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American Credit Repair is a California-based financial services firm specializing in credit restoration and consultation services. The referral-based company charges a one-time fee based on the severity of the credit issues and the amount of restoration work involved. American Credit Repair also offers a Comprehensive Credit Consultation free of charge.

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The Good

  • Guaranteed Credit Score Increase 
  • Proprietary Pre-Litigation Process
  • Affordable Payment Options 

American Credit Repair provides professional credit repair services to those looking to remove erroneous items from their credit reports. Each case that goes through the American Credit Repair process can expect the following:

Guaranteed Credit Score Increase

American Credit Repair claims that their average client scores increase by 70-100+ points within a period of 60-120 days. The company offers a 100 percent money back guarantee if clients are unhappy with services provided.

Proprietary Pre-Litigation Process

The company utilizes a proprietary pre-litigation process to assist consumers in boosting their credit scores. The company sends a complete copy of the Fair Reporting Act directly to the creditor first demanding they provide proof that the negative item belongs to the client and was reported to the credit bureaus correctly. If the creditor cannot prove they have complied with all the laws, the negative credit item must be deleted by default.

Affordable Payment Options

The company desires to make its program affordable to consumers who sincerely desire to reestablish their credit by offering affordable payment options.

The Bad

  • Expensive Credit Repair 
  • No Licensed Attorneys 

With American Credit Repair, clients can expect to receive help with their poor credit situations. However, there are still concerns that need to be pointed. Those interested in the American Credit service should be aware of the following limitations:

Expensive Credit Repair

The company does not make their rates highly visible to consumers on their corporate website. However, this information can be found in small print in their FAQs section. The company charges rates are not listed on its website but costs are estimated to range per individual, depending on the amount of credit repair involved. These fees can be expensive for individuals with few credit items in need of repair.

No Licensed Attorneys

There are no licensed attorneys on staff. No available statements are offered by the company that they will follow through on any necessary litigation efforts during the credit repair process.

The Bottom Line

American Credit Repair appears to be best suited for consumers with intensive credit repair needs. The company uses a unique proprietary pre-litigation process to boost overall credit scores by 70-100+ points within a 60-120 days timeframe. Rates can be expensive for some consumers, but they do offer flexible payment options. The company also provides a free initial consultation and a full money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

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