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Credit MRI started in 2010 with the goal of helping people restore their credit both quickly and legally. But while the company abides by all federal regulations, it ranks poorly in terms of customer service and online transparency; customers can trust Credit MRI to attempt to restore their credit, but are also given little information regarding the company's legal experience and authority, as well as specific pricing information.

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The Good

  • No Upfront Payments or Subscription Fees 
  • Pricing 
  • Full Initial Audit 

One of the most significant benefits of using Credit MRI is that clients are not required to pay a monthly subscription fee. Credit MRI operates on a pay-per-deletion structure, which means clients only pay for items that are completely erased or corrected. The company conducts an initial audit, which involves a full investigation of credit bureaus, collection agencies, and creditors, before asking for payment. In addition to the pay-per-deletion structure, Credit MRI also does not charge any up-front fees for their services. And while the company cannot legally make commitments regarding a timeline for expected results; however, most of its clients see an increase in their credit scores within the first 60 days. Credit MRI also has an online portal for customers, available day or night, to help them keep track of the credit repair process.

No Upfront Payments or Subscription Fees

Credit MRI charges nothing up front, and customers only pay for removed items.


Favorable pricing model for individuals with few credit repair issues and a lower budget.

Full Initial Audit

Credit MRI investigates credit bureaus, collection agencies, and creditors for inaccuracies. Want to know which companies are top-rated? Click here.

The Bad

  • No Attorneys on Staff 
  • Poor Online Transparency 

Credit MRI does not have any licensed attorneys on its staff, which can severely limit the company's ability to represent its clients to debtors, put a stop to collection calls, or file lawsuits against creditors for inaccuracies on its clients' credit reports. In fact, very little information as to the qualifications and background of Credit MRI's staff or employees can be found anywhere. Other companies will at least provide a basic background of its staff's credit repair or legal experience. The company also fails to provide useful on-site information, such as specific pricing details; customers can expect to pay at per deletion, but no further explanation is given regarding specific items or their associated fees.

No Attorneys on Staff

With no on-staff attorneys, Credit MRI cannot legally represent clients in court.

Poor Online Transparency

Credit MRI lacks complete information regarding pricing and other fees. Compare To Other Top Credit Repair Companies

The Bottom Line

Credit MRI is careful to follow all the federal and state regulations placed on credit repair companies, meaning it does not make guarantees regarding raising customers' credit scores or expected times to do so. The company does not charge until services are rendered, which is also compliant with the law. However, because so little crucial pricing information is readily available, customers may end up paying more with Credit MRI that they originally anticipated, and for less satisfactory results. 

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