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Heartland Credit Restoration provides credit repair and educational services on a monthly basis to professional and consumers throughout the United States; however, Heartland Credit is more exclusive than some credit repair companies, focusing mainly on individuals with the best chance to improve their credit.

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The Good

  • Customized and Confidential Credit Repair Plan 
  • Compliant with Law 

HeartLand Credit Restoration provides customized credit repair services to individuals and couples in need of financial assistance. Each client receives a customized plan of action when it comes to disputing negative inaccuracies. Benefits of their service include:

Customized and Confidential Credit Repair Plan

Heartland Credit Restoration offers consumers a free credit review evaluation and customized and confidential credit repair action plan. The plan also includes ongoing credit monitoring and budget coaching. Every 35 days, they give a report about your credit, what the company has been able to work on, as well as what the current score is for the customer. They send this report over email and then the next day they give the customer a call to go over it with them. Customers can expect to pay monthly rates per individual for the credit repair process. (Customer has 5 day right to cancel. Charges don't apply until after 15 days.)

Compliant with Law

Heartland is compliant with the FCRA and CROA laws, evident in reputable and trusted companies. Additionally, the company is mainly a referral-based company, with 90% of its business coming from realtors, banks, and returning customers.

The Bad

  • No Proof of Successful Deletions 
  • No Detailed Information 

While HeartLand Credit Restoration provides a quality and customized service to their clients, there are also a number of limitations prospective customers should be aware of. These drawbacks include the following items:

No Proof of Successful Deletions

The company does not provide enough established proof regarding its success with the credit repair process. There are no copies of past deletions or customer testimonials on its corporate website. The company also does not provide any mentions of expected timeframes or any offered money back guarantee.

No Detailed Information

The company does not provide pricing information on its corporate website. There is little disclosure regarding the offered services as well. Consumers will have to call the company directly and speak with a customer service representative in order to access detailed credit repair process information.

The Bottom Line

There doesn't seem to be any proof of past credit deletions on its corporate website. The company is also a little higher priced than industry average, but does offer discounts for couples. Consumers can expect to receive a free initial consultation and a customized action plan if they decide to work with Heartland to repair their credit. 

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