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LAST UPDATED: June 20th, 2023

Clear Credit was founded in 2003 in South Carolina. Clear Credit offers an affordable credit repair plan and is well below the industry price average for similar credit repair plans.

Clear Credit works with all three credit bureaus to repair clients' credit. Clear Credit offers one affordable package to fit customers' credit repair needs.

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The Good

  • Low Monthly Price
  • Anytime Cancellation Policy

Low Monthly Price

Clear Credit offers a very affordable credit repair program. It is substantially lower than the industry average for monthly and initial fees. This affordability gives lower-income clients an opportunity to fix their credit without breaking the bank.

The monthly payment is $50 and the initial fee is $60 making their plan available for almost anyone. The credit repair business offers one package for credit repair, which simplifies their services.

Anytime Cancellation Policy 

Clear Credit allows clients to cancel their account at any time during the credit repair process. Clients can cancel services via phone call with a member of the Clear Credit staff. This account cancellation policy does provide clients with the option to leave if they feel that Clear Credit is not the right service for them.

Clients should, however, keep in mind that Clear Credit requires a final payment for services that have already been rendered on the behalf of clients who wish to cancel their account. According to the Clear Credit website, the company also requires that all balance fees be paid at the time of cancellation or the next billing cycle.


The Bad

  • Limited Plans
  • Have to Send Files
  • Lack of Financial Education Resources
  • No Consultation

Limited Plans

Clear Credit only offers one package, the credit repair program for $50 monthly payment with an additional initial payment of $60.

Other credit repair companies offer different packages to tailor to varying credit repair needs. Some of these packages may offer more in-depth services for higher prices or have specialized services for clients with extremely bad credit circumstances.

With Clear Credit, there is only one option that has to fit everyone.

Have to Send Files 

A major drawback to Clear Credit is the process of having to receive credit report copies and send them to Clear Credit. This can take a great deal of time and effort to send and receive files versus having the information online.

Most competitors have the information online or have the information available over the phone. Other credit repair companies also have online tools to enable clients to see the progress of credit report disputes.

Lack of Financial Education Resources

Clear Credit does not offer educational materials to help their clients maintain good credit or become more financially educated.

Other credit repair companies usually offer videos, tools, articles, guides, courses, or blogs to help their clients become more informed about what can affect their credit score such as late payments, credit history, debt, and more.

No Consultation

Unfortunately, Clear Credit does not offer consultations or coaching sessions.

Consultations can be very beneficial for a client to learn and improve. It's also an opportunity for a client to ask questions and become more clear on specific credit topics.


The Bottom Line

Clear Credit would be a great option for potential customers who cannot afford competitor prices. Clear Credit, however, does not appear to offer consultation, educational resources, and only offers a one plan fits all package.

The credit repair business also does not have some of the convenient features that its competitors offer such as online status of disputed items, or 30-day automatic updates. It is recommended that potential customers research their options before choosing to repair their credit with Clear Credit.

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Scott Stewart Houston, TX

They are horrible company they don't help you with you credit report I can't get credit report sent to me but they keep on billing me every month and they said all they keep on working on it nothing's been removed or anything just beware of the company they are awful

5 months ago

star star star star star_border

Nathan Mayes Orangeburg, SC

Clear Credit helped me get my credit score over 750. It took about 6 months which is why I gave 4 stars but overall I am very happy! Just started building my dream home and should move in by Christmas!

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Markita Austin, TX

Clear credit is horrible. I started service with and nothing was done to my credit for 2 months but I was being billed. I canceled the service and received a voided contract from mike. I left a bad review on Facebook about this company mike contacted me and ask me to remove it and he would reimburse my money. Then he threatened to ruin my credit. Now months later I am receiving a letter that I have been sent to collections. This company is horrible!! Mike will make threats. As long as I had the bad reviews on Facebook he was willing to talk but once I deleted he went back on his word. Oh and I have his voicemail stating if I removed the bad reviews he would give me my money back.

4 years ago

star star star star star

Tomi Washington Sumter, SC

clear credit help me so much i bought a new house a new car they taught me how credit cards can hurt or help you depending on how you use them.

4 years ago