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LAST UPDATED: October 21st, 2023

Straight Talk Wireless, a brand made possible by an arrangement between TracFone and Walmart, is a prepaid, no-contract cell phone provider. The carrier offers straightforward pricing, unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited data plans. 

Straight Talk is a pretty affordable mobile phone provider: customers can select from plans as low as $30 per month or go unlimited for $45 per month. Straight Talk offers different discounted rate plans available in 30-day no-contract obligation service packages. 

In addition, Straight Talk customers can earn points to unlock prizes. Every time a Straight Talk customer renews their plan they earn points and these points double if the customer enrolls in Auto-Refill. Customers can also watch short videos, share on social media or refer their friends to boost points. When it comes time to redeem points, members can earn a free service plan or add-on high-speed data cards. 

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The Good

  • Basic Service Plans
  • Bring Your Own Phone Feature
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Deals 
  • Available at Walmart Locations
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Basic Service Plans

Straight Talk's services align with its advertised perks and the tag line "Everything for Less." The carrier provides basic service plans with clear selling points that outline the exact service Straight Talk customers will receive. There are some limitations to these products and services, but Straight Talk is exceptionally transparent regarding what is offered and what is not.

All Straight Talk service plans include unlimited nationwide talk and text. Straight Talk also offers various data plans. The two higher-end service levels offer unlimited data for customers. The only difference between the higher-end service levels is that the top service level offers unlimited international calling and texting. Plan prices range anywhere between $35-$60, and customers can add on global calling cards for just $10. 

It is also possible to prepay for more months of service with the Unlimited Plan. There are three additional service extensions with the Unlimited Plan. They include the following:

  • Unlimited 3 months: $130
  • Unlimited 6 months: $255
  • Unlimited 1 year: $495

Customers can enjoy peace-of-mind by pre-paying for their phone service a year in advance. With other no-contract providers, you can only purchase service in monthly increments. You could, of course, load enough money onto your account to cover a year, but Straight Talk makes it easy to pay for your phone in advance for as long as you'd like.

Bring Your Own Phone Feature

Prospective customers can also bring their own phone, where a customer service specialist gives you a SIM card so that you can use Straight Talk's service. So, if you have a phone from a prior carrier, there are instances where you can keep it and transfer it over. 

Customers can also purchase the SIM card and install it all on their own without a representative. Customers should double check which devices are compatible and which phones Straight Talk allows because its compatibility capabilities are continually evolving.

Sometimes a factory reset is useful and APN settings may need to be adjusted on a phone to align it correctly with Straight Talk's network. 

If you want to move your number over to Straight Talk, they make it easy to "port" your previous phone number. Keeping your same phone and number makes Straight Talk an excellent fit for many different customers. Unfortunately, some phones cannot be fitted with Straight Talk's SIM card. Certain older iPhone 4 models are not compatible with the SIM card. There are also no options for integrating BlackBerry into Straight Talk's service at this time.

Mobile Hotspot

Straight Talk sells portable Wi-Fi hotspot devices. Options include both reconditioned and brand new mobile hotspots and tablets with 4G LTE speeds. Note that these are only compatible with Straight Talk data service plans and do not include international service or high performance for multiple devices. Service options are as follows: 

  • 1 GB data (30-day)
  • 2 GB data (30-day)
  • 4 GB data (60-day)
  • 5 GB data (60-day)
  • 7 GB data (60-day)


Straight Talk runs deals on multiple devices at a time ranging from free shipping on the latest iPhone and Android phones to extremely low-priced LG, Samsung, and Alcatel models. To pinpoint the most beneficial online deals for you based on your location, enter the zip code in which you plan to use the device the most.  

Available at Walmart Locations

Even though Straight Talk is affiliated with Walmart, it is a separate entity of the retail chain. There are representatives ready to assist with questions and activation at Walmart locations or online. Current customers have also been satisfied with the 4G LTE coverage that Straight Talk provides. While the carrier doesn't operate its own network, Straight Talk utilizes T-Mobile, AT&T, and some of the best networks in the United States to provide the best possible coverage for customers.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Straight Talk customers not satisfied with their phone (iPhone or Android) or accessory purchase can return it within 30 days and Straight Talk will either replace it or give them a full refund. 


The Bad

  • Limitations
  • Not Unlimited Data
  • Network Redundancy


There are some limitations prospective Straight Talk consumers should be aware of. Consumers have found that some AT&T phones might not be compatible with Straight Talk because of usability issues. For the most part, other carriers' phones are compatible, but customers should double check before making the switch. Once confirmed, a majority of devices can be integrated into Straight Talk's phone service.

Customer reviews describe issues with dropped calls and lack of data service. This can be frustrating when a customer is trying to utilize an Internet connection or make a phone call.

Not Unlimited Data

There are also some issues with the data claims being labeled as "unlimited."

Customers actually get 3 GB of metered data for each 30-day service package that is purchased. When you go over the 3 GB limit, you have access to the data network, but your speeds are drastically reduced. Most customers say that the average customer needs 2 GB of data per month. With 100 MB of data on the low-end plan, you will likely use all your data quickly.

Network Redundancy

There are also concerns surrounding network redundancy with the number of other company's networks that were used. Some of the dropped calls that have been reported may be a result of the shared networks with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and other cellular providers.


The Bottom Line

Overall, Straight Talk can be an inexpensive carrier to use for basic cell phone services and pre-paid cell phones. It generally offers quality coverage that rivals bigger contract providers and includes options for a portable Wi-Fi internet connection via mobile hotspot services. 

Straight Talk also lets you use your old phone from a different provider with a simple SIM card replacement that you or a service tech can perform. Or, you can choose from among the latest iPhones or Android smartphones from the company's retail site. 

There are some concerns though about the phone unlocking policy that should be mentioned, however. If someone has given you their old phone, you need his or her permission and the serial number to transfer it to Straight Talk. You should also check ahead of time to make sure that your device is compatible to be fitted with a Straight Talk SIM card. All in all, Straight Talk consumers can expect the following:

  • Prepaid pricing
  • Data and speed restrictions
  • Quality coverage
  • A wide variety of compatible cell phones
  • Keep your number and phone

Straight Talk reviews are mixed. While some customers are completely satisfied, others are disappointed. For more insight into what customers have to say, read through the verified customer reviews below. 

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Amanda George IL

I used straight talk for about 3 years back when it first came out at Walmart. They had good prices on their phones and their unlimited plans were affordable, but the internet wouldn't work in anything higher than 2G when you weren't on wifi although they advertised at 4G speeds until you got to your cap limit. It's impossible to talk to someone that speaks good English and the hold times are outrageous!

4 months ago

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C D Simion Sr Fairchild, WI

Straight Talk used to be an excellent provider but over the last year they have been ripping off its customers. There were only a couple of Choices for a monthly calling packages and Never had any problems, but since they changed their plans I don't get what I used to and I run out of data now every single month. And I have been a customer for over 10years and they refused to help me get access to my rewards account. Telling me that I have to get a new email account to join the rewards program all over, loosing all my rewards and not being able to get the rewards for the last year that they have denied me. I am going to be changing providers for my 4 phones.

4 years ago

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Michelle Belleville, MI

A month ago, had you asked, I would have told you Straight Talk was decent. Over 7 years, I had no issues. Then, one day, I couldn't get signal anywhere. Not at home, not at either of my jobs in entirely different cities. The best I could get was 1 bar. After contacting customer service about it, there was no solution. So I decided to switch companies. I had planned on bringing my own phone, but Straight Talk wouldn't unlock it. They didn't mention this until I had been on the phone with them for 2 hours. I got this phone 3 months ago for $175. The trade in value? $8.10. Pick any other company.

4 years ago

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David Lopez

I have been a straighttalk costumer for almost 7 yes and never read had any problems until I had a problem I call the automated service to refill my time with my credit card. which I've done since I started using this company The system said that my card was denied which was impossible because I had more than enough funds to pay It then transferred me to a live operator who kept asking me for my card information although I kept repeating not to run it again because it was already done and looking at my bank statement online it showed the funds were taken from straighttalk She said it was only to confirm the information and then told me that it was denied again Needless to say I was upset and asked for a supervisor who spoke English After explaining it to the 3rd person on the line that said they could not do anything about it and that I need to speak with my bank So I called my bank who joined in on a 3 party call and explained that the funds did go through and provided a confirmation number The person on the line said that there was nothing they could do and transferred us to someone who could help This went on for almost 3 hours until they finally said the will submit a credit to my account if we provided them with all my personal and banking information and it could take up to 45 days Thankfully the person from my bank got tired of the run around we were getting and asked for their name and contact information and said they will dispute the charge and give me my money back I really had nothing but good things to say about straighttalk until this happened now I plan to find another company to give my business to because I feel that aftrr 7 yrs I should not have had to be transferred to 6 operators who didn't speak English and still end up losing my money if it were not for the patient person helping me at first citizens bank "my bank" So good bye straighttalk I hope you get some English speaking representatives who can actually help your long term costumers and not lose them

6 years ago

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Sabrina Tweedy Camp Wood, TX

I loved the company and their plans at first, but not so much now. They advertise on their unlimited plan that you can use the hotspot. Well they didn't mention that they changed their hotspot rules or regulations. I need the hotspot to do my online college classes and one day they cut off my service and told me that using my hotspot was a violation. They had changed it to where the phones running off gsm towers can't use the hotspot. They did not announce this change and when I tried talking to them they were rude.

3 years ago

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Emerald Scott West Jordan, UT

It is super cheap to have a phone through this company, but the customer service is terrible and the reception is awful. Their "data" is basically nonexistent. It really isn't worth it.

5 years ago


Review Source

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Ajanaee x Tallahassee, FL

Despite being affordable, Straight Talk's service is sub-par. The customer service doesn't seem trained in a lot of areas and a lot of the phones they have to offer to seem very outdated.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Garn L. Arnold Alpine, UT

My wife used Straight Talk for a couple of years before we got off of it. The service wasn't reliable and the phones available seemed low quality. But that was about 10 years ago.

4 years ago


Review Source

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Great price but terrible at customer service! Had an issue with a phone upon receiving that I bought directly from them and they were going to make me wait 2-3weeks to get a new one due to replacement protocol.

4 years ago

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Mia Hernandez Tempe, AZ

i use this service from time to time and for the most part its good but your calls do drop often and sometimes there's a delay when you dial out but its really cheap so honestly you get what you pay for

4 years ago