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LAST UPDATED: August 26th, 2021

Creditcure is a California-based company that offers credit repair services and financial education services to consumers and businesses. 

The privately held company was founded in 2020 and provides a few different services in addition to credit restoration. For instance, the company offers customized budget and pay-off programs along with a wealth-building program that clients can apply for. According to the company, all of its programs are designed to help clients obtain an “optimized financial lifestyle.” 

Creditcure offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee (if certain requirements are met), military and veteran discounts, a DIY credit repair kit option, and more. Consumers should know that the company does, however, charge more in terms of one-time fees than some other companies in the industry. 

Keep reading to learn more about Creditcure’s credit repair services.

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The Good

  • Money-Back Guarantee 
  • Discount Opportunities 
  • DIY Credit Repair Kit 
  • Financial Services

Money-Back Guarantee 

Unlike some other companies in the credit repair industry, Creditcure offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee. According to the company’s website, clients must meet the following requirements in order to obtain a full refund: 

  • No negative items have been removed from at least one of the client’s credit reports. 
  • 180 days have passed from the date the client retained Creditcure’s services. 
  • The client has at least four negative items affecting their credit at the time of enrollment. 
  • The client has not used a credit consulting agency/program and has not attempted to repair their own credit two years previous to signing up for Creditcure’s services. 
  • The client has sent updated reports from all three credit bureaus to Creditcure within five days of receipt.

The company also states on its website that 93 percent of its clients generally see a credit score increase of 10 points or more within the first 35 days of service. It’s important that clients note, however, that credit repair results and credit repair service speed can vary. 

Discount Opportunities 

Creditcure provides service discount opportunities for both active military members and veterans. That said, Creditcure does not provide much information online about what the military/veteran discounts involve. 

In addition to its military and veteran discounts, the credit repair company also allows clients to add a significant other to their EZ Pro Budget plan for a one-time cost of $200. 

DIY Credit Repair Kit

Creditcure offers a fairly unique offering of a DIY credit repair kit, also known as the “Get Well” Credit Kit. Consumers and businesses can order this kit if they want to try restoring their credit on their own. 

That said, there is not much information on the company’s website about what this kit includes. Those interested in this DIY credit repair kit must contact the company in order to learn more and to actually order a kit. 

Financial Services

As previously mentioned, Creditcure offers the following additional services outside of its credit repair service: 

  • EZ Pro — This program includes a customized budget and a single, 30-minute consultation. 
  • EZ Pro Budget — This program includes an in-depth income and expense analysis, bi-weekly, 30-minute sessions, and a customized budget. 
  • Wealth Trainee — This mentorship program is designed to help clients build wealth and requires an application from the client. Clients can also only apply for the program if they have a credit score of 680 or higher and have already completed the company’s wealth course. This program includes one, one-hour session per month and takes one year to complete. 

Consumers should note that each plan listed above ranges in price. For example, the EZ Pro plan, the company’s least expensive additional service, costs a one-time fee of $350. Those interested in these services can visit the company’s website or contact the company directly to learn more. 


The Bad

  • High Initial Audit Fee 
  • Missing Website Information
  • Additional Fees 

High Initial Audit Fee 

Creditcure appears to charge a higher one-time fee for its initial audit in comparison to many other companies in the credit repair industry. 
The company’s one-hour initial audit costs a one-time fee of $250. While this may not seem like a steep expense to some, consumers should know that most credit repair companies either charge a lower initial fee or provide a free initial consultation. 

Missing Website Information

While Creditcure is fairly transparent online about its pricing, refund, and services, the company does not appear to provide much information regarding its staff, credit repair process, Wealth Trainee program application, “Get Well” Credit Kit, and more. 

Those interested in learning this information may have to contact the company directly. 

Additional Fees 

Clients are required to pay for a third-party monthly credit monitoring service in addition to the initial audit fee and the monthly fee that the company charges for its credit repair service. 

Creditcure also does not allow clients to use a free report service like Credit Karma. 

Along with the credit monitoring fee, clients who sign up for any of the company’s additional services, like the EZ Budget program, must make separate payments in order to use those services. 


The Bottom Line

Creditcure is a fairly new company in the credit repair industry. Unlike most of its competitors, the California-based company provides a DIY credit repair kit option that both consumers and businesses can order and use. 

While the company is transparent about its money-back guarantee, service pricing, and more on its website, it does not appear to disclose information online about its staff, wealth trainee program application details, and what is involved in its DIY credit repair kit. 

Unlike some other companies, Creditcure offers military and veteran discounts as well as several additional financial services like its customized budget and pay-off program and its wealth trainee program. Each program costs a different one-time fee. For example, the company’s least expensive program, the EZ Budget program, costs a one-time fee of $350. 

Although Creditcure’s monthly credit repair pricing is lower than what many other companies charge on a monthly basis, its initial audit fee does cost a higher-than-normal amount for the industry. The company also requires clients to pay for a third-party credit monitoring service in addition to the monthly fees and initial audit fee. 

Since Creditcure is a newer credit repair company, we cannot provide a recommendation for its services at this time. If you are interested in working with Creditcure, we suggest that you contact the company directly and visit the company’s website in order to learn more about its services and offerings. 

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