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    Pros and Cons of Applying for a Mortgage Online
    Guest Post by CreditRepair.comOwning a home is a central part of the American dream — and so are mortgages. According to Zillow, the average home in the United States is listed at $250,000. There aren't many house shopp...
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    Expert Advice: How to Care for Your Child's Credit
    Parents have a long list of responsibilities that range from being a caregiver to being a child’s most trusted friend. Fortunately, most parents accept these many responsibilities because they know their children are co...
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    Business Credit: What Experts Say You Should Know
    It can be challenging to successfully manage your personal credit, even if you are aware of what you should be doing. Just like personal credit, business credit is something that can be difficult to manage. You’ve proba...
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    What You Should Know About Credit by the Time You Turn 25
    For most people in their early to mid-twenties, life can be challenging. After all, by the time you turn 25, you’re expected to have life figured out — where you live, what job you have, what car you drive, etc. P...
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    Financial Abuse: The Dark Side of Money and Love
    Love is clearly a powerful emotion. It can make even the most normal people do crazy things. Unfortunately, love can also be powerful enough to hide a person's dark side. That's why hundreds of people fail to see the reality ...
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    Experts Explain How to Build Credit from Scratch
    Building good credit can be difficult, and building good credit from scratch may seem like an even greater challenge. Most people start learning how to build credit when they are in high school or college, but some will avoid...
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    What Real Customers Say About Lexington Law Credit Repair Services
    Lexington Law has provided credit repair services for quite some time. You've probably seen their brand represented on social media and various websites when you browse online. So, how do you know if they can help you repair ...
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    What Power Does a Collection Agency Actually Have?
    Guest Post from Lexington Law The prospect of having a delinquent credit account turned over to a collection agency can strike fear in the heart of any consumer. While this is certainly not an ideal situation, the collection...
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    10 Gifs That Describe the Credit Repair Process
    Credit plays an important role in our lives. It can determine if you qualify to purchase a house or car, if you can land jobs, and even determine your eligibility to fulfill your life-long dream of starting your own business....
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    Experts Advise to Live Below Your Means
    Have you ever heard the expression "live below your means," and wondered what it meant? According to the Huffington Post, living below your means is when "you live a lifestyle below your net income." Basically, if you focus o...

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