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LAST UPDATED: October 8th, 2021

Credit Innovation Group is a credit counseling company located in Salt Lake City, Utah that offers a four-step credit repair program which typically takes members about six months to complete.

The company provides each member with a dedicated credit specialist who can offer assistance throughout the credit repair process.

Additionally, Credit Innovation Group works with all of the major credit reporting bureaus to correct inaccurate items on clients' credit reports in order to help them improve their credit situations. According to the company's website, Credit Innovation Group uses an electronic disputing process.

In addition to credit repair, Credit Innovation Group provides services and tools that are designed to help members build a strong credit profile and leverage their credit to achieve finance-related goals like buying a new house. 

Keep reading to learn more about Credit Innovation Group’s credit repair services. 

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The Good

  • 4-Step Credit Repair Process
  • Helpful Tools and Services
  • Additional Resources

Credit Innovation Group has two membership options that consumers can choose from - the Gold membership and the Platinum membership. Each membership includes a 30-minute credit consultation, access to a mobile app, helpful tools, and more. It appears that consumers can only get credit repair services through the company's Platinum membership. 

4-Step Credit Repair Process

Credit Innovation Group offers the following four-step credit repair process: 

  • Step one — The company will analyze the client’s current credit situation and look at their credit reports.
  • Step two — The company will start the electronic dispute process. 
  • Step three — The company will wait to receive dispute responses from credit bureaus and will take further action if needed. 
  • Step four — The company will continue with disputes (as long as the client maintains membership status) if the targeted items haven’t been resolved within six months. 

As mentioned above, the Credit Innovation Group credit repair program can take about six months to get the best results. Since results can vary, some clients may take longer than others to go through the company's credit repair program. The company states online that it focuses on removing inaccuracies or misleading items that make include charge-offs, collections, late payments, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and repossessions.

Credit Innovation Group also acknowledges on its main website that each credit situation is different and that it cannot guarantee that clients will reach a certain credit score after going through its credit repair process.

Helpful Tools and Services

Unlike some other companies in the credit repair industry, Credit Innovation Group members are given a few extra helpful credit tools and services. 

In terms of tools, Credit Innovation Group provides all members with access to a member-only mobile app. The company also provides a Score Watcher tool that allows members to have anytime access to their credit scores and credit reports. Members can also use this tool to monitor their credit activity and to prevent identity theft or fraud.

In addition to tools, Credit Innovation Group offers a rewards program which can help members get discounts, cash back, and more. The company also offers a cashflow accelerator service that is designed to help members get out of debt. 

Additional Resources

Along with credit repair services and tools, Credit Innovation Group provides Platinum members with some helpful resources like a home guide and a credit-building guide. Members can use these guides to achieve their credit and financial goals. 


The Bad

  • High Setup Fee
  • No Legal Assistance
  • Limited Website Information

High Setup Fee

Credit Innovation Group does charge a relatively high initial fee for its credit repair service.

To start the company's credit repair process, clients must pay a one-time fee of $149. Meanwhile, some other companies in the industry either do not charge a one-time fee or charge a lower one-time fee.

The combination of the company's $149 one-time fee plus its $99 per month subscription fee may be more than what some consumers are looking to pay in terms of credit repair services. 

No Legal Assistance

Credit Innovation Group does not appear to provide any legal assistance to clients as part of its repair process.

Many other credit repair companies in the industry have at least one person on staff who is available to help clients with their legal-related credit questions and concerns.

Limited Website Information

Although Credit Innovation Group does provide some information on its website regarding its prices and repair services, there is still a significant amount of important information that the company does not disclose online.

Clients who want to learn the details of the company's credit repair services, technology, refund policy, what pricing options are available, and what certifications the company's credit repair specialists have must contact the company directly.


The Bottom Line

Credit Innovation Group provides a straightforward credit repair process for $99 per month. The company’s credit repair program includes a 30-minute credit report evaluation and recommendation along with direct help from a dedicated credit specialist.

Credit Innovation Group also provides helpful tools and services such as a mobile app and rewards program. Additionally, the company provides those who have a Platinum membership with  resources that are designed to help members achieve improved long-term financial success.

Unfortunately, the company does appear to charge a relatively high initial fee in comparison to other companies in the credit repair industry. Credit Innovation Group also fails to disclose some important information on its main website regarding its repair services.

If you are looking for a credit repair program that includes additional services and tools, Credit Innovation Group may be the right fit for you. That said,  potential members like you are still highly encouraged to contact the company directly and read several Credit Innovation Group customer experience reviews to learn more about what the company has to offer since there is limited information available online. 

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Brian Almazan Herriman, UT

CIG has helped improve my credit immensely and in just a matter of weeks and they’ve just begun. I have to say I was skeptical at first and thought I’d give it a try and cancel if it wasn’t what I thought it would be but they are worth their weight in gold!! I am more than impressed with my specialist at CIG, Hyrum T., because of the amount of work and improvement in my credit score that was all done within a matter of 5 weeks and he’s still on point, very professional and easy to talk to, and doesn’t beat around the bush. I can’t wait to see what the near future has coming but my score is increasing as I write this message thanks to CIG. Credit is an extremely important part of life in today’s world when it comes to renting/ leasing/ purchasing cars, homes, and even groceries and other necessities where a credit card might be useful. Even some employers will check into your credit so I must give praise to Credit Innovation Group (CIG) and, maybe more importantly, my specialist Hyrum T! Thanks again guys!! - Brian K. A.

8 months ago

star star star star star

Carol Keith Virginia Beach, VA

Austin is really good very informative I love the fact that my credit score has gone up and he is working hard getting it where it needs to be I love that he is so personable and my credit score is important to him as is it to me definitely doing a good job but communication that is awesome and how she has been going through everything step-by-step with me and doing everything possible to get my score up thank you Austin I appreciate it

8 months ago

Credit Innovation Group Logo

Reply from Credit Innovation Group

Hello, Carol! Thank you for the positive feedback and letting us know about your positive experience with us! We truly appreciate it and are happy to be joining you on your journey toward powerful credit!

Mar. 16th, 2021

star star star star star

Sophia peltier New York, NY

I so far have had a wonderful outcome with Jodi M. helping my credit ..unlike Lexington law I can see my scores constantly and send her any new items I may find to be a issue, set up my rental payments to help my score and I actually feel like I can achieve my home buying goal 🙌 score was damaged and is at at 604 in just 1 month . It may not be for everyone but so far my experience has been good !!

8 months ago

Credit Innovation Group Logo

Reply from Credit Innovation Group

Thank you, Sophia! We are thrilled to learn that you have had a positive experience with us! Thank you for sharing!

Mar. 16th, 2021

star star star star star

David Allison Klamath Falls, OR

Diana t is awesome my credit has gone up have chapter 7 bankruptcy 6 years ago all done i couldnt apply for any kind of credit card till this company started with me now i have 4 lines of stuff so far up 60 points

5 months ago

Credit Innovation Group Logo

Reply from Credit Innovation Group

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We are happy to join you on this journey toward powerful credit!

Aug. 3rd, 2021

star star star star star

Victor Waldorf, MD

Huge shoutout to Kaati(Kathleen G.)! She has excellent customer service skills and takes her job very seriously. She prioritized my credit score and walked me through all of the steps to build it, with precision. I strongly recommend!

8 months ago

Credit Innovation Group Logo

Reply from Credit Innovation Group

Hi, Victor! Thank you for taking the time to leave us such a stellar review! We truly appreciate it and are happy that you have had such a positive experience with us!

Mar. 16th, 2021

star star star star star

Marlena Anderson Forest City, PA

I absolutely love this company. I had a credit score of only 525 and in about 3 months my score went up to a 655. I started with this company in July of 2020 and 7 months later I am buying a house. I definitely would recommend this company by far best one I found that didn’t cost so much up front and got the job done.

8 months ago

Credit Innovation Group Logo

Reply from Credit Innovation Group

Thank you, Marlena! Here at Credit Innovation Group we set high expectations for ourselves and we are please to hear that we have met those expectations! We appreciate your feedback and thank you for sharing your positive experience with us! CONGRATS on your house!!!

Mar. 11th, 2021

star star star star star

Eugene Stage Creekside, PA

Dianna T. was out service rep and she was really helpful and knowledgeable about everything, she knew how to explain things in a way that is easy to understand and overall this company has helped me achieve alot. Thank you!

8 months ago

Credit Innovation Group Logo

Reply from Credit Innovation Group

Thank you, Eugene! We appreciate you taking the time to leave us such a wonderful review!

Mar. 11th, 2021

star star star star star

Tomika W Washington, DC

Kathleen G. is perfect. 10 stars!!!

7 months ago