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LAST UPDATED: April 24th, 2022

Fresh Start Credit Repair is a registered Credit Service Organization headquartered in Corpus Christi, Texas. Since 2009, the company has helped consumers nationwide repair and restore their credit in order to achieve good credit goals. Those with bad credit simply need to pay an initial startup cost and an ongoing monthly fee for this Fresh Start program.

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The Good

  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Extensive Credit Repair Services
  • Good Monthly Rates
  • Online Credit Education Resource

With Fresh Start Credit Repair, clients can receive the help they need to remove inaccuracies from their credit reports. In turn, each client can see an increase in their credit score and save on loan situations. Benefits of their service include:

Money-Back Guarantee

The credit repair company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for its customers. If the credit repair company does not remove at least one erroneous item from the client's credit report during this time frame, clients are eligible to receive a full refund on all fees paid. Customers can cancel services anytime with no penalty.

Extensive Credit Repair Services

Consumers are able to receive a free initial credit report consultation. Clients also receive extensive credit/financial education and monthly progress updates during the credit repair process. The company also offers flexible options in regards to payments.

Good Monthly Rates

Fresh Start Credit Repair charges consumers $99 to set up a client profile and $89 monthly payments per individual thereafter. A two-person plan is also available for $89 per month with a $179 initial setup fee for credit restoration work to be performed.

Online Credit Education Resource

Fresh Start Credit Repair offers a helpful credit knowledge page on its main website that consumers can access to learn more about the importance of having good credit, how lenders use credit scores when determining loan qualifications, and more. Overall, having this page of information may help potential clients learn why credit matters.


The Bad

  • More Expensive Setup Fees
  • No Licensed Attorneys on Staff

While the Fresh Start service can help clients improve their poor credit by helping them remove negative items from various credit reports, there are limitations to be aware of as well. Prior to enrollment, clients should be aware of the following:

More Expensive Setup Fees

Consumers are expected to pay either $99 or $179 if they choose to do the two-person credit repair plan for the initial setup fee when getting started. This is not necessarily the highest payments rate but many companies charge the same setup fees and provide clients with attorneys and paralegals.

No Licensed Attorneys on Staff

Fresh Start Credit Repair does not employ licensed attorneys to help clientele with legal issues regarding the credit repair process. Individuals dealing with bankruptcy or tax liens may find another similar credit repair company more suitable for their unique needs.


The Bottom Line

Fresh Start Credit Repair appears to be best suited for consumers requiring extensive long-term credit restoration. The company strives to help consumers rebuild credit by providing financial resources. Fresh Start Credit Repair offers services at a fairly competitive monthly rate.

Fresh Start Credit also provides consumers with an online credit knowledge page and a money-back guarantee if there is a chance that consumers become unsatisfied with their credit repair services. However, there are no licensed attorneys on staff to provide extra customer service. If this is important to you, we recommend reading Fresh Start Credit Repair reviews and comparing the top-rated companies that have licensed attorneys before choosing this company to improve your credit.

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MIah Corpus Christi, TX

I paid them for 2 years and I never was able to get credit fixed I spent 1,800.00... when I cancelled I was charged 195.00 in extra cancel fees not mentioned when we started.... They totally ripped me off... Luckily Financial Consultant Services helped me with everything even the upfront cost since Fresh Start totally ripped me off... BTW 45days later we were approved for a home!!! FCS boost my scores from low 500's to 661 avg. and cost a fraction of what I paid and lost.

10 years ago

star star star star star

Reco Scott Spanaway, WA

Rolo, you are the man with the plan. I love your excitement and drive in helping get positive results in repairing my credit. You are fun to talk to, but at the same time all about the work and making me your number 1 priority when speaking with you. Stay great.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Gilbert Moore

I had great results with them. My wife and I were able to purchase a new house at 3.5% apr because of our improved credit score. Went from a low 600 to over 750 in 4 months. Very happy.

11 years ago


Review Source

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Michael Kline Phoenix, AZ

Very Helpful with customer service, definitely knew what they were doing.

2 years ago

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Richard Lawrence Cary, IL

Very shady wouldn’t recommend paying them anything Gary R very rude

6 years ago