PhoneSoap is a cell-phone sanitization company headquartered in Lindon, Utah. PhoneSoap was established in 2009 by Wes LaPorte and Dan Barnes while they were students at Brigham Young University. In 2012, the founders used a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their first product, the PhoneSoap V1.

In 2015, the company was featured on Shark Tank, receiving three offers and ultimately choosing to partner with Lori Greiner.

While PhoneSoap does offer screen sanitization products for commercial businesses, its core offering is its direct-to-consumer smartphone sanitization product. PhoneSoap's most popular model is the PhoneSoap 3, but the company has recently developed upgraded products, the PhoneSoap Wireless and PhoneSoap Go.

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The Good

  • UV-C Light Technology
  • Stay Healthy with PhoneSoap
  • Save 10% by Bundling

UV-C Light Technology

PhoneSoap uses UV-C light to clean smartphones, tablets, and other devices. The company explains that UV-C light is a short-wavelength, ultraviolet light that breaks apart germ DNA — and leaves it unable to function or reproduce. UV-C will even neutralize "superbugs" that have developed a resistance to antibiotics.

PhoneSoap's units are designed to keep the UV-C light away from human eyes and kill all pathogens, viruses, and bacteria.

Stay Healthy with PhoneSoap

PhoneSoap's Smartphone Sanitizer kills 99.9 percent of the bacteria that is growing on your phone. The company's PhoneSoap 3 cleans the phone in 10 minutes but includes multiple charging ports so users can charge their phone while it is being sanitized.

While PhoneSoap was designed to clean smartphones, users can put a variety of objects in the UV-C light container. Items that are notorious for carrying harmful bacteria and viruses — keys, money, credit cards — can also be cleaned in the PhoneSoap unit.

PhoneSoap's Rapid UV-C Disinfection Device was designed to eliminate germs in just 30 seconds and is currently marketed for use in hospitals. When doctors, nurses, and patients bring their devices to work or the hospital, they are also bringing along harmful pathogens. SoapPhone's Med product is a safe, fast, and secure way to help eliminate harmful pathogens.

However, the UV-C Disinfection Device can also be used in offices to reduce the number of staff sick days or even in schools to protect teachers and students from germs.

Save 10% by Bundling

Consumers who want to order more than one PhoneSoap unit should look into the company's bundle options. A PhoneSoap Go 2-Pack in the bundle is only $179.91 (instead of $199.90). This is a great option as it gives incentives for customers to purchase multiple products.

The Bad

  • Custom Unit Return Policy
  • Can Be a Bit Pricey

Custom Unit Return Policy

Personalized PhoneSoap units cannot be returned for a refund. However, the company does offer a lifetime warranty on the units that covers manufacturing defects; if the unit's bulbs burn out, PhoneSoap will replace the bulbs at no cost to the customer. If there is a problem that requires a new unit, the company will send a replacement with the original personalization.

Can Be a Bit Pricey

PhoneSoap's products are unique and eliminate harmful pathogens, but they are a bit steep in price. The cheapest PhoneSoap unit is the PhoneSoap 3, which costs $79.95. If customers want the PhoneSoap Go (the battery-powered unit), it will cost them $99.95. If consumers want to be able to clean their tablets, kids' toys, bottles, and other large items, they'll have to shell out $199.95 for the PhoneSoap XL.

The Bottom Line

Even though we don't like to think about it, our phones are 18 times dirtier than a toilet. If you're willing to spend the money, PhoneSoap is a great product that eliminates 99.99 percent of the bacteria growing on your phone. The units use UV-C light to kill germs but won't harm your phone.The units can charge your phone, so you can leave your phone in the unit overnight and not have to worry about having a low battery. Plus, the product is versatile enough to be used in a number of settings such as offices, hospitals, homes, schools, and more.

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