1. GreenLight Credit Repair

GreenLight Credit Repair is a California-based company that offers credit repair services nationwide. In terms of credit repair services, GreenLight Credit Repair offers two plan options — an individual plan and a twin credit repair plan. 

The company provides a phone-based, free credit consultation and claims to dispute all negative inaccurate items including tax liens, inquiries, bankruptcies, charge-offs, judgments, repossessions, late payments, collections, foreclosures, and more. 

Although GreenLight Credit Repair’s plan options are not overly expensive, the company does require all new clients to pay a setup fee.

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The Good

  • Free Consultation
  • Nationwide Credit Repair Services
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Educational Resources

Free Consultation

GreenLight Credit Repair provides a free consultation to all potential clientele. According to the GreenLight Credit Repair website, this 15-minute consultation takes place over the phone with one of the company’s credit repair experts. 

Those interested in receiving a free GreenLight Credit Repair consultation can schedule the meeting on the company’s website or by calling the company directly.  

Nationwide Credit Repair Services

Unlike many other companies in the credit repair industry, GreenLight Credit Repair services all 50 states nationwide. 

In terms of credit repair services, GreenLight Credit Repair offers two plans that customers can choose from — an individual credit repair plan and a twin credit repair plan. 

The only difference between the two plans is that the twin credit repair plan is designed for any two people. The monthly fee and setup fee for the twin credit repair plan is set at a discounted rate — meaning it’s a better deal than if two people were to sign up for two individual plans. 

Both plans include the following: 

  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Personal client portal
  • Credit-building tool
  • Around-the-clock online dashboard access
  • Email and text updates
  • Tri-bureau credit disputes
  • Credit education resources

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

GreenLight Credit Repair offers a 90-day, complete money-back guarantee to customers who don’t get positive credit score results after using the company’s credit repair services. 

According to the company’s website, many clients will see positive credit score results “anywhere from 10 to 30 points in the first 35 days.” 

However, GreenLight Credit Repair does acknowledge that not every client will receive credit score results due to the nature of the credit repair process which is why the company offers a full refund after 90 days of no results. 

Educational Resources

In addition to the company’s credit repair services, GreenLight Credit Repair provides a credit education section directly on its website. Both clients and non-clients can view this educational resource online to learn more about credit scores, credit reports, and more. 

GreenLight Credit Repair also allows website visitors to contact them via phone call if they have any additional credit-related questions.

The Bad

  • Required Setup Fees
  • Lack of Upfront Information 
  • Limited Plan Options/Services

Required Setup Fees

Although GreenLight Credit Repair does not charge upfront fees, the company still requires new clients to pay a setup fee for each credit repair plan option. 

For the individual credit repair plan, clients are charged a $55 setup fee, and for the twin credit repair plan, clients are charged a $65 setup fee.

Meanwhile, many other credit repair companies either charge clients a lower setup fee or no setup fee at all for the use of their credit repair services.  

Lack of Upfront Information

In terms of website information, GreenLight Credit Repair does not give upfront information regarding plan payment options, staff information and credentials (FICO certifications, legal titles, etc.), additional services (if any), and more. 

Potential clients/interested parties who want more information about the company’s credit repair services must contact the company directly and/or set up a free phone consultation. 

Limited Plan Options and Services

GreenLight Credit Repair appears to only offer credit repair services while other credit repair companies offer additional services like a client mobile app, score tracker, additional personal finance tools, etc. 

The company also only offers two credit repair plans — one individual and one dual-person plan while other companies in the industry offer more plan options. 

The Bottom Line

GreenLight Credit Repair provides clients with a free credit consultation, a 90-day money-back guarantee, online educational resources, and national credit repair services. 

The company also provides clients with a client portal, 24/7 dashboard access, text and email updates, and more along with their credit repair services. 

GreenLight Credit Repair, however, does charge all new clients a credit repair service setup fee and does not provide enough information on its website regarding staff credentials, payment options, and services. 

The company also only has two credit repair plan options for potential clients to choose from while other credit repair companies offer more options. 

If you are interested in GreenLight Credit Repair services, we recommend that you read multiple GreenLight Credit Repair reviews and contact the company directly to learn more about its credit repair services.

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