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LAST UPDATED: July 29th, 2021

Credittude Financial Hub is a financial services company that has provided credit repair and credit restoration services to consumers since 2008.

The Texas-based company is registered and licensed with the state’s Attorney General offices and offers consumers a number of financial services including: 

  • Credit repair services
  • Shelf corporation services
  • Business credit building services
  • Business financing services
  • Seasoned tradeline services

Credittude Financial provides two different credit repair packages — a Regular Package and a Platinum Package. Potential customers should note that the company does offer a money-back guarantee with each credit repair package option. 

Read our full review to learn more about Credittude Financial’s credit repair services and options.

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The Good

  • Credit Repair Process 
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Customer Resources 

Credit Repair Process

Along with a free credit analysis, Credittude Financial offers a straightforward, three-step credit repair process. According to the company’s website, the credit repair service begins by challenging negative items on credit reports from all three credit bureaus.

Next, the company contacts creditors to verify negative items. Lastly, the company repeats the process if there are negative items that require “additional correspondence.” 

Credittude Financial offers two credit repair package options that customers can choose from — the Regular Package and the Platinum Package. 

The Regular Package consists of normal bureau challenges. This package option works to get everything deleted within 40–180 days. 

The company’s Platinum Package is based on aggressive bureau challenges. This package strives to have everything deleted between 40–90 days. 

With each credit repair package, the company works to challenge negative items like hard inquiries, student loans, foreclosures, bankruptcies, evictions, child support, and more. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Credittude Financial provides a money-back guarantee if its service cannot delete everything from a client’s credit report in 120 days. The company recognizes that each credit repair situation is different and the money-back guarantee provides peace of mind to customers.  

Additionally, many other companies in the credit repair industry do not offer a money-back guarantee.

Customer Resources

Credittude Financial provides customers with a few resources including a monthly credit score improvement analysis and access to a credit specialist via email, phone, or website chat. 

Customers will also receive 24/7 access to track and monitor their credit results online.


The Bad

  • Expensive Service Options
  • Additional Monitoring Services Required 

Expensive Service Options 

Credittude Financial charges steep prices for its credit repair services compared to what other companies charge. The company charges customers a total of $1,499 for the Regular Package and a total of $1,999 for the Platinum Package. 

According to Credittude Financial’s website, once customers sign up for a package, they can pay $499 to start and then can pay $499 every 30 days until they pay for the total amount due. 

Additional Monitoring Services Required 

Credittude Financial requires customers to sign up and pay for IdentityIQ monitoring services which cost $29.99 per month. These services are required for customers to obtain access to copies of all three of their credit reports each month.

This is an added expense as some other companies in the credit repair industry offer credit report copies for free when customers sign up for their services.


The Bottom Line

Credittude Financial is a Texas-based financial services company that has provided credit repair and restoration services since 2008. The company offers a free credit analysis and a simple, three-step credit repair service. It works to challenge several negative credit items including hard inquiries, student loans, foreclosures, bankruptcies, evictions, collections, and more. 

Credittude Financial provides a 120-day, money-back guarantee and gives customers 24/7 access to track their credit results. Additionally, customers can contact a dedicated credit specialist at any time. 

Those who are interested in Credittude Financial credit repair services should note that the company charges fairly steep prices for the two package options it offers.

Customers are also required to sign up and pay for a monthly IdentityIQ monitoring service in addition to paying for a Credittude Financial credit repair package.

Potential customers are encouraged to contact the company directly and read Credittude Financial reviews to learn more about the company’s credit repair process and services.  

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Stacy O'neal Katy, TX

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Credittude Financial Hub within the year of 2020, not only is this company helpful with all aspects of credit repair & business credit opportunities but also very knowledgeable! I’ve learned how to build positive credit history and also how to maintain a good credit profile within my journey with this company. I’ve had several deletions over the course of working with this company. The results are real and they are good! The communication throughout this process has always been superb to me. The members of this company are very helpful and insightful. Not to mention very patient with the many questions i had along my journey of success. I definitely recommend giving this business the opportunity to repair your personal credit if needed to be. Patience is key but it definitely pays off in the end. Thank you Credittude Financial Hub for helping me! Blessings

7 months ago

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Courtney Hamerson Houston, TX

It was a YouTube ad that seal the deal with Credittude Financial Hub, It was about business credit card, knowing that I was in great shape with my personal credit score that was even better. So with that being said, Ava C started the process then I assigned to an account manager, Trever C took over and Credittude Financial Hub got me $456k in 0% interest business credit lines, corporate credit cards and cash funding for my businesses! I can tell you that growing my business it's just a thing in the past. Credittude Financial Hub so awesomely great I was also able to get one personal credit card with my 0% interest business credit. The process they take a little longer than expected. About 4 1/2 months and I was expecting only four months. But sometimes you have to give a little when you’re writing all the great results! Again thank you Trevor. Thank you Credittude Financial Hub family. I’m definitely sending my little brother and brother-in-law your way so they can repeat the same process. Everyone is seeing my results and I’m loving it.

7 months ago

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vincent gethings Bay City, MI

Beware this company is a Scam! The "glowing reviews" on here are fake! If you don't believe me, just take 3 minutes and look at the people that wrote the "glowing reviews". It is very suspicious that the reviewers all only have a few reviews on their profiles and they all just happen to be at the same time at their "Certitude Financial" review, and they haven't posted any Google reviews before or since their Credittude review. Its like they came out of nowhere, wrote 2-3 reviews then disappeared off the face of the earth...this is because these profile are fake and the reviews are also fake. Please do your due diligence and look at their BBB reviews/ratings! Those are much harder to fabricate and manipulate with fake profiles. I engaged them in Feb/Mar 2021, and purchased both the premium rapid credit repair, and the elite business credit builder programs. They are very helpful and responsive all the way up until you send them thousands of dollars. I am writing this review late July : 1. NOT ONE hard inquiry has been removed from my credit report and it's been 5 months! When I called them out for their "90 Day" guarantee, they have completely stopped responding to my calls, emails, and messages. Seriously, there hasn't been a single change to my credit score/report and they haven't provided any proof that anything was even attempted. It's a flat out scam. 2. As for the credit building program promising $450,000+ in business lines of credit, this is also a scam. For the $6,000 or whatever I paid them, All I received was a google doc with steps on how to apply for a bunch or store credit lines that are completely useless like Home Depot and Uline. I never made to "Tier 4" which is the carrot they dangle in front of you with promises of hundreds of thousands of dollars in lines of will never come because they are scammers. Please do not give these people your hard earned money, learn from my mistake!

1 month ago

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Jovoni Hyde Houston, TX

I found this company on Facebook back in March 2020 when I was in deep need of fixing & restoring my personal credit. One of their reps by the name of Ava kept posting their results online so after watching it for a while; i decided to make a move and give it a try. During the process all of my calls were answered and medical bills were deleted as promised with prompt timing. The reason i'm really leaving this review is because of the integrity this company has. I received a lot more than what i paid for. I was coached on the steps to take after they cleaned my personal credit and now my scores are above 760 all across the board. I just wanted to say thank you all for the great work and results.. Keep standing out and making a difference.

1 year ago

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Brandon Martin Houston, TX

When I decided I was ready to stop renting credit was the first thing I thought off. Credittude Financial Hub has made many dreams come true and I am ready to stop dreaming! The Platinum Credit Repair package was just the beginning. This company guarantees 100% of deletions on their rate so they gave me an additional 2 rounds of deletions to get me in the 800's! I can’t begin to tell how thankful I am to have been able to speak with who put me at ease. I had a few concerns and had been trying to get answers.. Today I spoke with Kevin who was kind, knowledgeable, compassionate, and very clear. I won’t go into too much detail, but I’ve been on edge all week and Kevin finally gave me the answers I deserve. Thank you Credittude Financial Hub. Love the customer service!

1 year ago

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Timothy McMillan Houston, TX

Thank you Credittude Financial Hub, You guys rock! It took me about 30 days and just getting the foundation right to start with you all. Now, that has been successfully completed, I am on tier 1 and as of today I have 7 trade lines with no personal guarantee. My wife is past thankful and so am I. We are happy that we are finally on our way! Business Credit is what we have been trying to accomplish for the past 2 years. Until I ran into you all, we were clueless on what we were doing! The way that Credittude Financial Hub works hands-on with their clients is Phenomenal👍 Most companies promises a lot and never deliver REAL results. I will be sending my brother and father in law to you all; a referral fee wouldn’t be to bad either, ha ha😀. Thanks again you guys; your company is the truth!

1 year ago

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Mark West Houston, TX

I have been a member with Credittude Financial Hub ever since I started my first initial company - even before I had my Articles of Incorporation, Business Bank account or my EIN. Honestly.. it was Calvin C's Credittude Business Credit Podcast on YouTube that inspired me to go ahead and pull the trigger on starting up my Corporation, even though I've been working another job while trying to get my foot in the door! The entire staff has been there to coach me on what to do at any time that I've needed to get ahold of them over the years. Sky is pretty prompt about getting back to me, even though she's a very busy lady. And she always has the quick answer I need. During my first 4 months with Credittude Financial Hub I acquired over $260,000 corporate credit for my brand and I couldn't be happier with the results so far. Much praise and thank you to Credittude Financial Hub for the continued success and satisfaction. My family and I are grateful.

1 year ago

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