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LAST UPDATED: July 3rd, 2023

Got Credit?, a  New Jersey-based credit repair company founded in 2010, aims to educate people about the importance of financial leverage and offers a range of services to help individuals maximize their credit profile. 

Led by charismatic President Jose Rodriguez, also known as The Credit Dude™, Got Credit? has gained widespread recognition and has been featured in reputable publications such as Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, and Forbes.

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The Good

  • Credit Repair and Credit Building
  • Generational Credit
  • Individual and Group Support 

Credit Repair and Credit Building

The primary service provided by Got Credit? is credit repair, a process that involves meticulously reviewing credit reports and removing inaccurate information. 

By eliminating erroneous entries such as incorrect payment history, unauthorized accounts, or outdated personal information, Got Credit? helps individuals improve their credit scores and create a more accurate representation of their financial standing. Through this service, clients can regain control over their credit and lay the foundation for a better financial future.

Got Credit? also offers a credit-building service. By strategically maximizing clients' credit profiles, Got Credit? helps individuals establish a positive credit history, improve credit utilization, and ultimately enhance their creditworthiness. 

Generational Credit

A unique aspect of Got Credit?'s approach is its emphasis on generational credit. 

The company believes that by making investments of time and money in the present, individuals can alter the trajectory of their family's credit for generations to come. Thus, Got Credit? educates its clients about long-term financial planning, wealth accumulation, and the importance of leaving a positive credit legacy for their loved ones. 

By providing the tools and knowledge necessary to build generational credit, Got Credit? empowers individuals to break the cycle of financial instability and pave the way for prosperity in the future. 

Individual and Group Support 

For those who join the Got Credit? community, a membership fee of $100 per month grants access to a comprehensive suite of services. 

This includes credit disputes handled on behalf of clients, allowing them to concentrate on building credit and reducing debt. 

Additionally, each member is assigned a dedicated Credit Specialist who will be available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the entire program. Under the guidance of dedicated Credit Specialists, clients can establish habits of responsible credit usage. This personalized support ensures that individuals receive tailored advice and are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of credit repair and building.

Got Credit? also offers its members the opportunity to join the Got Credit? Facebook Group, a community of like-minded individuals committed to continuous learning and building a strong financial foundation. In this collaborative space, members can engage in discussions, share experiences, and support one another in their pursuit of financial well-being.


The Bad

  • Does Not Serve Georgia
  • Additional Credit Monitoring Fee 

Does Not Serve Georgia

While Got Credit? serves clients from almost all U.S. states, it is important to note the company does not offer services to residents of Georgia. This restriction ensures that Got Credit? complies with relevant regulations and focuses its efforts on serving clients in states where it can make a meaningful impact.

If a Georgia resident enrolls with Got Credit?, their account will be promptly canceled. 

Additional Credit Monitoring Fee 

To ensure comprehensive credit monitoring and an accurate assessment of clients' creditworthiness, Got Credit? requires all members to enroll in credit monitoring with IdentityIQ. While requiring a credit monitoring service is not out of line for the industry, prospective customers may be surprised by the additional fee if they are banking on the $100 per month advertised cost of the Got Credit? program alone. 

This additional service, priced at $21.99 per month, ensures that Got Credit? remains informed about any discrepancies or negative items that require dispute.


The Bottom Line

With The Credit Dude™ at its helm, Got Credit? is poised as a robust nationwide resource for educating individuals about the power of financial leverage and the potential of generational credit. 

We especially like that the company’s Facebook group provides community support in addition to the one-on-one guidance offered by each customer’s credit specialist. 

That being said, prospective customers should be aware of the credit monitoring service required in addition to the Got Credit? monthly membership fee. 

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