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LAST UPDATED: February 25th, 2021

Bullet Proof Credit is a credit repair company located in Chicago, Illinois. The company provides clients with three different credit package options, a free credit consultation service, and a secure online client portal. 

Although results can vary with all credit repair services, the company states on its website that its clients typically see results within 30 to 60 days of using its service. 

It’s important for potential clients to note that the company does not provide much information about its credit repair services on its website. Those who wish to learn more will need to fill out the company’s online form and/or contact the company directly via phone call.

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The Good

  • Free Credit Consultation 
  • Multiple Package Options
  • Money-Back Guarantee

Free Credit Consultation

Bullet Proof Credit provides clients with a free, 15-minute credit consultation. In this initial consultation, the company will look at a client’s credit reports from all three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) and will determine what inaccurate or invalid items are hurting the client’s credit. 

If the client decides to sign up for the company’s credit repair services after the free consultation, the company will begin disputing items and educating the client about credit. 

Multiple Package Options

While some companies in the credit repair industry offer one credit repair package option, Bullet Proof Credit appears to provide three different packages that clients can choose from — the Gold Credit Package, the Diamond Credit Package, and the Platinum Credit Package. 

Having three different package options available can be helpful to consumers who want to choose what level of credit repair service they want to pay for. 

It’s important to note that the company requires consumers to provide their name, email, phone, and address in order to view these package options on its website.

Money-Back Guarantee

As mentioned above, Bullet Proof Credit offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee. This guarantee only takes place when the following conditions have been met: 

  • The company does not remove any target items after 180 days of service.
  • The client has not attempted to repair their credit or used a separate agency within the past two years.
  • The client has not obtained any new collections or missed payments during the time of service. 
  • The client has maintained credit monitoring services all throughout the duration of using the company’s credit repair service.
  • The client has sent the company all updated reports/responses from creditors and the main three credit bureaus within five days of receiving said reports or responses. 

Once all of the circumstances listed above have occurred, Bullet Proof Credit will provide a full refund for all monthly payments that were made after the client signed up for the company’s credit repair service.


The Bad

  • Limited Website Information
  • Lack of Online Resources

Limited Website Information

When it comes to online information, Bullet Proof Credit seems to fall short. 

Many companies in the industry will provide package option information, details about their credit repair process, and will even disclose pricing information upfront. Bullet Proof Credit does not, which can be an inconvenience to most consumers. 

The credit repair company fails to disclose important information about its staff, package option services, monthly fees, audit fees, and more. It is also unclear whether or not the company services other areas outside of Illinois. 

Those who wish to obtain more information must either sign up for a free consultation or contact the company via phone or the website form. 

Lack of Online Resources

Unlike other credit repair companies, Bullet Proof Credit does not appear to provide any helpful credit resources on its website. Many other companies have an active blog or an online section of sorts dedicated to helping consumers learn more about credit. 

The company may provide credit-related tools and resources once a consumer signs up for its credit repair services, but there is no information regarding these resources online, which can mean that there are no guarantees that the company even offers them through its service. 


The Bottom Line

Bullet Proof Credit is a credit repair company that provides a free credit consultation service, three different credit repair package options, and a money-back guarantee.

The company sends clients credit improvement updates every 30 days during the credit repair process. Additionally, the company provides clients with an encrypted online portal where clients can check their credit progress. 

Like many credit repair companies, Bullet Proof Credit works on disputing several different types of inaccurate or misleading credit items including judgments, collections, charge-offs, foreclosures, etc. 

It is unclear, however, how many items the company will dispute per package option. Those interested in learning more about the company’s package options will have to input their name, address, phone number, and email address into an online form featured on the company’s website. 

Along with package option details, the company does not appear to provide much information about its staff, credit repair process and pricing, resources and tools, etc. Due to the lack of information provided by the company online, we cannot provide a recommendation for this service. 

If you are interested in Bullet Proof Credit’s credit repair services, we recommend that you sign up for a free consultation, contact the company directly, and read several client reviews to learn more about what it has to offer. 

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