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LAST UPDATED: May 18th, 2023

Credit MRI started in 2010 with the goal of helping people restore their credit both quickly and legally. But while the Florida-based credit repair company abides by all federal regulations, it ranks poorly in terms of customer service and online transparency.

Customers can trust Credit MRI to attempt to restore their credit but are also given little information regarding the company's legal experience and authority, as well as specific pricing information.

Keep reading to learn more about Credit MRI's credit repair services. 

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The Good

  • Pay-Per-Deletion Pricing Model
  • No Upfront Payments
  • Full Initial Audit 

Pay-Per-Deletion Pricing Model

One of the most significant benefits of using Credit MRI is that clients are not required to pay a monthly subscription fee for its credit repair services.

Credit MRI operates on a pay-per-deletion structure, which means clients only pay for the items that are completely erased or corrected by the company's efforts. The credit repair company conducts an initial audit, which involves a full investigation of credit bureaus, collection agencies, and creditors, before asking for payment.

Credit MRI also has an online portal for customers, available day or night, to help them keep track of the credit repair process.

No Upfront Payments or Subscription Fees

In addition to the pay-per-deletion structure, Credit MRI also does not charge any up-front fees for their services. And while the company cannot legally make commitments regarding a timeline for expected results; however, most of its clients see an increase in their credit scores within the first 60 days. 

Full Initial Audit

As mentioned previously, the Credit MRI program includes the investigation of all three major credit bureaus, collection agencies, and creditors for credit report inaccuracies. The company works to delete inaccurate or misleading items like collections, foreclosures, charge offs, repossessions, judgments, and more. 


The Bad

  • No Attorneys on Staff 
  • Poor Online Transparency 

No Attorneys on Staff

Credit MRI does not appear to have any licensed attorneys on its staff, which can severely limit the company's ability to represent its clients to debtors, put a stop to collection calls, or file lawsuits against creditors for inaccuracies on its clients' credit reports.

Poor Online Transparency

In fact, very little information as to the qualifications and background of Credit MRI's staff or employees can be found anywhere. Other companies will at least provide a basic background of their staff's credit repair or legal experience.

The company also fails to provide useful on-site information, such as specific pricing details; customers can expect to pay per deletion, but no further explanation is given regarding specific items or their associated fees.


The Bottom Line

Credit MRI is careful to follow all the federal and state regulations placed on credit repair companies, meaning it does not make guarantees regarding raising customers' credit scores or expected times to do so. The company does not charge until services are rendered, which is also compliant with the law.

However, because so little crucial pricing and other important credit repair program information is readily available, customers may end up paying more with Credit MRI than they originally anticipated, and for less satisfactory results.

If you are interested in the Credit MRI program, we recommend that you contact the company directly and read several Credit MRI reviews before signing up for its credit repair services. 

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PeteMarshall ,

Credit MRI literally changed my life by helping me get my credit score high enough for a way better loan rate for my first home ever. My credit was not exactly "bad" but it wasn't great. I was looking at a really high interest rate which I ultimately could not afford. I saw a Credit MRI ad on Facebook and responded to it. Shane contacted me right away and after a few minutes had me believing they could help me. It took a couple of months to improve my credit score to a level that got me into a really low interest rate and luckily the house was still available. The amount of money I saved by not paying the higher interest rate was about $63,000 over the life of the 30 year loan. This is what a lot of people don't get about fixing their credit. You don't necessarily have to have "bad" credit but if your credit is just "ok credit" then you are going to pay a lot more in higher interest rates. The bottom line is the amount of money I will save by Credit MRI helping me was totally worth hiring them. I would strongly recommend anyone wanting to make their credit better than just "ok credit" talk to Credit MRI.

3 years ago

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Lee Robe Gadsden, AL

I started without paying one cent to Credit MRI upfront. The same promise they made all these other reviewers was made to me by both the rep I dealt with and the CEO Barry. When I started in November of 2019 my credit scores were in the low 500's due to a nasty divorce leaving me holding a ton of debt from both my ex and I's life items. Today I check my monitoring service (Identity IQ. Which I might and is the only thing I paid for first but no relation to Credit MRI this is to validate any updates on my credit bureaus independently. They told me that I'd pay for this service upfront which was $1 for the first 7 days and then $21.95 ea month after) and to finish that thought, my scores are 701, 709, and 712 and in Jan I purchased a used vehicle with their was a $35,000 loan with already a 100 point increase since I started with them only 2 months prior. In the first 90 days they were able to remove about 90% of all the negative items and even help me get a loan with a dealership that they worked with who referred me to them. Today I'm on my way to buying my first home ever and the CEO personally has helped me with getting 103% advance for the purchase of this home. Barry and the Credit MRI team are LIFE CHANGERS!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

4 years ago

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John Barker Morristown, AZ

I contacted a number of credit repair companies and I was subjected to pushy salesman demanding near a thousand or more dollars up front. I contacted MRI and i was surprised how reasonable their fee schedule was and how easy they were to conduct business with. Within a couple months my three credit bureau scores increased and my negative credit listings began to disappear. I think choosing MRI was the best financial decision I have made in years,

6 years ago

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Bobby Mitchell Dallas, TX

I have tried a few more companies with little to no results. The folks at Credit MRI have been upfront and transparent about the entire process. I have never been charged for a single item that was not verified. The results are incredible and my credit scores are all up. The service is real and the billing is fair.

11 years ago

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Eugene Carpenter Milwaukee, WI

I love working with Credit MRI. They did everything they said they would, plus some. Although I had to pay more than I expected. The company was very nice about setting up a payment plan for me. Best credit repair system I've ever used.

7 years ago

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Terrible!!!! Most importantly, they hide the credit card information that you give them so months later, when you go into the portal to remove your payment method, After 120 days, no progress of any kind, yet I still have to make monthly payments on the credit reporting they make me pay for, EVERY MONTH! When I call and try to cancel, they tell me I can't until the end of my monthly cycle. SERIOUSLY? Then, when that date arrives for the end of my monthly cycle, they tell me that I refreshed my credit (which I did not) so that wasted their entire 30 days of hard work, so they insist I continue another month before I cancel. Barron R is the owner. I have spoken to him on this number, and texted. Now that he knows I want to cancel his company for lack of performance, he has gone dark on me. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!

2 years ago Edited May 20, 2022

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Morgan Porada Cleveland, OH

They say it's free- "no fee guarantee" but we were charged a $99 "file set up fee"!!! You also pay $20+ a month for credit monitoring for them! We used them for six months and of the three things that were removed, two were added back four months ago. They charged us for them and never got them back off. I called and spoke to their "customer service rep" Amy and she was the rudest secretary I think I've ever encountered. I've spent over $200 for this "service" and I'm in the same exact position I was before. Called today to see where our refund was and they hung up on me. Literally the WORST customer service

2 years ago

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user1373 Pasadena, MD

I decided to give Credit MRI a shot because a YouTuber who's opinion I trust promoted their service. I scheduled a call but never received a call at my scheduled time and I couldn't get a hold of anyone when I called that afternoon. That's annoying to me right there but I let it go at the time. However, I then got a call at 11pm! Followed by a text that started with "Good morning" 11pm. And the number that called me said it was coming from the same time zone. So that pretty well turned me off to Credit MRI however, it didn't stop there. I then kept getting calls from them between 8pm and 11pm. It's annoying enough when a company keeps calling you every day during the day, but for them to call past 8pm was next level for me. So then I got a call last night at 9:30pm followed by a text. I had enough and responded to the text and without being mean or unprofessional I simply told the rep I was not happy with them calling me at night like this. I was interested in their service but I am not anymore after the interactions I've had, or lack there of. Rather than a simple "Sorry, we will take you off our list" I received a very rude and unprofessional text back. Then this morning I got an email stating I missed my meeting....I set up a meeting several weeks ago and they never called at the time I selected, they called many hours later, and now they're saying I missed the meeting? I obviously haven't used their service but if this is how the sales staff treats their leads then I never want to work with this company. On top of that they can't even get their systems straight to send out the right emails and texts.

3 years ago

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Curt Lakeland, FL

I paid $1500 up front for credit repair services to be completed with 30 days, and I did not receive the service in which I'm seeking a refund. I started my credit repair with Credit MRI in June 2019 with 7 items that needed repairing across all 3 bureaus on my credit file. So, from June until November, 1 item was removed from my credit report of which I paid $119 ($99 processing fee + $20 removal fee) Since, 5 months have gone by and only 1 item was removed, Barron offered me to remove All negatives from my credit file in 30-45 days for $1800, and could apply some tradelines to boost my credit file and apply for some funding (30k-50k). I was interested in this, but I only had $1500 in 3 different credit cards that would Max them out completely. So, Barron and I both agreed on this (See Attached contract) and started the process the first week in December. So, 30 days goes by and I didn't receive any updates from the bureaus, and emailed Barron about this which took a day or so to receive any reply, and was told it could take a little more time for results. I waited another 20-30 more days, and still didn't receive any updates from the bureaus which I started to get concerned, and emailed Barron again. After a day or so, he finally replied with this has never failed, and I would receive a refund if it didn't work. So, another month goes by, and still nothing from the bureaus. Barron says he would try to find out what's going on, and get back to me. Several days later, he says he's not sure what happened, and will see about getting me a refund. Several days go by, and finally he says a refund was processed and I should receive it in a couple days. I never received the refund, and several days later, Barron sent me $800 via the Cash app which I thanked him. I asked him when the remaining $700 will be refunded, and was told he is working on it, but haven't received it or any communication from Barron or Anyone from Credit MRI since. I have emails documenting All of this if needed.

3 years ago

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J Hogan Dallas, TX

Terrible customer service! I canceled my account before the services were started, due to the rep stating I had to take too many steps to create another IdentityIQ account, even though mine was currently active. I then disputed a specific item on my own, and now they are wanting to take credit for it and not issue a refund, despite the fact I have proof.

2 years ago

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LJR Paramount, CA

Stay away!!!! They took my money and never heard from them again. I’ve never seen an email, invoice, nothing but charges to my account each month. I can’t even get them on the phone as it’s permanently busy. I can’t log in or reset my password either. I filed a chargeback with my bank. Total scam unfortunately.

1 year ago

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Terrill Gardner

This company is extremely rude, and they will call you 10 times a day to try to get your business. I finally talked to the rep that called and not only was he unprofessional but he could not tell me what it is that he does to help me.

2 years ago

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thomasdp2 Manchester, TN

I've been ignored for months and cannot get a call back from the manager like I was told. I have a credit card company coming after me now and no help from CreditMRI.

1 year ago

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Craig Tucson, AZ

Nothing happened after 3 months. I did some disputes on my own and had immediate results! No transparency and bad customer service.

2 years ago


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anupam sumessur Curtis Bay, MD

You pay per deletion and there was no upfront fees. However there is a lack of transparency from them.

2 years ago