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LAST UPDATED: November 29th, 2022

Fowler and Fowler offers personalized credit report repair for a $59 monthly fee per individual. The company has been performing credit repair services exclusively since 1992 in Sebring, Florida. Fowler and Fowler is listed with Dun and Bradstreet and is a member of the Sebring Chamber of Commerce.

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The Good

  • Free Credit Evaluation
  • Simple Pricing
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Fowler and Fowler provides a customized approach to the credit repair process. Each client that enrolls in its credit repair services will receive individual attention and have their specific erroneous credit report items addressed. Like many other credit repair companies, Fowler and Fowler works with the major credit bureaus to dispute all negative items at one time. The company discloses that it will also help clients with settlements by directly contacting creditors. Other benefits of their service include:

Free Credit Evaluation

Fowler and Fowler offers a free initial evaluation with a credit repair specialist to determine consumers’ credit repair needs. If potential clients do not already have copies of their credit reports, the company will help obtain them. The free evaluation involves the analyzation of the client’s credit reports and the creation of a customized plan to remove all negative accounts.

Simple Pricing

The company charges individuals $59 per month for each month of credit repair services. Couples are charged $99 per month. The company’s fees are low in comparison to other companies in the credit repair industry. The ongoing monthly cost of the company’s credit repair services includes unlimited dispute letters and deletions as well as around-the-clock progress monitoring. According to Fowler and Fowler company website, the typical amount of time it takes to improve a client’s credit score is about three to six months which depends on the number of negative items that are on the client’s accounts.  

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Consumers may cancel at any time if they are unhappy with the customer service they have received and/or if they do not receive positive credit score results. Fowler and Fowler will issue a refund as part of its customer satisfaction guarantee for unsatisfied customers. Fowler and Fowler also feature numerous positive customer testimonials on its corporate website.


The Bad

  • Lack of Transparency 

While Fowler and Fowler provides professional credit repair services, there are some areas of concern. Prospective clients of Fowler and Fowler should be aware of the platform's limitations prior to enrolling in their credit repair services:

Lack of Transparency

In comparison to its credit repair business competitors, Fowler and Fowler's website lacks a level of transparency in regards to providing customers with important information. The company’s website does not seem to disclose any credit repair success statistics or provide a frequently asked questions page. Also, the website appears that it has not been recently updated. 


The Bottom Line

Fowler and Fowler appears to be a reputable credit repair company, that works with all three major credit bureaus and is suited for individuals and couples in need of long-term credit restoration services. The company has been in business for over 20 years and offers personalized services, a free credit reports evaluation, simple and fair pricing, as well as a customer satisfaction guarantee in order to help you improve your credit. Unfortunately, the company appears to have an outdated website and lacks some significant website transparency. It is recommended that you thoroughly research a variety of credit repair companies before making a final decision. 

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Alex Jersey City, NJ

I successfully used this firm in Florida and I found them to be very personal attention focused. The key things I liked were that they dispute all the items at once, across all 3Credit agencies, instead of "milking things along" like the bigger better known firms. You do need to scan your credit reports as they change and keep emailing them for the firm to get an update on your progress, instead of using something like Citi-Identity Monitor for them to see your progress. I found them honest and easy to work with. You do need to send or fax your reports as they change due to the disputes, and it takes at least 3 rounds of disputes to get results, so don't expect miracles. They don't use form letters like a dispute mill, but I don't know if these letters are handwritten as it would easily create a "frivilous dispute" report back. They are slow and careful and I feel I got more personalized service than the larger firms. I would recommend them.

10 years ago

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Sandra West Palm Beach, FL

We recently used Fowler & Fowler to improve our credit. We were planning on buying a house in Oct. and our credit scores were barely "fair". We started in May and paid the $99 a month for both me and my husband. I faithfully mailed them any credit updates that I received. If I had any questions they were a phone call away. 5 months later the bank ran our credit scores and we were both in the 700's! We had not had scores this good since we bought our first house 15 years ago. This includes prior bankruptcy and short sale. We got an incredible rate with the bank and were able to cancel our contract with Fowler & Fowler with a simple email. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to improve their credit scores. They exceeded my expectations and were able to do in a short time what we had not been able to do on our own for years.

11 years ago

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Michael Blacksburg, VA

From the start to the end, Fowler and Fowler was exceptional. I had couple of negatives on my report and they took it off within a year. The registration process was easy and the monthly charge friendly to the pocket. They are personal and easy to work with. A personal site is accorded to you so that you could track the progress of your case. I have already recommended them to couple of my friends and will use them again if necessary. I do now have an excellent credit because of Fowler and Fowler.

9 years ago

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NickS Oroville, CA

I used the Fowler & Fowler credit repair service for about 18 months and in that time they helped increase my Experian & Transunion scores by about 90 pts, and my Equifax by about 30 pts. (Note: Equifax was about 55 points higher than the other 2 to start with, so now they are all about even.) Don't expect miracles... You will need to send in all reports requested by F & F each month to get the best results, although I did miss a few. And, there were a couple of setbacks; two "lost creditors" mysteriously resurfaced which had to be dealt with as well. A little more personal progress consultation might have made my experience feel a little less "automated," but they did get the job done in the end. Overall, I was not disappointed with Fowler & Fowler's services, and would recommend them to my friends. They did a good job and are a class-act!

10 years ago

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Fred Antrim Tucson, AZ

I have used Fowler and Fowler twice in the past and plan to use them again. They were able to take my credit score from terrible to able to buy a house in 1 year. It was a one time fee when I utilized their services so I’m not sure how things have changed.

1 year ago

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Alex Jersey City, NJ

I used them successfully. I scanned letters of credit reporting companies and sent correction correspondence back and forth. You have to be a very active participant in the process and not hands off. It took 3 rounds of disputes, and I saw a 50 point score improvement. They were able to be reached by phone.It is not a quick or overnight process and you don't want to cause frivilous disputes. So it takes time.

7 years ago

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Alphonse Oak Park, MI

I have used Fowler and Fowler twice - many years apart - and both times were very good experiences. The latest incident involved a bank opening 6 different a/c 's in variations of my name. Results excellent and I'd recommend them to everyone.

10 years ago

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Raache Plymouth, MN

I have used them twice and they were really good. I was able to get a house and a new car. My score went from 520 to 715

7 years ago

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Randy Boca Raton, FL

I cancelled them during the 12 days where I could cancel at any time. They are just a dispute mill in disguise and when they talk to you they just say as little as possible. I am correcting my own credit, alot cheaper.

11 years ago