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LAST UPDATED: July 16th, 2021

KC Credit Services was founded in 1991 and specializes in credit repair services. The company started in the owner's basement helping friends and has grown to help people nationwide with their financial and credit issues.

According to the company's website, KC Credit Services has an A+ BBB rating as well as an attorney on staff who can assist clients with their cases whenever necessary.

The credit repair company provides four different program options - a Platinum Plus Program, a Platinum Program, a Gold Program, and a Business Credit Program. KC Credit Services also provides a variety of credit education resources on its website that anyone can access.

Like many of its competitors, KC Credit Services offers a free initial credit consultation. Consumers should note, however, that the company does charge higher fees for its credit repair plans than many other companies within the credit repair industry.

Keep reading to learn more about KC Credit Services' credit repair service. 

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The Good

  • Tiered Program Options
  • Personalized Programs
  • Debt Validation Services

Tiered Program Options

As previously mentioned, KC Credit Services offers several credit restoration program options. The company gives a detailed description of its services for each program option on its main website.

Each consumer-focused service that the company provides includes access to credit lines, access to a personal credit concierge, credit education, three-bureau corrections, and a credit report forensic audit.

In addition to its three consumer programs, KC Credit Services offers a business program for business owners who would like to build credit for their company. This business program involves access to over 2,900 funding sources, $50,000 in business credit lines in 6 months, and more. 

Personalized Programs

Each program that KC Credit Services offers includes some form of personalized credit education. This focus on credit education can help clients with their future financial decisions and help them maintain/achieve higher credit scores after the program ends.

As mentioned above, clients are given a personal credit concierge. This allows customers to receive consulting regarding their credit and ask financial questions. Programs also include corrections with all three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian).

Clients who take advantage of these services may leave the program feeling confident that they can make more informed financial decisions.

Debt Validation Services

Along with its credit repair service, the company provides debt validation with creditors to all clients. This is an additional service that many other credit repair companies do not offer. Generally, consumers would either have to pay separately for debt validation services or go through the process themselves.


The Bad

  • Lack of Published Results
  • High Initial and Monthly Fees

Lack of Published Results

KC Credit Services does not offer any published results on its website. Published results aid customers in their decision-making process.

For instance, published results can show what an average customer's experience with the company is and that the program is worth the investment and time.

Published results can also give potential customers much-needed information like how long it will take to see results, and what kind of results are possible.

High Initial and Monthly Fees

Unlike many other companies in the credit repair industry, the monthly fees and initial fees that KC Credit Services charges for its services are fairly high.

The monthly fees start at $199 and the initial fees start at $699. Those who choose to use either the Platinum or Platinum Plus credit repair programs will be charged more in terms of the initial fee and monthly fee.

As mentioned above, KC Credit Services does not offer published results which also makes it difficult to invest so much upfront without proof of results.


The Bottom Line

KC Credit Services offers some great services in its programs. The company's personalized credit education and credit concierge can be very beneficial to customers. KC Credit Services also provides debt validation which is rare to see within the credit repair industry.

Additionally, the very fact that KC Credit Services offers a business program is also unique and could be beneficial to business owners.

Unfortunately, KC Credit Services charges higher-than-average initial and monthly fees for each of its credit repair programs. The credit repair company's website also does not share any published results that could possibly justify the high costs.

Potential customers should research other options and read several KC Credit Services reviews before they decide to sign up for the company's services.

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