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LAST UPDATED: October 9th, 2023

Headquartered in Washington, Credit Team USA has been working in the credit repair industry since 1997 and has over 50 years of experience among its staff. They run from several offices across the country and operate on a starting fee of $69.99.

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The Good

  • 20% Discount for Active Duty Military

Team Credit USA offers a handsome discount to those currently serving in the armed forces, and has a web page brimming with positive customer testimonials. However, customer testimonials can be difficult to test in terms of legitimacy.

20% Discount for Active Duty Military

All those who actively serve in the armed forces receive 20% off all credit services. That not only includes the active personnel, but their spouses as well. When you begin your credit restoration services, they will ask for a copy of your Active or Dependent ID if you wish to apply the discount.


The Bad

  • Little Upfront Price Info 
  • No Guarantee Until After Nine Months 

Credit Team USA customers can begin to get services at $69.99 but its website doesn't give details regarding price. This can be discouraging in that other top credit repair companies give you multiple pricing options upfront, so making comparisons is difficult. Its warranty also doesn't take full effect until after nine months of service, which can be a turn-off for some who might want to opt out of its services earlier.

Little Upfront Price Info

The website doesn't offer much pricing information. It seems as though you need to contact the company with your name, email, zip code and phone number before you can acquire more information on pricing.

No Guarantee Until After Nine Months

After nine months of their services, Team Credit USA will value each deletion at $75, and if the price paid for their services overreaches the value of your deletions, they refund you the difference. Warranty expires 45 days from the end of the contract and the warranty can be voided if customers don't forward credit reports in a timely manner.


The Bottom Line

Team Credit USA's discount for military personnel could definitely be worth a closer look for customers currently serving in the armed forces. However, the lack of upfront price info makes it difficult to compare to industry competitors, and the length of the warranty is less than impressive. Unless you're currently serving in the military, it might of more worth to look at other industry competitors. 

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twesiga disan Hillsboro, OR

Ron was knowledgeable and understanding. He explained my situation and did not jinx anything. He filed right away and I am very hopeful. Considering issues with my credit history, the price rate is good. The most important thing to do is to ask many questions, follow up, and follow the instructions given.

7 months ago

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Lodema Moore Tacoma, WA

I have been working with Ron B for about 3 years +! My granddaughter told me how he had helped her and her husband! I had a huge pile of debt from a bad divorce, and had no idea how I would ever rise above it! To me it was insurmountable! I spoke to Mr B and he assured me that he could help me! He told me that I would have a certain amount that I would have to pay monthly, and gave me the amount! I was elated with the amount, since it was a lot less than I thought it would be! And I gave him the go ahead! He started working on it immediately! At first I had no idea how he would ever accomplish such a huge fete! I received a summary of what he was accomplishing monthly, I soon started to see it working toward my benefit! He even gave me a lesser monthly amount as he was diminishing my debt mountain! I am able today to say I am “Debt Free”! I am still receiving good advice on how to re - build my credit! And, was told that he would be happy to help me with getting where I need to be credit wise! I am beyond thrilled at the outcome! I recommend Credit Team USA to anyone that needs a reputable hard working team on their side! Thank You So Much Ron B and Credit Team USA! Lodema Moore

3 years ago

star star star star star

Robert Los Angeles, CA

Credit Team USA is an amazing company that fulfills its promises at a great, customer friendly price. My personal representative was Billejean, and she always answered my questions - even my crazy questions, and kept me posted with regular updates. She worked very hard to make things right with my Credit and the various Credit Reporting Agencies which are almost impossible to deal with for most of us. She completely understood my particular circumstances, is extremely knowledgable about the process, and cared about getting the best possible results for me. A good friend recommended I work with Credit Team, and he was spot on in sending me their way. I highly recommend Billejean and Credit Team USA.

8 years ago

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Jonathan L Barnett Denver, CO

Credit Team USA has been helping me for the past 6+ years keeping my credit rating at A+. I've referred numerous of friends and family members who have also enjoyed the same experience with Credit Teams service. I would highly recommend them.

4 years ago

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Elaine Boyd Bend, OR

After working over a year with one of the top listed companies on Google I found very limited results so I went searching for someone else to help me. "Wow" , did I get awesome results fast. Also, friendly and very knowledgeable about what they do. Thanks again Ron and Team! You can be sure I will be referring you clients.

7 years ago

star star star star star

JustinB Tucson, AZ

I have been working with Credit Team and have used their services for the past 10 years and have kept my credit an A+ rating. I would highly recommend if you need to raise your credit scores, give Ron a call a Credit Team.

4 years ago

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Samar Tehrani Arlington, VA

The most unfortunate experience... as a returning customer, I banked on my experience with Ron from the last time I worked with him. And this time, I needed help with my elderly mother's credit... He promised so much and failed to deliver. Unfortunately, this time around, it was ultimately a disaster experience. He does not have any staff working for him. His website is completely fraudulent as far as making his company seem like a big company with multiple locations and jurisdictions. He operates out of Washington state and he is a one-man show. After working with him for over a year I have spent more time chasing him and trying to get him to do work for me than I got results. He operates from two separate emails, his phone is only answered if he believes you are a new customer. So if you are currently working for him, try leaving him messages... they will not be returned... Call back within a few minutes and act as a new client and he will get on the phone immediately. Of course, once you get him on the phone he will be nice and sell you a bunch of BS about what he will do and not follow through with one. Just to be fair, the last time I worked with him, I had a completely different experience. Also, the IdentityIQ is also another BS that he gets you to pay for which is again another scam in the way he does business. Their scores are completely different from those of the 3 credit companies. Don't waste your time and or money.

1 year ago

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Dan borruel Burbank, CA

I obtained this companies service for a second time earlier this year (the first time great experience.) I'm not sure what happened, but it seems the company is being solely run by the "President" Ron B. I started my service in February, with the promise of updated progress reports on the status of the repairs promised. Well, 3 months went by and after email and phone calls with no response I asked for a "partial refund." The service was good for 9 months, so to be fair I offered to pay for the 3 months that they supposedly did work in. I spoke to Ron on the phone and he scoffed at me when I asked for a refund followed by a "good luck with that." I am not proud to have also lost my cool on the phone conversation, but understandable when you have to deal with this man. You're also signed up for something called IDENTITYQ, a website used to monitor and consolidate your credit reports. Ron changed my password and started doing hurried work to make it look like my claims were falsely met. I'm pretty sure that may be illegal, if not extremely unethical. Since then, Ron has acted like our heated phone call/emails/request of refund/cease of service never happened and sent me a report. Ron then changed the dates looking like he did the work in the first three months in retaining his service. Not the case at all! So to conclude, Ron has since then offered me 75 dollars back of the 450 spent, as he stated in the most recent email "to make this go away." Apparently this man is very stubborn, or the company must really not be doing well to be fighting a battle over this amount of money. I have seen other reviews of this business on Trust Pilot and other sources singing the same story as I. All with Ron's name included. I am not a vindictive person, but I would like to warn others in dealing with individuals such as this man, especially when it has to do with your credit! So Ron, please do the right thing and return the money owed to the people you have failed to provide service to!

2 years ago

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Watson Watson Seattle, WA

I want to thank Ron with the Credit Team for making the credit repair process both easy to understand, and being available for questions when I have them. Please keep up the good work.

4 years ago

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rheanna freese Fresno, CA

Expect to spend upwards of $350 to have anything removed from your credit report. I've been working with Ron for a year now and I have had to do all the leg work in getting this fraudulent account removed from my cedit report with little to no response from him. I've called 3 times to try and have someone else work on my account and have never gotten a call back. I've also called and emailed him a dozen times or more. The lack of customer service is extremely embarrassing. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy.

2 years ago

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Mannie De La Rosa Seattle, WA

Pure scamming. Ron, will be super friendly before charging you, after that, good luck getting hold of him. I first hire them on Jan 2021, now it’s August and I have 0 proof they have worked on my case. He does not answer phone calls or emails. I’m sure tons of 5 stars reviews are fake. I have documented everything, emails etc, because this guy cannot be around scamming people. It’s been very exhausting so please do not give your money to these people.

2 years ago

star star star star star

Mike Portland, OR

Personalized, knowledgeable, no less caring team. It's awesome that they truly care about repairing your credit Thanks for all your Mike

9 years ago

star star star star star

Bri Stan Coeur d'Alene, ID

Easy to work with, knowledgeable, continuous updates on my reports & RESULTS!! Will definitely refer family & friends.

4 years ago