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Kaydem Credit Help has been in business since 2008 and provides credit restoration and repair services at a wide variety of price-points that fit nearly any budget. Even if you have excellent credit, but several credit inquiries showing up on your reports, Kaydem Credit Help can help you remove these inquiries that are negatively affecting your score. Kaydem offers a money back guarantee after six months, but this guarantee carries processing fees. And with no attorneys on staff, customers might consider working with another credit repair company that can represent them in legal matters.

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The Good

  • Straightforward Pricing Model 
  • Six-Month Money-Back Guarantee 
  • Requests Credit Reports on Clients' Behalf 

In terms of pricing transparency, Kaydem Credit Help does more than most other companies. Customers can select plans for either individuals or couples, then select the thoroughness of that plan. For basic credit repair, an individual can pay a one-time fee of $347; meanwhile, couples seeking a more comprehensive 12-month plan will pay up to $1,697, which is still less expensive than some comparable plans. Kaydem Credit Help will also pull your credit reports for you; many companies require their customers to either sign up for supplemental credit monitoring or purchase periodic credit reports throughout the credit repair process.

Straightforward Pricing Model

Kaydem discloses exact pricing for each of its services plans.

Six-Month Money-Back Guarantee*

Customers can apply for a refund after six months with Kaydem Credit Help.

Requests Credit Reports on Clients' Behalf

Provides updated credit reports for customers.

The Bad

  • No Attorneys on Staff 
  • Processing Fees Attached to Guarantee 

Unfortunately, Kaydem Credit Help falls short in certain areas. The company does not provide legal representation for its customers, which can be problematic for those who require legal assistance with creditors, debt collectors, and even the credit bureaus themselves. And though the company provides a money back guarantee, this guarantee cannot be applied until six months after signup, and even then, customers must pay processing fees for items removed as well as the number of people on the plan.

No Attorneys on Staff

Kaydem cannot legally represent customers in court.

*Processing Fees Attached to Guarantee

At cancellation, customers must pay fees per individual and per item removed. Want to know which companies are top-rated? Click here.

The Bottom Line

Kaydem Credit Help is ahead of many credit repair companies because it provides customers with an accurate expectation of how much they will have to pay for services rendered. The company also absorbs the cost of pulling regular credit reports into its cost structure, meaning that customers will not need to pay additional subscription or purchase fees to procure their reports themselves. However, Kaydem does not have access to legal services; so if you require legal help in putting a stop to collection calls, or pursuing a lawsuit against creditors or reporting agencies, Kaydem Credit Help may not be the right company for you. 

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