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Better Qualified is a credit repair and restoration company based out of Eatontown, New Jersey. The company offers a 6-month program called the Freedom Package to help consumers boost their credit scores and get out of debt.

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The Good

  • Identity Protection Programs 
  • Business Credit Assistance 
  • Distribution of Payments to Creditors 
  • Credit Education and Resources 
  • Secured Credit Card Offers 
  • Positive Reviews 

Better Qualified provides a comprehensive range of credit restoration and repair services to help consumers restore their credit scores. The company charges for an initial credit analysis consultation, and monthly for ongoing credit services. Other services include:

Identity Protection Programs

In addition to providing credit repair services, Better Qualified offers identity protection programs.

Business Credit Assistance

In addition to providing credit repair services to individuals, they also offer it to businesses and can help them obtain necessary credit.

Distribution of Payments to Creditors

Better Qualified will work as a middle man to get creditors off the consumer's back.

Credit Education and Resources

Better Qualified will not only help their clients improve their credit scores, they also provide educational resources to improve their overall financial situations.

Secured Credit Card Offers

Clients may be eligible for secured credit cards upon completion of the process.

Positive Reviews

The company features a number of positive customer reviews and testimonials on its corporate website. The credit repair company also provides proof of past deletions.

The Bad

  • Cost of Services 
  • Credit Score Updates 
  • No Money-Back Guarantee 

There are a few areas of improvement that would help the credit repair company provide a better customer experience. In our research, some consumers have reported problems with billing and cancellation of services. Other areas of concern consumers need to be aware of involve:

Cost of Services

Pricing plans are not immediately transparent on the corporate website. In order to know the cost of services consumers will need to request information either by phone or the company's website.

Credit Score Updates

Better Qualified doesn't currently update client's scores per negative item removed. Client's will need to wait until the end of the company's services in order to see the affect the negative items removed had on their credit score.

No Money-Back Guarantee

Currently, we have no information to verify for or against any money back guarantees from Better Qualified.

The Bottom Line

Better Qualified differentiates itself from marketplace competitors by offering negotiation and payment arrangements with creditors and collection agencies. However, the credit repair company does have its downsides:

  • Pricing is not immediately apparent
  • Lack of frequent credit score updates

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