • Partnerships with FCRA/FDCPA Attorneys
  • Average Service Times and Score Improvements

Credit Services Offered

After enrolling in the LineUp Credit Repair platform, clients can expect the following credit-related services:

  • Credit Audit — Each client will receive a professional analysis and breakdown of all major credit reports that will quickly identify what items can be targeted for removal. 
  • Credit Repair — The LineUp Credit Repair professionals will then immediately get to work removing inaccurate or unverifiable items that are currently on those credit reports and are negatively impacting scores. 
  • Credit Education — Following negative item removal, LineUp Credit Repair will provide clients with tools, tips, and resources needed to ensure that great credit can be maintained. 

While most credit repair companies offer the basic credit repair services, customized audits and subsequent education are not standard. LineUp Credit Repair clients will receive these additional resources as part of the service. 

Legally Removed/Edited Items

LineUp Credit Repair targets a number of items to improve scores on behalf of its clients. It is important to note that credit repair services can only remove incorrect or outdated credit items. Anything that is legally displayed on a credit report that reflects the financial habits of a consumer cannot be removed. The following items can be removed or edited by LineUp Credit Repair professionals:

  • Collections
  • Foreclosures
  • Charged off accounts
  • Judgments 
  • Late payments
  • Inquiries
  • Tax liens
  • Personal information
  • Bankruptcy
  • Short sales
  • Repossessions

While many credit repair companies can target a similar list of negative items, LineUp Credit Repair will only charge for items successfully removed from the credit report. 

Partnerships with FCRA/FDCPA Attorneys

While there are not necessarily attorneys on staff, LineUp Credit Repair has done the next best thing partnering with qualified and experienced FCRA and FDCPA attorneys. This partnership is critical for clients who have had their rights compromised by the credit bureaus.

A vast majority of consumers do not know the specifics of the credit laws that are in place. Creditors know this and take advantage. If at any point the case analyst or advisor detects that something may not align with credit laws, the case will immediately be forwarded to a FCRA or FDCPA attorneys to review. Not all credit repair companies have this legal access or ability to determine if laws are being broken. 

Average Service Times and Score Improvements

Not many credit repair companies are straightforward about service time lengths or what past clients experienced in terms of score improvements. LineUp Credit Repair has disclosed both of these data points, allowing potential clients to get an idea of what to expect from the company. For average length of service, the LineUp Credit Repair service breakdown down as follows:

  • 30–45 Days: 7%
  • 45–90: 27%
  • 90–180 Days: 46%
  • 180+ Days: 18%

As for average score improvements in the first 90 days of the LineUp Credit Repair service, clients save an average increase in scores as follows:

  • 10+ points added to credit scores: 97%
  • 20+ points added to credit scores: 82%
  • 50+ points added to credit scores: 40%
  • 100+ points added to credit scores: 25%

By reading this data, clients can make a more informed decision when it comes to what company they want to go with for credit repair services. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Pricing Information
  • Money-Back Guarantee Stipulations

Undisclosed Pricing Information

While LineUp Credit Repair does not charge upfront costs, monthly or per deletion fees will be required. Many credit repair companies will disclose monthly pricing packages with services included with each package.

LineUp Credit Repair has not made this information publicly known. All that is known about the LineUp Credit Repair payment structure is that clients only pay for what work is done on their behalf, but there is no way to determine an exact dollar amount unless potential customers contact the company directly and present their case specifics. 

Money-Back Guarantee Stipulations

Since some clients in need of credit repair are also experiencing some sort of financial strain, it is reassuring to know that a money-back guarantee is available if a service does not live up to its promises. And while many credit repair companies will offer money-back guarantee solutions, not all of them have as many stipulations to meet the criteria for a refund as LineUp Credit Repair does.

Clients are only entitled to a 100 percent refund if all stipulations are met:

  • LineUp Credit Repair fails to remove more than 25% of negative items challenged
  • Client has no new collections or missed payments during time of service
  • Client pays for a credit monitoring service while using LineUp Credit Repair
  • Six months have passed since the case was closed
  • Client must have at least 4 item eligible for removal when subscribing to LineUp Credit Repair
  • Clients have not used another credit-consulting agency or self-attempted credit repair services in the previous 24 months
  • Client must provide updated credit reports from all three major credit bureaus within 5 days of receipt
  • Clients should get updated reports every 15–45 days. If this is not the case, the client is responsible for alerting LineUp Credit Repair

While there is technically a money-back guarantee, clients should be aware of all the criteria that needs to be met in order to be eligible for the guarantee. 


The Bottom Line

LineUp Credit Repair provides comprehensive, legal credit repair services. Clients will receive a credit audit, credit repair work, and credit education when enrolling in the LineUp Credit Repair service. There are at least 11 different types of negative items that LineUp Credit Repair can target for removal or edit on credit reports, as long as the information presented is incorrect.

To ensure that all clients’ rights are upheld, LineUp Credit Repair has relationships with FCRA and FDCPA attorneys. If LineUp Credit Repair believes there has been a breach in rights, the case will be referred to these partnered lawyers. Lastly, LineUp Credit Repair is transparent when it comes to average time it takes to complete a case and what the average score improvements are. 

While there are a number of reasons a consumer in need of credit repair would want to utilize the LineUp Credit Repair service, there are limitations to be aware of. Many companies will disclose monthly pricing information but LineUp Credit Repair does not. And while LineUp Credit Repair offers a money-back guarantee, a number of stipulations have to be met in order for a client to access this guarantee. 

Taking into consideration all that the platform has to offer, LineUp Credit Repair is an ideal option for consumers that believe there are false, negative items on their credit reports or who believe their consumer rights may have been infringed upon by the bureaus. 

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