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Credit Pro Repair is a financial services company based out of Brooklyn, New York. The credit repair company has assisted over 12,000 people nationwide restore their credit scores since it began in 2007.

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The Good

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Monitor and Track Results 24/7
  • Customized Credit Repair Plan 
  • Credit Education and Resources

Credit Pro Repair assigns a team of three credit experts to every client. This is to cover all areas of the credit reports line-by-line and ensure maximum results for credit restoration. The credit repair company offers a full money-back refund if they cannot remove at least 25 percent of all inaccurate items from the three major credit bureaus within the first six months. Many clients see improvements within 45 days. Other offered benefits from Credit Pro Repair include:

Free Initial Consultation

Prior to signing up, prospective clients can receive a free consultation to see where their credit stands.

Monitor and Track Results 24/7

Clients can see exactly what work is being done on their case and what items have been deleted.

Customized Credit Repair Plan

Each client receives a customized plan of attack to maximize results and deletions.

Credit Education and Resources

In addition to providing credit repair, the Credit Pro Repair specialists will provide education resources to ensure that clients have the knowledge they need to maintain good credit standing.

The Bad

  • No Copies of Previous Deletions on Corporate Website
  • No Licensed Attorneys on Staff 

There are a number of areas that the credit repair company could improve on for better overall customer service. Credit Pro Repair does not provide a pricing structure for the general public on its corporate website. Consumers will need to contact the company directly and speak to a customer service representative. Other areas of concern include:

No Copies of Previous Deletions on Corporate Website

There are no records of what Credit Pro Repair has done in the past for review.

No Licensed Attorneys on Staff

It is not required to have attorneys on staff, but it does help in some circumstances with difficult deletion issues.


The Bottom Line

Credit Pro Repair differentiates itself from other similar companies by assigning three credit experts to a client rather than one. Consumers are given a customized credit repair plan with a full money-back guarantee. However, there are a few areas of concern. The company is not transparent with its pricing structure and there are no licensed attorneys on staff. Some other things consumers should be aware of include:

  • No copies of previous deletions on corporate website

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