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Credit Expert, LLC has been in business since January 2008 and has provided a number of credit-related services, including credit repair, to thousands of people. However, this company requires customers to sign up for a free consultation before revealing its rates and credit repair fees. Customers are encouraged to investigate our industry leaders before investing in any credit repair company.

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The Good

  • "No Risk" Credit Repair 
  • Additional Services Offered 

Credit Expert, LLC provides customers with a "No Risk" credit repair policy, meaning they will not be charged if Credit Expert, LLC cannot remove negative items from their credit report.

"No Risk" Credit Repair

If Credit Expert, LLC cannot remove negatives items, you don't pay. Credit Expert, LLC offers a "No Risk" credit repair program. According to the website, "If (Credit Expert) is unable to correct or remove qualified negative items from your credit reports that are lowering your credit scores, then you pay no credit repair service fee - PERIOD." Along with the company's free consultation, this "No Risk" guarantee can make Credit Expert, LLC a very affordable credit repair option.

Additional Services Offered

Includes identity theft restoration, and bankruptcy recovery. Credit Expert, LLC provides a number of supplemental services in addition to credit repair. For example, the company can help make sure your credit reports are reporting correctly if you have discharged a bankruptcy on one of your accounts. Credit Expert, LLC also assists with identity theft restoration, deceased identity restoration, and merged credit files, all of which deal with resolving credit files or accounts that were either fraudulently filed in your name, or simply do not belong to you.

The Bad

  • Poor Fee Transparency 
  • No On-Staff Attorneys 

There is no specific pricing information not found on website and it is also important to note that Credit Expert, LLC cannot legally represent clients in court.

Poor Fee Transparency

Despite the free consultation and "No Risk" credit repair program, customers will still be required to pay some initial fees to qualify for Credit Expert, LLC's service. And while the company's website mentions customers will be required to pay an initial one-time account setup fee, the company does not specify the initial fee amount. Other companies provide this and other pricing information (including monthly subscription fees, item removal fees, or cancellation fees) upfront, which can help customers make a more informed decision regarding credit repair. Because credit repair is such an individualized business, no two customers may end up paying the same amount for credit repair; however, customers should be able to expect at least rough or general estimates of standard monthly or activation fees.

No On-Staff Attorneys

Credit Expert, LLC does not have licensed attorneys on staff; and although this is not one of the many legal requirements surrounding the credit repair industry, having direct access to credit repair attorneys can provide invaluable assistance in advocating for your consumer rights. Credit repair attorneys can represent clients to debt collectors, put a stop to collection calls, and file lawsuit against creditors to remove inaccurate information. Credit Expert, LLC does have competent paralegals on its staff; however, paralegals lack the authority to directly represent clients in court for circumstances where that may be needed. Want to know which companies are top-rated? Click here.

The Bottom Line

Despite Credit Expert, LLC provides the baseline credit repair services customers have come to expect, as well as supplemental services that many competing credit repair companies do not. However, Credit Expert, LLC does not list pertinent pricing information on its site like other companies, and its lack of on-staff attorneys suggests that customers may have to pay extra for the company to contract legal work to a third-party credit repair firm. Credit Expert, LLC meets all of the legal conditions required by the Federal Trade Commission, but customers may find other companies will suit their needs better. 

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