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LAST UPDATED: September 9th, 2021

eCredit Attorney only has a few years of experience but states that it will "fight to repair your credit". The company provides services at a very affordable cost and create custom plans for each client. eCredit Attorney's low price combined with its money-back guarantee, provide client's with a sense of ease during the credit repair process.

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The Good

  • No Sign-Up Fees
  • Performance-Based Refund Policy 
  • Custom Plans 
  • Licensed Attorneys 

eCredit Attorney has a lot of good in regards to its credit repair services. The company offers a custom process for clients and continuous direct contact. In addition, the points below show eCredit Attorney's focus on its clients:

No Sign-Up Fees

eCredit Attorney clients can start services completely free. There is a $29 retainer payment but it isn't due for 30 days after enrolling.

Performance-Based Refund Policy

The firm has a performance-based refund policy. This policy provides clients with all or some of their money back if client's are not satisfied. If a client's credit report doesn't show a significant number of deleted or improved disputed items, eCredit Attorney will refund all or some of the client's money.

Custom Plans

eCredit Attorney provides each client with a custom credit repair plan. Clients sit down one-on-one for a consultation when signing up and discuss the plan for their credit repair situation.

Licensed Attorneys

The eCredit Attorney team has licensed attorneys working on its clients' credit repair plans.


The Bad

  • Lack of Experience 

Although eCredit Attorney has several great benefits to using its services, there are a few drawbacks.

Lack of Experience

eCredit Attorney has only been in business for six years, which isn't very long compared to some competitors.


The Bottom Line

Bottom line, eCredit Attorney has one of the lowest monthly prices for credit repair services in the industry. The company provides a performance-based refund, custom credit repair plan, and a one-on-one consultation for its clients. In addition, eCredit Attorney has unlimited disputes and deletions. We recommend researching other credit repair companies before making a final decision.

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Karen Daniels Tallahassee, FL

ECREDITATTORNEY / RIPOFFS, SCAMMERS, CON-ARTISTS AND THIEVES PERSONIFIED!!! I seriously question whether the 'reviews' posted on their website are legitimate? We will know if they refuse or fail to post my review noted below. I will let you know. This company, 'E-credit Attorney (upon information and belief, scam artists personified), took my payments and "disappeared" . . . refusing to return my calls, refusing to respond to my emails and refusing and failing to do ANY work on my case! (Poof! just disappeared!) Upon my internet searches and the fact that my calls to E-credit Attorney have not responded to, upon information and belief, I can only assume that the IRS has NOT been noticed by this 'scam tax company' that they are representing my interests before the IRS. Accordingly, since E-credit Attorneys refuses to return my calls and, upon information and belief, has failed to represent my interests before the IRS, I can only believe that E-credit Attorneys tax company is no better than ordinary scammers and thieves!!! And, unfortunately, I guess I must also assume that they are not going to reimburse monies paid and therefore, I have been scammed out of a lot of money (may they rot in hell!!!) Our pathetic Congress (biggest con-artists and scammers of all!) needs to do something about the corrupt IRS (biggest con-artists and scammers of all! and REALLY needs to do something about these corrupt 'tax' scamming companies! Although, in actuality and in reality this problem would be resolved IF our sucky politicians rid this country of the 'stink' and 'corruption' of our current 'tax system' (the 'stink and corruption' of the IRS) and installed a flat tax on products bought. If you don't want to pay the tax do not buy the product! However, in reality, since the government merely prints up all the money it needs, I often wonder why the government even needs citizens' monies collected under the 'guise' of the necessity of a tax on its citizens! The answer is 'they don't'. It is a form on control and. . . as long as 'the people' (sheeple) just go along with the fraud and corruption, why would our illustrious government do anything about it? Answer - they won't!!!

7 years ago

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Dave Reyes Pleasanton, CA

Basically the cancellation email I sent Michael.. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND STAY AWAY!! Greetings Michael, No return phone calls or replies to my email is not the right way to run a business. I thought you were the right company for me but it's clear I was wrong and your just one of those “Just wait and be patient” companies that steal people's hard earn money with a drag along process. Please cancel my service, my wife's service and my son's services effective immediately. I have opened a dispute with my bank due to the lack of communication from you and not providing me with the service that was promised. Thank you

8 years ago

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James Allen Fellows

Ecredit attorney is a scam!! Consumers beware!!! They smile and take your money, after a few weeks, noting..... I made multiple phonecards and emails with no response. I was unable to cancel my service and apply for a refund. I had to file a dispute with my bank to stop payment and explain myself and the steps I took. My next plan is to leave reviews and file a complaint with the BBB.. stay far away from eCreditAttorney

6 years ago

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Emerson San Mateo, CA

This was the worst credit repair agency I have ever encountered. They reply to inquiries day later and they do not give you an update even though all of your trade lines says pending. They do not communicate with you at all. All they want is that $29.00 a month and for you to be quiet. I suggest finding someone else to trust to work on your matter. You get what you pay for with them...I promise!

9 years ago

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Cheryl Columbia, MD

Would not recommend. They take too much time to do nothing and take your money to do what you can do on your own, like accounts that are due to be removed because of the age of the account. Their customer service is poor because you always have to leave a message and wait for a return call. I wasted 10 months and my money for nothing. None of the accounts I wanted were removed.

10 years ago

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Robert M. New York, NY

I signed up 8 months ago. They are impossible to get on the phone, not only that, but I saw nothing positive happen to my credit score in the 8 months I was a client. They are less costly than the rest. You get what you pay for. I haven't tried any other firms, but I will now. Total disappointment, stay away!!!

8 years ago

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Bryan Palm Harbor, FL

These people suck! I have been throwing money at them for five months now, I have seen zero results and I cannot get a hold of anyone. I just filed a complaint at the BBB, hopefully that will at least allow me to speak to someone.

9 years ago

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Gerald San Antonio, TX

Waste of money. Sound good seem good but not good at all. Been with them 90 days not one thing removed. Can't get them to respond to emails or calls. You miss one payment and they will email you quick. Every time you call there phones and leave a message they never return your call. I would Highly recommend ON NOT getting these Leeches.

10 years ago

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Ashlyn Stockbridge, GA

6 months wasted. They did not even disputing items they said they did. Cannot get them to return emails. You always have to leave a message when calling. They managed to remove 1 late payment and 1 collection from equifax only. Would not recommend to anyone. Going with another company !!!

10 years ago

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Josh Wisconsin Rapids, WI

It's been almost 3 months...not one item removed or any sort of correspondance received other than from the company saying "be patient" however what they told me would happen in this time period has not happened. I'm no longer being patient...going with someone else.

11 years ago

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ToddFather MTB Katy, TX


4 years ago

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Laqushia Johnson Richmond, VA

Do not waste your money on Ecredit attorney they do nothing but take your money

5 years ago